BLOWOUT: Vamo Variable Wattage Mod – $27.99

..its Fasttech

Fasttech has put out a fantastic deal on a Vamo.  For under $30.00 your and free shipping its a steal!   International Vapers – Take advantage too!  Dollar for Dollar one of the best mods you can buy.


When fully assembled the Vamo mod can accommodate one 18650 or two 18350 batteries. By removing one body section, a single 18350 battery may be used.   


– Metal button
– Variable Volt: 3~6.0V
– Variable Watt: 3~15W 
– Thread: 510/eGo
– PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output, up to 5 amps
– 5 click on/off
– Multiple battery options (1 x 18650, 1 x 18350 or 2 x 18350)
– Reverse and short protection




BLOWOUT: K100 Mod + Bottle of Juice + Free Shipping – $23.99

…its Aquavaporcig

Wow! What a crazy deal!  Your getting a K100, A bottle of juice and FREE shipping!  Stop reading and ORDER! 😀


Stylish new Mechanical Telescopic Mod from KAMRY called the K100 R-Scope is sure to turn heads! The advantage of Mechanical mods is there are no wires or soldering which makes the device very simple and less likely to fail.
 The K100 Telescope mod features a telescoping tube and can use an 18350, 18500, or 18650 battery. The K100 has a locking mechanism on the bottom to prevent activation in your pocket or purse.
The K100 is a bottom button design allowing you to easily press the activation button while vaping!

Very solid construction all around, feels solid and vapes very well with Vivi Nova’s, Kanger PRO Tank, UDCT’s, CE4 and/or CE5 clearomizers. Will not work with Kanger T3’s or EVOD without an eGo to 510 Adapter. 

Venting is provided with three holes drilled next to each other in three parts of the mod (9 holes in total). 
The standard product configuration comes with the device only and a 10ml bottle of liquid. You can add additional accessories to make it a full starter kit.

LOW: Kanger Pro Tank – $14.05


Originally these were going to debut at $30.00 each – now its less then half that. You can thank me later for helping that happen. 🙂

These are the full kits – the price is steal.


Use coupon code VAPORJOE to bring the cost down to $14.05

FOR THE NEWBIE: The Katana Kit – $9.99

…. its VapeDojo

Here is a great little starter kit for the new vaper.  This deal is a preorder and will be shipping early march.  You will get everything you need to start vaping – just add a bottle of juice and your good to go.  For the price of a disposable .. why not get something thats going to last longer?


Use coupon code Katana to bring the price down to $9.99




It is almost here!

Vaporjoes Canada will be launching soon.  Currently we are working with vendors and members of the Canadian community to put together a top notch deals blog.   The deals, news, and new product roll outs will not be just for the Canadian community but for the vaping as a whole.   Dedicated Canadian vapers will be running the site, and I will be there in an advisory role.   Please come and check out the teaser site, sign up for the email list for information on the sites opening.



LOWER: Innokin Iclear30 – $8.50

…its Fazed Box Mods

Here is a great deal on Innokin Iclear30.  Fazed comes out guns blazing with one hell of a deal!  Also check out the selection of custom mods, they are pretty off the hook!


The iClear 30 features dual coils, an easily replaceable atomizer head, a large 3ML capacity, and rotatable mouth piece.

Replaceable Dual Coil
Innokin iClear 30 is the first dual coil clearomizer with a replaceable atomizer head, making it very inexpensive to maintain, while providing huge amounts of vapor and flavor.

Huge Capacity
Another great feature of the iClear 30 is the large 3ml chamber for holding e-liquid. This means vapers can vape longer between fills, uninterrupted.

Rotatable Mouth Piece
The iClear 30 utilizes a rotatable mouth piece with an innovative 360 degree rotating design. These mouth pieces are designed to swivel around, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable vape!



Use coupon code Innokin15 to bring the total to $8.50

ShortStop by Holocron Labs – $8.25

…its Myvaporstore

Here is a great deal on a reusable mod fuse.    What is a mod fuse?   This goes between your battery and the spring on your mod to create a stop-gap encase of a short.   Instead of the battery going critical, damaging or you mod, and or ruining whatever your vaping – this will trigger a cut off.  These are reusable which makes this an even greater value.

This is a must for people stacking batteries or using a mechanical mod without short circuit  protection.  $8.25 is a cheap price to pay for some extra added protection.  I own a few and use them everyday.



NEW: Pictures of the “Sigelei-K” aka Kick Clone

…its Sigelei

Finally real pics of the Kick by Sigelei.  They are humbly calling it “The Sigelei-K”.  Vendor prices on these vary, but $15.00-$25.00 will be the average price.   These are supposed to function exactly like the Kick by Evolv – for a fraction of the cost.   The only thing I see missing is the plastic shrink wrap, and the Evolv logo.


..its AKAvapers

Here is a great deal on the Igo-L rebuildable atomizer.  This is one of the best, and well built RBA’s on the market.   This is a super low price!  This deal includes the extra O-rings, wick and wire.


