December 5, 2013


Why don’t the anti clone community hate the Russian 91%?   Its simple.  Its expensive.  One thing clone haters dispise are CHEAP clones.  A $19.00 clone of a mod they paid $200.00 for makes their heads explode.  Understandably so.  

A new trend in the mod market is forming.   The middle of the road – semi expensive mechanical.   They will be built extremely well and in the $50-$90.00 range.   Some of these examples will be the new Poldiac 1 to 1, EhPro Nzonic Clone, and EhPro GGTS.   

These will capture the middle of the road market.  A middle market is the new target – were there is currently a void.  For the longest time its been a $20.00 clone or a $150.00+ high end mechanical.   Welcome to the “mid market”.  

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