March 2, 2021

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For me today is a big day.   Today is the day I bought my first vape device.  It was a Joyetech Ego-C Kit and it cost me $110.00 from Vaporkings (not be confused with Vaporking). Within a week of using that kit, I was no longer a smoker.  I was vaping Dekang DKTAB which to this day, I still vape.  There is something magical about vaping the first juice you tried (providing it was a good experience).  You will be instantly transported back to when you first started.

The following year Vaporjoes was born.

So? How much time does it take to prove no negative long term effects?

I would say 10 years is a pretty good indicator.  

If you did hard drugs for 10 years, smoked for 10 years, and or drank heavy for 10 years –  you would notice an overall decline.   I vaped every possible combination of vg, pg, wta’s, high nic freebase, low nic freebase, salt nic, zero nic, VERY HIGH nic (started at 60mg freebase) for 10 years, nothing.. not a single long term negative effect.

For me personally it has been nothing short of a miracle.   I smoked two packs of Marlboro reds a day.   Now my lungs are clear with no signs I smoked for 25 years.

For this we are going to have a giveaway.  I haven’t done many in the last few years, but I think its time we do something for the community again.

More details to follow 🙂

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