Material: Stainless Steel
Size L:25mm ; Ø:20mm
Liquid Capacity Dripping
Battery voltage 3.7-6V
Resistance Can be adjusted
Thread fitting 510/EGO-T/UDS/EGO-W/UDT-V5/UDT-V6/UDT battery
Certificate ISO 9001/CE/RoHS
Manufacturer: Zhuhai Youde Technology Co., Ltd

Whats included. IGO-L, Spare parts, o-rings, wick, kanthal, screw



LOW: K200 Tesla Clone aka Chelsa – $39.99

….its Exhalevapor

Here is a great deal on the K200 – aka Tesla Clone – Chesla. 


●Uses 18650 Battery
●Adjustable Voltage- can change voltage from 3.0v to 6.0v
●Power Regulation- can change the work power from P5 to P15
●Current Sense Resistor- can also measure the resistance or ohm of the atomizer you are using
●Measure Electricity- can show the battery status
●Change Background- can change the color of the screen( 7 colors )
●Shows the puff count

Easy application methods:

●Creative five-button pattern design with powerful function, easy to use.
●Both large and exquisite buttons facilitate the flexible operations


$39.99 w/ coupon code VaporJoes11Percent

SIZZLE: Phoenix Rebuidable – $3.89

…its Fasttech

Fasttech is calling these “M4 Electronic Cigarettes Round Mouth Solid Liquid Atomizer”.  Im calling them Phoenix Rebuidable Atomizers, because thats what they are.  I think they got lost in translation somewhere.  Either way its your gain – because the price is incredible.

Cheaper then the cost of a disposable atomizer, you can buy a few and put them away for the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.  With the free shipping, its a no brainer!



Use coupon code  CPASTE13SPRING to bring the total to $3.89


Not Interested? Check out Fasttechs entire E-Cig Section

sponsored link


…its rockdrummervapors


Power Options: This e-cigarette lets you completely customize your vaping experience.  There are two modes of operation to help you set power output to the perfect level for your favorite cartomizers or atomizers.
Variable voltage – adjust the voltage output of the eGo APV from 3.0 to 6.0 volts in .1 volt increments.
Variable wattage – set the preferred wattage (from 3 to 15 watts) and the APV will adjust the voltage automatically no matter what atomizer you use.

Battery Choices: Power adjustment isn’t the only customizable feature of the eGo APV. You may also choose from several battery configurations. The APV can use a single 18650, or two 18350 IMR batteries. If you want a smaller option, remove the center section and use a single 18350 battery for an ultra-compact advanced personal vaporizer.

Compatibility. The APV features a 510/eGo connection. Unlike other APVs on the market, this version has the eGo cone threads in addition to the 510 battery connector threads.



MECH SALE: Sigelei Telescoping Mods – $26.99-$28.99

..its venerablevaping

Here is a great deal on various Sigelei mechanical mods. They all range from $26.99-$28.99.  There are a few here that I haven’t seen before. 
 For these prices, pick up a few. 
Sigelei Telescoping Mechanical Mods Model #8 #9 #19 #20 #30 #2 or 3 #13a

Fully mechanical custom machined personal vaporizer.
Native 510 connection designed to work with all kinds of atomizer or cartomizer with 510 thread. 

Vented bottom ring for protection in case of the over heated battery.

Machined from 20/24 aircraft grade aluminum or Brass. High quality with low maintenance.
With a telescoping design the Mod can use batteries as small as the 16340 and as large as the 18650. (18650,18500, 18350, 14500 etc…)

Rotate the bottom locking button anti-clock wisely to turn off the MOD, and to activate the MOD by rotating it clockwise. The locking bottom button makes this a pocket friendly device.




…its Vaporjoes


5,000,000 HITS and 1,000,000 in 23 days!


Once again we hit another 1,000,000.  This means only one thing!  A day off for me!  In record time we went from 4,000,000-5,000,000 hits in just 23 days!  Thanks so much to all my readers and vendors who gave the great deals!  

… and we are just getting started! to launch soon! to follow!

To celebrate my 5,000,000th hit – I am giving away a Mod Envy / Vaporjoes themed Evic.  This mod will be given away on the Mod Envy Show on 5/18.   To enter simply join the Facebook group @ . Look for the post containing that graphic, like and share it.  You will be automatically entered to win it on the show.

Deals will continue to be posted in my Facebook group, Google, Reddit, and Twitter. 

Deals on will resume tomorrow at 3pm EST

While im away for 24 hours – please join the email list

ROLLOUT: Kanger MT3S Clearomizer

…its Sunvapers

Kanger is working on yet another clearomizer.   The Kanger MT3S.  They have gotten rid of the black mouth piece and are using a smaller replaceable head system. This is essentially an extra large evod holding 2.4ml of juice vs 1.6ml.   You will also notice the heads for the new MT3S now adorn the resistance.  These are due out shortly.