July 5, 2014


The Electronic Cigarette Forum (ECF) – is censoring you.  

Vaporjoes and Vaping Underground have finally arrived.   Those two words have officially been banned on ECF.  If you mention the words “vaporjoes” , “vapingunderground” , or link to our sites it will be stripped from your posts automatically.  A desperate and unfortunate move on the part of ECF.   

The censorship in action

This was done without provocation. Feel free to test it out.

These types of tactics will not be tolerated in a REAL forum with free and open debate. 
This is a PRIME example of why we started Vaping Underground.  

Please join us at the Vaping Underground – a forum that embraces the true meaning of the word.  
A place where people are free to speak their minds and give their opinions – even if they are contrary to our own.

TO ECF I SAY THIS…  What are you afraid of?

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