August 5, 2014


Dubbed the DNA30 Mini – This is a clear copy of the original Vaporshark DNA.  
With the exception of the two up and down buttons – its spot on.   They even copied the optional belt clip screws.   These come with the micro usb charger and use an internal LiPO battery – much like the original and they have an 18650 version.

This is the original Vaporshark DNA20 body with a CHDNA30 board.  Vaporshark has long since upgraded their design but anyone who bought the original would spot this a mile away.

The next question.  Will this sell?  

I am a HUGE fan of the legit Vaporsharks.  I just bought 10 of their 18650 version for giveaways.  
They are one of the few legit DNA30’s that have real staying power.

This all comes down to build quality and price. If we have a solid device priced under $75.00 retail?  We have a winner and it will sell like crazy.   If they try and make this a $100.00 item – its DOA. 

There is a fine line between sizzle and fizzle. 


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