July 10, 2015


Evolving from the worldwide hit of the Mutation X V4, the Mutation xS integrates the revolutionary features of it’s predecessor into a subcompact 17mm platform. The White Delrin Shorty Widebore Drip Top features a shorter profile than the original, matching the overall look of the xS while working synergistically with the shortened profile, delivering outstanding and direct airflow.

The crowning achievement in the design of the Mutation xS is one of the most important aspects of vaping itself. The method of airflow travel and the relationship of that particular aspect in this platform was the bedrock in the functional design. The integration of bottom airflow was carefully considered, utilizing a multi-sized air intake system coupled with a angular pathway into the chamber, providing an efficient and uninterrupted flow of air directly to the user’s coil. Side airflow has been designed as an array of parallelograms, an optimal shape directly related to the adjustable airflow control. This shape was chosen to specifically synergize with the bladed airflow control, inducing a greater swirling effect while also greatly increasing user control of airflow. The two main pathways of airflow have been designed to directly work both simultaneously together, creating a strong turbulent and swirling airflow effect, or independently from another, providing an ultra capable and ultra versatile airflow system. When combined with the reduced chamber and overall height of the Mutation xS, these effects are even more pronounced than the Mutation X V4, with more rapid airflow delivery across a shorter distance, creating an extreme swirling effect of flavor and vapor.


  •     Ultracompact 17mm Height
  •     Multi-sized Angled Bottom Airflow
  •     1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm
  •     Airflow Controlled By Included Silicon Sealing Plug
  •     Dual Parallelogram Side Airflow Array
  •     18 Total / 3 x 3 Array
  •     2mm Each
  •     Bladed Angular Side Airflow Control 11mm Black Delrin Wide-bore Competition Drip Top
  •     Single, Dual, or Fully Closed
  •     Slightly Beveled Heat Reducing Delrin 510 Adaptor Top Cap
  •     Deckmilled Negative Posts
  •     2mm Postholes
  •     Split Positive Post2mm Deep Juice Well
  •     2mm Postholes
  •     Philips Screw Heads
  •     Double O-Ring Secured Base
  •     304 Stainless Steel
  •     Available in Stainless Steel, Black, and White
  •     Silver Plated Copper Connection
  •     Exclusively Designed Signature Edition Box
  •     Individually Serialized for that personal touch              
  •     100% authentic from indulgence

Box Includes:

  • 1* authentic indulgence mutation x S rda
  • 4* extra philips screws
  • 4* slicon slugs
  • 1* screw driver
  • 1* gift box 




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