January 1, 2014


The results are in!

Each year guide to vaping puts on a poll for the best of the best in vaping.  
Members of the vaping community nominate and then vote.  The process takes months.

What I was hoping for — happened.  The masses have embraced change.

I’m honored to win best blog, be part of winning best vaping show, and vaping network.  

I’d also like to congratulate Smokie on being sandwiched between Phil Busardo and Grimm Green (insert spooky mental image)  – taking 2nd place for best reviewer.  The man can slug it out with the best of them. 

In the end the real winner is the community.  Over 80,000 votes were cast for this poll.  That’s almost 4 times the number from 2012.   It’s a snap shot of how fast the community is growing and how unpredictable we can be

Thanks to all my readers, vendors, and haters!  You guys rock!

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