September 5, 2014

I was very excited when the 30 watt version of the Vamo came out, but it turned out to be a TERRIBLE device.  The chip-set was a complete joke.  Now there is a new Vamo style mod with a chip set that is very reliable and well known to us all – The YiHi SX300.  Coming too you at a great price!  The lowest priced 35 watt device on the market.

There is also a SX220 (20 Watt) version of this device at a lower price via the drop down menu.


  • Standard work voltage: 3.2-4.2V
  • Standard load: 2.5 ohm, at 0.5 ohm also work
  • Static current: 4.2V/<300uA
  • Smoking current: 2.5 ohm, allow max work current 6.7A
  • Full strength battery: 3 ohm, max output voltage 7.75V
  • Constant wattage output: +/-0.5W
  • When resistance at 1.5 ohm, max output voltage >5.47V
  • Variable wattage: 7-35W, 0.1W each time
  • Lowest resistance: 0.5 ohm
  • Removable beauty ring
  • 510/eGo threaded connection
  • Brass contacts
  • Press quickly 5 times to turn on/off
  • Houses single 18350/18650 battery (batteries sold separately)
  • Display wattage, voltage, resistance and battery strength or puffs time
  • When the device too hot, the screen will display “too hot”, shut off ouput automatically
  • Low battery voltage (<3.2V) warning, to protect the battery efficiency
  • W/ output short protection and low resistance protection, make the device w/ high efficiency
  • Can test the atomizer real resistance, w/ tolerance +/- 0.1 ohm




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