February 3, 2015

TOO LATE: THE MVP 30 WATT (THE MVP 4) – $70 ???

Innokin has launched the 4th incarnation of the MVP coming in at a “staggering” 30 watts.  Oddly they are calling this the MVP 3 – even though its the 4th version of the MVP. 

I have no idea what is going on with Innokin but they are REALLY behind the times. In the past  I really thought of Innokin as pioneer.  They didn’t clone products – they walked their own path with really innovative mod designs. Their last 3 major mod releases bombed terribly and they are pushing for a forth.  They seem out of touch and aren’t paying attention anymore.   

No one is going to pay those prices for a 30 watt box mod from China.  A year ago yes – now? No way.
With that being the internet price – you know B&M’s are going to try and sell this for $99.00 or more.  FAIL!

I can easily rattle off many 30 / 40 watt devices that are under $39.00 (The Kanger KBOX 40 watt mod for $31.00) and actually use real 18650 batteries  – rather then a LiPo battery bag.  To Innokins credit it does have a large 3800mAh battery but the tech is dated and the design is tired.  Its like putting a very large gas tank on a Ford Pinto. 

For that price this box should be AT LEAST 50 watts.

I really hope they wake up soon.


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