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Kanger MT3 – $12.99 for 3

…its Exhalevapors

Exhalevapors is running a deal on some bottom coil Kanger MT3s.    This is a great price, but you must buy 3 to get this deal.  Check it out, Load up and save!

The Kanger MT3 is the T3 but with a outer housing made of metal or a rubberized metal.


New from Kanger, this is an outstanding performing bottom coil eGo clearomizer – The Kanger MT3 2.4ml Bottom Coil eGo Clearomizer with Replaceable Coil Head, Stem/Base unit.

Extremely easy to fill, you simply unscrew the base, invert the clearo and fill straight out of your juice bottle. Keeping the unit inverted you then screw in your stem coil base. 


BLOWOUT: 3ml/10ml/30ml 0.68/$1.83/$5.05

….its electroniccigarettesfast

Electroniccigarettefast is running yet another great juice sale.   Buy for a new vaper, yourself, or to PIF .   These prices are to great to pass up.  The selection is basically tobacco flavors – so fruit/bakery flavor vapers – sorry.



Use coupon code:

Brings your totals to:

3ml samples are $0.68 
10ml mini bottles are $1.83
30ml bottles are $5.05

Kanger T3 Clearomizer – 3 for 10.98

…its Exhalevapors

Exhalevapors is running a deal on the beloved bottom coil Kanger T3.    This a great price, but you must buy 3 to get this deal.  Check it out, Load up and save!


New from Kanger, this is an outstanding performing bottom coil eGo clearomizer – The Kanger T3 2.4ml Bottom Coil eGo Clearomizer with Replaceable Coil Head, Stem/Base unit.

Extremely easy to fill, you simply unscrew the base, invert the clearo and fill straight out of your juice bottle. Keeping the unit inverted you then screw in your stem coil base. 


NEW: 4 x 10ml bottles – $12.00

…its austinsjuicee-juice

Austinsjuicee is running a deal on 10ml bottles.  They are offering a sampling of four 10ml bottles for just 12.00.   I sent them a message asking if this was USA made – they confirmed it was.   Im assuming they are trying to get their flavors out there for the masses to try.  This is a good and inexpensive way to check out some new juice. 


$12.00 for four 10ml bottles



…its sun-vapers

Sun-vapers is doing a evod deal for the ladies.  The pink style is on sale for $4.49.  If you love pink go pick some up and save.  Evods are normally about $5.99 so your a chunk.


$4.49 – Pink only

Bluemistvaping 120ml – $20.00

…its Bluemistvaping

I have been meaning to put this up for a while now.

Makers of the Crab Juice (youtube the reviews)  – Bluemist has been selling 120ml bottles of all their flavors for $20.00 for a while now.  I was surprised to find out that not many people know about this deal.  I figured I would draw some attention to it.   If you haven’t already checked them out – you should.  They have a TON of flavors and your bound to find a daily vape that you can get for a great price.  



…its vaporphoenix


MINI VIVI NOVA Tank Kit 2.0ml  (Long Wick) with a changeable screw-on coil head, which is easily removed and replaced. If you want monster vape this is for you!  It has an improved head coil with a long wick, which produces strong flavor, throat hit and vapor. 

Please note, intended replacements for this device are sold on our website. 
ViVi Nova set contains:
1x 2.0ml Clear Tank Tube
1x Vivi Nova Tank Base
3x 2.4ohm Coil Heads (Long Wick)
1x Black Drip Tip




SATURDAY: Iclear 30 Heads – $2.89

…its discountvapers

For those lucky enough to get an iClear30 before the “offical” launch in mid march, you probably looking for replacement heads.  I know I am.  They are sold out all over – I found a spot with at least a 100 to offer at a good price.  You can also use the iclear16 heads in your iClear30.




…its Mod Envy & Sun Vapers

Tonight courtesy of Sun-Vapers – The Mod Envy show will be giving away an iHybrid “Sweet Medicine”.   This mod is one of only 25 that will ever be made.  Everyone logged in to will have a chance to win.

 We will be on location – broadcasting from:   

The Red Oak Diner located 2973 Route 35N, Hazlet, NJ 07730.  They have a large private room with Wifi, Vaping is ok.

Vapers are welcome to join us at 8pm – we will be broadcasting live at 10pm.  If your in the area please come and hangout out. 

TIME:  10pm – 12am EST on

Thank you to for donating such a fantastic giveaway!


…its artisanvaping

Say hello to the “The Crown”.   This is complete directly with the Kick and it has some features your really going to like.  The most important features is it uses your existing button to change the wattage – and gives you a audible sounds.    I was just turned on to this new innovation a few days ago – but here is a youtube video that will explain it all.

