June 18, 2015


The Project Sub-Ohm™ SauceCode™ BXDC Sub-Ohm Tank features a truly leak resistant and spill resistant top filling system that doubles as a dual action juice control system, reinforced steel framing, adjustable quad airflow, bottom crossed dual coil design for incredible flavor, and cross compatibility with the coil Aspire Atlantis Sub-Ohm Tank Series!

100% Solely Designed, Engineered, and Developed in the USA by Project Sub-Ohm™!

True Leak Resistant Top Fill System – The Project Sub-Ohm™ SauceCode™ BXDC Sub-Ohm Tank was designed with the explicit intent of advancing and reinventing the user experience for the extremely popular Sub-Ohm Tank market. One of the key pivotal features in the design and functionality of the SauceCode™ is the integration of a top filling system that not only makes the filling and refilling of the SauceCode™ easy and convenient, but also pairs with as a dual action juice control system. This system raises and lowers chimney, directly altering the exposure of juice to the wicking elements of the coil. The integration of this technology inherently makes the SauceCode™ leak resistant, as the wicking channels are completely sealed when the top filling cap is screwed off. The top filling cap also features one of the most accessible and largest filling areas of any tank in the market, allowing users to easily pour their desired amount of liquid into the SauceCode™.

True Adjustable Juice Control System – The SauceCode™ features one of the most discrete and truly coil independent juice control systems in the market today. The user can directly control and fine tune the raising and lowering of the center chimney by twisting the top cap in the appropriate direction, which in turn increases or decreases the exposure of the coil to liquid. This adjustment can be made without disassembling the tank in any shape or form, making this system completely user friendly and ergonomic.

True BXDC Sub-Ohm Coil – Introducing World’s First Bottom Cross Dual Coil System (BXDC). First of its kind, the BXDC Coil System utilizes a crossed dual coil design with quad 4mm diameter airflow intake that pair directly with the quad exterior airflow, efficiently using all available airflow space to the direct benefit of the coil structure, greatly improving flavor production and quality. A full barrel diameter of 6mm runs through the entire system, maximizing flavor and airflow. Two distinct types of wicking materials are used within each BXDC Coil System. Density N2, a cellulose wick sourced from France and manufactured by Fiber Freaks, is utilized in the outside wicking elements of each coil due to its properties of faster and more efficient wicking rates. Japanese Organic Cotton is used in direct coil contact for its superior flavor recreation and production qualities. The utilization of this combination of wicking materials is one of the first of its kind in today’s market in any aspect, combining the best and most effective qualities of both for the ultimate in user experience and flavor production. (Note: Please fully saturate the cotton before using)

True Coil Compatibility – The Project Sub-Ohm™ SauceCode™ is also directly compatible with the Aspire Atlantis Coil Heads, Sense Herakles Coil Heads as well as the Eleaf MELO Coil Heads, giving users the ability to use these coil heads within the SauceCode™ system. This compatibility also can be used in opposite, allowing for the advanced dual wicking and SauceCode™ BXDC heads to be utilized within the Aspire Atlantis and MELO ecosystems (Sense Herakles does not accept BXDC coils from our testing). The SauceCode™ RBA Head can also be used in the Aspire Atlantis, and MELO systems as well.

Product Specifications:

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 22mm Diameter Pyrex Glass with 304 Stainless Steel Reinforced Framing
  • 4.5ml Tank Capacity
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Copper 510 Connection for Maximum Conductivity
  • 304 Stainless Steel Shorty Widebore Drip Tip
  • Leak Resistant Top Fill System
  • Dual Action Juice Control System
  • BXDC Sub-Ohm Coil Crossed Dual Coil Structure
    • Two Wicking Materials (Japanese Cotton, French Fiber Freaks)
    • Cross Compatibility with Aspire Atlantis and Eleaf MELO Coil Heads
    • Quad 4mm Diameter Base Airflow Intake for maximum air delivery
  • RBA Head
    • Fine Tune and Customized Vape Experience
    • Cross Compatibility with Aspire Atlantis and Eleaf MELO Bases
  • Adjustable Quad Airflow Measuring 6mm x 3mm Each
  • 6mm Full Barrel Diameter for Maximal Flavor and Airflow
  • Sleek, Refined, and Heavy Duty Look and Feel
  • Individually serialized for that personal touch
  • Iconic Project Sub-Ohm™ Engraving
  • 100% Solely Designed, Engineered, and Developed in the USA by Project Sub-Ohm™!

Product Includes:

  • One Project Sub-Ohm™ SauceCode™ BXDC Sub-Ohm Tank
  • One Preinstalled 0.3 ohm SauceCode™ BXDC Head
  • One Rebuildable Head (RBA), and 0.5 ohm preinstalled build
  • One Additional Spare Pyrex Glass Section
  • One Japanese Organic Pad
  • Two Prebuilt Coils
  • One Screwdriver
  • Additional O-Rings 





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