May 30, 2017


READYxWICK isn’t a new product. It isn’t flashy, sexy, or gimmicky. It won’t win a lottery for you or get you laid. What it IS though is one of the most amazing wicking materials on the market. No, really, this stuff really is amazing. It is a ceramic based wicking material that was first introduced about 3 years ago that has been growing in popularity since its initial release. Most people that have discovered READYxWICK never go back to using anything else because of its superior flavor, ease of use, and incredibly long lasting life. It lasts so long because of its ceramic based material. It withstands temperatures of over 2,600° so instead of throwing it away when you would normally toss your cotton out, you literally just torch it back to clean with fire! People that use it swear that the flavor is matched second to none.

The Wick is available in 3 sizes.
• 1.7 mm
• 2.7 mm
• 4.0 mm

Originally this product was sold under the “RBA Supplies” company name but recently RBA Supplies LLC and VapePour LLC merged and kept the VapePour LLC name. Don’t worry though, you still get the same great service because both companies are owned by the same owners, they simply merged the two companies together to offer everything under 1 name.

To celebrate the merger they are offering a sale which is only something they usually do once or twice a year! So whether you are a long time READYxWICK user or someone just discovering it, this is a GREAT time to buy because the prices are almost never this low!

Buying now will save you around 25% – And don’t worry about a coupon, they slashed their price so everyone can get in on the deal without needing a coupon!






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