February 11, 2014


Gripper Stealth

A true stealth set up!

Here is a good deal on “The Gripper”.  Its a small stealthy mod that uses a single 18350 battery.  The entire cartomizer is hidden from view.  If you wish to use an atomizer they do sell an extender.  Great for a 1st mod, a stealth portable, or a backup.   For the cost of an Njoy disposable, you can get this. 


The gripper measures only about 3.5″ tall with the drip tip installed! The gripper uses a protected 3.7 volt, 18350 Li-ion battery and a requires a cartomizer at least 44 mm long, like most of the mega length cartomizers. The carto, when screwed in recesses into the body of the Gripper leaving only the drip tip showing. This design was made so that it could fit neatly in your pocket or easily concealed in your hand making it easy to take with you anywhere. The gripper has a horn switch on top which your thumb is naturally drawn to. The black exterior has a rubberized coating giving The Gripper a good feel in the palm of your hand.

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