October 22, 2013


…its Chris Patrick Winfrey

I will be buying this as an emoticon for Vaughn.tv

….excuse me – I mean replicated!

There are a slew of websites that copy my deals.  But this just takes the cake.

There comes a time in any website when a parody is the best form of flattery.    
Chris Patrick Winfrey of Reddit decided to parody my site by calling it “Vapor Hoes”.  

I’m always flattered when someone takes precious time they could have spent with their vast array of illustrious friends doing exciting things, to instead use it to draw attention to the success of my blog. With all the constructive and enjoyable things that same time and effort could have been devoted to, it’s a real compliment to know that I was more important. 


An unaltered picture of the author from their Facebook – Source: HERE

I did speak with Chris about this, he told me he is just a comedian.

I warn you the site is a bit on the uncouth side.

WHERE: http://vaporhoes.blogspot.com/

AUTHORS FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com

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