October 10, 2014



With the advent of cheap wattage coming from China – is the Evolv DNA40 already dead tech?
We know you can change the temperature with this new chip, but does that really matter to anyone?  Is it just a gimmick or a stop gap to separate themselves from current Chinese wattage chips?   How long until that small upgrade is cloned and added to 150+ watt chips?
On the flip side one “prominent” vaper told me at VCCTN  “to control temperature is a way to enter the dry herb market”.
It did make me raise my eyebrow for a moment.
Either way — it seems to be too little to late.   China is crushing America in the wattage market.  It comes down to watt per dollar.  Currently you can get 180 watts (with the god mod) for less then $1.00 per watt.  With 200 watts+ on the horizon can Evolv even compete in this game anymore?
With something as tiny and inexpensive as the Eleaf iStick –  China is all the rage at the moment in terms of regulated devices.  Mod makers are feeling the pinch.  No longer can they complain about being cloned.  They are being squeezed out by simple innovation at cheap prices.
Tube mods are dieing — box mods are the new baby.   Box mods are easy to build and cheap..  With this latest trend every Tom, Dick and Harry can become a pretty decent mod maker.
This blogger welcomes this new trend. Mod making has reverted back to its early days when it wasn’t about exclusivity.
….Its about whats effective!


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