May 8, 2014



Yesterday was an exciting day. We shared claims indicating two really special mods were replicated: the GI2 and the ZNA. Existing preorders and groups buys seemed to substantiate the claims so we shared the news, but remained cautious to call it only what it was: Claims.


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What ensued was even more exciting. Page hits went off the charts, comments flew and vendors and manufacturers rushed to join the heated discussion. Photos were assessed as phonies. Items presented as existing replicas were identified as authentics, misrepresented. The issue received so much attention that updates were quickly shared indicating what was then coming to light: That the replicas appeared to be straight up fraudulent.

In fact, the heat got turned up so high, that China manufacturer Cloupor was tripping over themselves to take down photos, remove products from their site and inform inquirers that no such products existed… and that no current plans to produce them exist either.


We at VaporJoes and VaporJoes Canada are in a unique position to flush stories like this out by bringing news into the blinding light. Publishing such claims gives us all the chance to work together to ferret out the truth. That happened yesterday. Whether or not they proved to be true those claims were unquestionably big news, and at the end of the day we all knew what was what. United, this community can shut down the shysters and the VaporJoes bloggers will be happy to shine the spotlight and lead the charge… especially when false claims arise.

To those involved in group buys or preorders, we recommend you investigate carefully and make sure you know what you’ve bought into. Cloupor has now stated that they aren’t producing these… so what exactly are you buying?

To those desiring to obtain such replicas, caveat emptor. Know who you’re dealing with, be very careful before handing over your money and ensure that the community has verified that the product actually exists or is certainly in production before you take the leap. The scarcity of some authentics can cause excitement to get the better of caution, but it’s wiser to wait for the “second round” than find yourself the victim of a fraudster.

And you’d best believe they’re out there. You can also rest assured, we’ll be looking for them.

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