November 21, 2018



So many of you know I have used the Juul long before it became hated by FDA and such.  The Juul is the the #1 vaping unit in the world.  Why? Because its simple.  The most simple of all pod systems.   However, there are a few draw backs that this battery fixes.

1. Battery Life
2. Annoying proprietary charging dock
3. Expensive

These were the reasons I put the Juul down.  This battery revived my use of the Juul pods. 

With this pod system here you can go many different directions.  You can use regular off the shelf Juul pods.  You can use he refillable pods that come with it and you can buy extra of.  

If you already have a Juul and don’t want this battery but want flavors (they stopped making them to buy locally) buy the refillable pods and fill it with your own nic salts.  This is MUCH cheaper.

This picture is the item in my hand.  Its small.. REALLY small but 2+ x more battery life then the normal Juul.   

Comes with:

1 OVNS JC01 Pod System
1 Empty Refillable Pod 
1 Micro USB Cable
1 Instructional Manual



They shipped really quick and its free shipping.


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