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THE KICK – 46.99 Free shipping

…its vaporbeast

Lots of talk of the kick lately.  For some reason I have been getting a lot of people asking the best place to buy one.  Well here it is.   The fact its a little cheaper then most plus it ships free makes it the best deal on the kick I can find.  So if your looking for a kick – here is your vendor.


$46.99 free shipping



 A Provari 2.5 of the winners choice to be given away @ The Mod Envy Show
Novabroadcasting Network on Saturday 2/23 10pm-12am EST 

Im not going to drag this giveaway out waiting on Facebook likes, youtube likes, requiring viewer numbers, or making people jump through hoops.  Frankly, we dont need to do any of that.  Free shit shouldn’t be in slow motion. All you need to do is come watch the show in a few days and pick the right number!

This giveaway has been provided to us by one of our sponsors
The order will be placed with Provape and sent directly to the winner!

Check it! Watch it! Win it!
Saturday 2/23 10pm-12am EST 

DROP: The RDA (aka The Octopus) $6.99

…its another from Vaportekusa

Ive been hearing a lot of good things about this little RDA/RBA.  Vendors are having a hard time keeping them in stock or raising the prices to keep up with the demand.  I found this little gem trolling for deals today.  This is the lowest price I have seen for these to date.



DROP: Smoktech Drunkard RBA Tank – $8.65

…its Vaportekusa

Vaportekusa is running a good deal on the Drunkard RBA tank. If the original smoktech RBA tank had you spooked, dont worry – these are far better.  This is about 40% off the normal going price. 

  • Hold 5ml liquid for an all day vape
  • Cone spout that unscrews from the top
  • Accepts 510 Drip Tip
  • Easily replaceable coil
  • Four wick wicking system
  • Comes with standard 2.4ohm coil



DIY: 2 Gallons of Kosher VG – $45.00 Shipped.

…its essentialdepot

Its been a while since I pimped a DIY deal.   If your a serious DIY’er or need enough VG to get you through the Zombie Apocalypse – this deal is for you.  What makes this deal great is the free shipping.  Imagine what 2 gallons weighs and what the average DIY shop would charge you for shipping?   This is great VG – I know many DIY’ers that swear by it.


$45.00 Shipped

Smok Tech Vivi Nova 2.0ml – $5.50

…its Vaportekusa

Here is a good deal on a ViVi Nova Tank made by Smoktech.  First it was Vision, then Boge, and now Smoktech is starting to come out with them.


Smok Tech Vivi Nova 2.0ml

This is an amazing vapor producer and very competive in pricing in the vivi nova tank world.  The unique part of this Smok Tech Vivi Nova tank is that the center pin is spring loaded to avoid any connectivity problems with your 510 connection.  We offer variety of replacement coils for the Smok Tech Vivi Nova and ther are interchangeable with our Smok Tech Redux.  Your purchase of the Smok Tech Vivi Nova will come with a 510 compatible tank and a removable drip tip. We recommend you dressing it up with on of our beautiful drip tips.  The top unscrews for easy filling of your favorite liquid and the bottom is easily removed to replace your new coils.  


(Update) BLOWOUT: 30ML OF LIQUID – $3.29

…its Electroniccigarettesfast

Here is an insane deal on some juice.  I have a feeling this vendor is just blowing out the juice at cost to make room for new stock.  This looks like Dekang labeling, and the choices are limited.  Here are the prices:

3ml is only $0.44
10ml is only $1.59
30ml is only $3.29

Crazy right?   Four – 30ml bottles shipped for me cost $17.00 – and they are a USA vendor.



Use coupon pday to bring the totals down to the price above.


NEAT: The E-Zip Kit – $25.00 / $15.00

…its Nhaler

This isn’t deal as much as something I thought was cool for the masses.  I saw these about 2 weeks ago and I thought this was a really neat item.  I didnt want to put them up until I saw a review on them.     Now the review(s) are up – i think its a collective thumbs up. 

This is a ZIPPO lighter case with a 350mAh automatic battery inside.  The cartomizer is screwed into the housing and carto can be enclosed by the zippo for easy portability.  

I really love this idea!!   The price is pretty reasonable for what this does.  Its about the cost of a regular zippo lighterThe only issue i find is it uses 808 cartomizers but you can buy them from most vendors. 

There is also a version you can just buy the guts of the unit for $15.00 and turn your own Zippo into this.  Revive the old engraved Zippo of the past!

  • 1 360mAh auto battery and passthrough combo charger
  • 4 N100 pre-filled vertical coil cartomizers in your choice
  • 1 lighter Zippo case with insert



LOW: Kanger EVOD – $4.79

…is Smoke Evolution

Smoke Evolution is running a 20% of deal on their site.  Currently this coupon still working but it could expire at any time.  This is the cheapest I have seen Evods – so jump on it if you can.



