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This time its Vaporcrypt. This isn’t as vague a reason as the others.  I took a look at Vaporcrypts website and they are selling full out Hana Clones for $120.99 – logo and all.  They don’t even try and hide it. I have a feeling they don’t know they are being sued yet – because its still being sold on their site.   Wouldn’t suck to find out your being sued because Vaporjoe told you? I still think it could have been avoided with a simple phone call.  MORE INFORMATION:  >> HERE <<


    HANA MODZ continues its law suit rampage across the e-cig industry.  I would suggest anyone selling something in the ecig industry to carry some Professional Liability Insurance.  One good company is called Hiscox vs Daily Vape Steals (online vendor): >> HERE << vs VaporTekUSA (online vendor): >> HERE <<  


Evolv is suing Joyetech over the RX200 and many other products. I really think this is about the RX200 more then anything.   The RX200 is the most popular mod in the industry, unfortunately for Evolv the Joyetech version is far more popular. Why? because people don’t want to pay $150 for something they can get for $34.  People vote with their pockets and though I think Evolv’s chip is superior – its not worth $100 more.   Hana was DESTROYED when they sued people a few years ago — I don’t think this will help Evolv. On a side note:  Brandon (owner of Evolv) — Some say that’s what you get for doing back alley deals with China… You were warned that this was going to happen… You didn’t listen…  LINK TO THE LEGAL DOCS HERE: >> HERE << ** Please save a copy of the documents — they may be taken down at any moment **


The H with the albatross in the center is not Trademarked – Feel free to use it. Lets be clear,  this isn’t about cloning – This is about hypocrisy… Over the last year Hana Modz has sued at least 5 different companies for cloning their product. Vaporjoes covered all the law suits and provided public court documents to the vape community. One company actually lost the case and owes Hana Modz  hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today the Vaporjoes Network has learned from Vape Politics (Link here) that Hana Modz were including cloned VapeBands with their new mod “The Hana One” when people placed orders. You can also see them pictured here.  Cloning is cloning regardless of the value of the product.  What a hypocritical move on the part of Hana Modz!  Vaporjoes is not against cloning, we are, however, against hypocrisy.  I asked the owner of VapeBands, Andrew Kaye, for his thoughts on the matter but he would not comment. There are two questions here. Is it legal? Is it moral? Those are questions that will have to be handled on two fronts. The courts may have to handle the legal side of this, but the community will handle the moral and hypocritical side. Hana Modz has painted themselves in a poor light since the law suits – this situation can’t help them.  VapeBands has hundreds of companies buying their product. A name brand like Hana Modz using a cheap and inferior product may damage VapeBands reputation. People may think what they are including with their mod are actual VapeBands and this may reflect poorly on Andrew’s company.  Isn’t that what Hana told us when their mods were cloned?  


The community is in a uproar about Hana Modz getting a $300,000.00 settlement for a vendor using their logo on a clone.  The REASON Hana Modz won is because the defendant didn’t respond and the judge gave the win to the plaintiff.    This has nothing to do with the merits of the case, but simple court proceedings.    If someone sues you – FIGHT!      Excerpt from the Court Order: “After Defendant failed to respond, the Clerk entered default on October 8, 2014. (Entry of Default, ECF No. 7.) On January 5, 2015, Plaintiff filed this Motion for Default Judgment.” If you don’t respond – the person suing you automatically wins. In my opinion this does not set any precedent because the merits of the case were never fought in court. LINK TO THE COURT DOCUMENTS:  >> HERE <<


A simple quote from John the owner of Vaportekusa “We will fight to the bitter end”. …A funny thing happened on the way to the court room.  Hana Modz starts suing people and now they have a bigger problem on their hands.   I spoke with John the owner of Vaportekusa (one of the companies Hana is suing) and his insurance company looked at the complaint and has now agreed to represent him in court.   This means Vaportekusa will not pay a dime to defend themselves and Hana will have to go up against a team that has far more resources and MUCH deeper pockets. When Russ from click-bang first brought this issue to light — one of the callers said that Hana may encounter a “sleeper”. Someone who will have far more resources. I think we just found one.   This also shows how important it is that businesses keep professional liability insurance for just such emergencies. Something this blogger bought into it a long time ago. These companies specialize in defending against such issues and do so like rabid dogs.  John has also sent me the full complaint and I will be publishing it soon.  Looking it over –   I can say the evidence Hana is sighting in this complaint shows mods with no Hana logo whatsoever. They’re actually Facebook screenshots of logo-less mods.  Hana is also suing Vaportekusa for the use of copyrighted pictures that have been “altered” not by them but by the manufacturer – which supplies the promotional material for the vendors to use. I’d also like to point out that Hana does NOT have a registered trademark with the government, just an application which was only filed a few short months ago.    For those of you who keep saying they are protecting a  “a […]