October 24, 2015


This has been almost 3 years in the making!

I am extremely lucky to have found Tyger and to quote someone on Facebook “Joe used up all his Karma points on this one”

For the last few days you might have noticed the Vaporjoes Network a bit more quiet.  This is because we were getting everything ready for today — Our wedding.    Tyger and I will be getting married.  We will NOT be making a spectacle of this – other than to inform our readers and show fans that follow us both.

Privacy and the vaping community do not go hand in hand – However this will be.  We have invited a hand full of vapers but the rest will be family.  I don’t expect a ton of cellphone pics – but we will post the photographer’s pictures once they are in.

In the next few days the Network will resume as normal. 

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