Use coupon code PRES2013 to bring the cost down to $4.79


KANGER MT3 – $4.76

…its Sun-vapers

here is a great deal on a Kanger MT3.  These are basically T3’s with a stainless steel casing around it.  These are much heavier and less prone to cracking then the original T3.  These are usually $6.00 each so at this price – its a deal!

These are bottom coil, replaceable head clearomizers.



Use coupon code VAPORJOES to take 10% off your total order

MountbakerVapor – Presidents Day Sale

…its Mountbakervapor

Mountbakervapor is running a presidents day sale.  They are already one of the cheapest American made juice makers – now with 13.44% off you total order.

If you haven’t tried them – do so.  A 50ml bottle of juice will run you $9.51 with the coupon.  Check them out.


iTaste SVD Pre-Sale – $69.99

… its free-ecigs

Here is a good pre-order deal on the Innokin itaste SVD.  This is the 2nd vendor to go live with a pre-order.  I love pre-orders.  Cheaper prices like a Co-Op but you get the warranty. 


iTaste SVD Kit contains: 
1x Innokin iTaste SVD mod
2x iClear30 clearomizer tanks
3x Replacement iClear30 coil heads

1x Extension tube

  • Variable Voltage: voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 – 6.0 volts in .1 volt increments.
  • Variable Wattage: Wattage can be adjusted from 3.0 – 15.0 W in .5 watts increments.
  • Short Circuit Protection.
  • Reverse Battery Protection Circuit
  • Battery Voltage Detection
  • Atty/Carto Resistance Check
  • ON/OFF battery switch
  • LED Battery Power Display
  • Low Voltage Warning
  • Overtime Vaping Warning
  • Telescopic Tube supports 18350, 18500 or 18650 batteries
  • Battery safety protection
  • Myriad compatible ( Thread fit iClear10 ,iClear16, iClear30,CE4,CE5 ,eGo, T2,T3 , VIVI NOVA and 510 etc )
  • Change battery and switch VV or VW have parameter memory function
  • Built-in 3 digit display ( Ohms meter , Volts /Watts , Atomizer voltage output )



Pre-Order: Innokin iClear30 – $10.16

….its Smartvapes

Here is a great opportunity to have the iClear 30 by innokin.  This vendor is having a preorder sale and its a great deal.  These are exactly like the iclears that came with the MVP only in tank form.  They promise to be one of the better clearomizer tanks going.  Get them as they hit the community at a good price without the risk of a CoOp.


The iClear 30 features dual coils, an easily replaceable atomizer head, a large 3ML capacity, and rotatable mouth piece.


Replaceable Dual Coil

Innokin iClear 30 is the first dual coil clearomizer tank with a replaceable atomizer head, making it very inexpensive to maintain, while providing huge amounts of vapor and flavor.


Huge Capacity

Another great feature of the iClear 30 is the large 3ml chamber for holding e-liquid. This means vapers can vape longer between fills, uninterrupted.


Rotatable Mouth Piece

The iClear 30 utilizes a rotatable mouth piece with an innovative 360 degree rotating design. These mouth pieces are designed to swivel around, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable vape!



Use coupon code vaporjoe to bring the cost down to $10.16

CE4 v2 Clearomizer – $2.34

…its Gloryvapes

Here is a great deal on the CE4 Clearomizer aka the Stardust.    These work great on anything with an ego connection or a mod with an ego adapter.  Super simple – just fill and go.  For $2.34 its a great price!  In many different colors.



Use coupon code Vaporjoe to bring the total price down to $2.34


SUPER LOW: Vamo: $34.10


…its exhalevapors 


Power Options: This e-cigarette lets you completely customize your vaping experience.  There are two modes of operation to help you set power output to the perfect level for your favorite cartomizers or atomizers.
Variable voltage – adjust the voltage output of the eGo APV from 3.0 to 6.0 volts in .1 volt increments.
Variable wattage – set the preferred wattage (from 3 to 15 watts) and the APV will adjust the voltage automatically no matter what atomizer you use.

Battery Choices: Power adjustment isn’t the only customizable feature of the eGo APV. You may also choose from several battery configurations. The APV can use a single 18650, or two 18350 IMR batteries. If you want a smaller option, remove the center section and use a single 18350 battery for an ultra-compact advanced personal vaporizer.

Compatibility. The APV features a 510/eGo connection. Unlike other APVs on the market, this version has the eGo cone threads in addition to the 510 battery connector threads.