August 23, 2014

ORGANIZE: STYLISH 18650 / 26650 MOD STAND – $11.54

So are you looking for a solid mod stand but don’t want to pay the big bucks?

It’s smart, it’s simple and it holds 11 larger mods plus more! This three-tiered acrylic stand has 6 – 30mm holes to fit 26650 mods, 5 – 25mm holes to fit 18xxx mods, and three smaller holes (2 – 20mm and 1 – 16mm) to house smaller mods, stick batteries, or tools. Available in black or clear acrylic, it’s easy to clean and has four little feet making it easy to pick up and move. 


  • 3-layer structure, 32 holes with different sizes
  • Hole sizes: 
    • First layer: 10mm*6, 8mm*5
    • Second layer: 30mm*6, 25mm*5, 20mm*2, 16mm*1
    • Third layer: 30mm*4, 20mm*2, 16mm*1
  • Layer height:
    • First layer: 13.8mm
    • Second layer: 27mm
    • Third layer: 35mm





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