Everyone that watched this video wanted one. Its serious competition to the Kick.  
These will be wholesaled to vendors – they do not sell them directly.
Cost? No idea

Mini Vivi Nova Kit w/ Metal Tube – $8.95

…its Myvaporstore


I dont often see the mini vivi nova with the metal tank for sale.  Usually its all separate.   Myvaporstore has the full kit with the aluminum colored tank or just $8.95.   These are vision ViVi Nova’s – not generics.


This is the latest revision of the Vision NOVA Tank (V2.5) with updated airhole, coil heads and tubes.

Holding at least 2.5ml of eJuice the Vivi Nova will provide you the convenience of an all day vape with the incredible introduction of screw-on replaceable atomizer head. The MINI Vivi Nova is approximately the same diameter as an Ego Series battery.

The unit is comprised of a 510 drip tip and four threaded pieces making it extremely easy to assemble. When fastened together, provide a secure lock. The Vivi Nova is easy to fill and features a replaceable atomizer head. When the atomizer head burns out, simply unscrew one of the end caps, atomizer head and replace with a new atomizer head.

The heads produce excellent flavor, vapor and throat hit. To fill it, simply remove the end cap and fill to your desired level. No special syringe is needed. As always, avoid getting liquid into the center tube. The Vivi Nova system can be disassembled for cleaning. Each Vivi Nova Tank System includes three atomizer heads with long wicks. The wicks can be trimmed down to your desired length.

The tank assembly carries a 14-day warranty. Atomizer heads are covered for DOA only.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x MINI Vivi Nova Tube/ End Caps
  • 3 x Atomizer Head (No option for resistance/ohm, they come in a variety or all of the same ohm)
  • 1 x 510 Delrin Drip Tip


Use coupon code “5H2XT” to bring the total down to $8.95

RESTOCK: Liqua Blow out sale!


….its exhalevapors

Here is a great deal on Liqua juice.  If you looking for some very vapable juice at a really really great price – check it out.  You MUST order 3, 5, or 10 to get this deal.

I have vaped the French Pipe, Cola, and Tiramisu – all very good flavors.  Im pretty impressed with this deal and how vapable these liquids are.

Expire date on all the bottles I ordered: Nov 2014  – Fresh Stock



….its Exhalevapors

This is a segelei Zmax is a box mod form. 

Sigelei T-max (Red or Black)

Pre order arriving APPROXIMATELY March 15th.  Will provide refunds if requested. 
Sigelei’s first variable voltage box mod comes with some of the following features:
– variable voltage 3.0v~6.0 v
– OLED screen
– Easy carry
– Protection against short-circuit

The Tmax can use one 16340 battery.

Some controls for this mod include:
1. Out on/off
2. power/ voltage  up
3. Power/voltage down
4. Batter voltage
5. LCD display
6. LCD on/off
7. PO & Vo model
8. RMS&Mean


Use coupon code VaporJoes11Percent to bring the total cost down to $53.38


DROP: My Favorite Drip Tip $1.80

…its vermillionriverejuice

A while ago I was in a hangout with Zen and he turned me on to these drip tips.  Since then I have posted it a few times and everyone that buys them just loves them. I have found a spot that selling them really cheap.  These also double as a tank filling tool.  For that price – buy one of every color!   





Triple V Pyrex 7ml Tank – $14.99

..its valleyvapes

Pyrex tanks tend to be on the expensive side.  The people over at valleyvapes have figured out a way to make a very large 7ml tank for under $15.00.   I was impressed at how thick the glass was.   Glass tanks have the advantage of not cracking or melting from juice flavors.  If you were thinking about glass tanks but didnt want to spend the $$ – check these out.  Drip tip, cartomizer are also included in this price.


This rugged little beauty is made of Pyrex. It measures 1″OD x 1.5″ L. It holds approx. 7ml of juice (Including cartomizer). 

Glass is the best tank material available (imo). Easy to keep clean and will never impart a taste to your juice. The heavy duty Pyrex (Borosilicate glass) makes it shatter resistant and durable. Of course it is glass, so if you try hard enough you might break it. Tank uses the XL 45mm cartomizers. (50mm tip to tip)

Includes 2 Grommets and O-rings made from Food Grade Silicone. (Drip tip color may vary, you can request your preference in the order comments section. Ming style tips NOT included.)

Note: This grommet was custom made to fit this tank. It has a very tight seal. The easiest method to fill this particular tank, will be to use a syringe, slid between the cartomizer and the grommet.Here is a video that shows how to fill the tank.



NITPICK: They charge a $1.00 handling fee.. which I think is kind of ridiculous.  Not the cost but the idea of having to pay for someone to actually pack the item they are selling you.  In all the deals I have put up – I have never seen a handling fee.