September 8, 2014


Meet the Vulcan styled RDA. This one features some truly new and revolutionary details. Heat sink fins on the top and bottom of the atomizer, and the base of the included drip tip dissipate heat away from the mod and your lips. The 510 positive pin is copper for great continuity. The three post setup features negative posts that are a part of the side so they will never spin or move and they are raised to allow plenty of room for juice and wicking. Huge drilled holes the in posts give you the option to twist, wrap, and get as creative as you want to with your builds. And they didn’t ignore the looks either. The airhole is carved out around the V in the name on the cap to give it a great appearance to match the function.


The Vulcan style RDA is a three-piece design dripping atomizer: A top and bottom heat fins that make sense! With the bottom base/fin carved out of a single solid piece of stainless steel, heat-dissipation has gone to a whole new level! No more over-heating MODs due to long draws. A unique air-vent and AFC design that brings the vents closer to the coils. Super-deep juice well that under passes the two side posts allowing maximum space utilization.
  • 510 drip tip
  • Revolutionary “under-passing” juice well
  • Triple posts
  • A truly functional bottom base heat sink
  • Innovative AFC side walls
  • Double Laser cut vent holes
  • Copper bottom contract pin/screw



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