July 17, 2014


Who called it?? Yet again Vaporjoes sources were correct. 

Here is the latest wattage mod from Innokin The SVD 2.0. Innokin opted to go with Evolv and use the DNA20 chip.    
Innokin has now moved into a new sub-market.  This is the DNA style sub-market were they are judged completely different.  Innokin has always been in a world of their own – but when they go toe to toe with other DNA / CHNA makers – this product is DOA!

Let me breakdown why this was a TERRIBLE move on the part of Innokin. 


STRIKE 1:  No innovation by Innokin

We always gave Innokin a pass on its lower power because they had such great style, form, and function. This is just a plain tube with what looks like plastic buttons.  They are banking on the Evolv name to push this mod.  To me this seemed like a good way for Evolv to get rid of a ton of DNA20 tech.   This style and wattage limit HAS BEEN DONE TO DEATH.

STRIKE 2:  It will probably be expensive

Let’s face it  – we’re looking at an Evolv chip and consider Innokin’s past prices on mods. 
It will be more expensive than any more powerful 30 watt tube or box mods coming from China.  
Don’t forget this mod is still ALL China. The brain is USA but its only as good as its weakest part.
They would need to price this well under $79.00 for it to be viable.

STRIKE 3:  Enter the new darling of regulation – The Box Mod

The latest rage in regulated (i.e SX chips, Raptor, etc) is the box mod.  There has been a huge shift. Mod makers can do more and fit more batteries in that form factor.  You don’t need a CnC machine or Lathe to make a solid box mod.   

I’d love to know who gave the OK on this mod.  Ugly as the day is long. 
This can now be sold in both ecig and adult toy shops around the world – and fit right in.
I guess the “D” in the DNA20D stands for … well you figure it out 🙂

STRIKE 5: Already Cloned at 30 Watts

KSD already has come out with a CHDNA 30 VAMO that is far better looking,  probably cheaper, and has 10 more watts of power. Technically – wouldn’t that make this mod a clone because KSD was first to release?   CHECK IT OUT HERE


1.  Innokins highest wattage to date.

This is Innokin’s highest wattage mod to date, which gives a little more power to the vaper coming from the ego battery.  
In this day and age – it’s an entry level wattage mod.

2.  SOME quality

Though just a plain, ugly, and boring tube mod – this has both Evolv and Innokin names on it.  
This means it will have SOME quality behind it.  Which is important to many. 

In my opinion this mod is dogs breakfast in terms of the online vaping community.   This is geared more for the B&M shops.  In the end I see this being a simple metal casket for the DNA20 chip to rot in – very few will buy it. 

An ironic ending…. The USA DNA20 gasps its dying breath in a Chinese mod.


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