Boxes of Boge 801 Fusions – $4.00 each

….its hoosiervapes

Here is a great deal on Boge 801 Fusion Cartomizers.  If you haven’t tried these yet – get a box.  They are fantastic!  These are a 801 connection and a 510 body.  You will need a 510 to 801 adapter to use them on a 510 device. They come in 3.0 ohm and 2.0 ohm.


The cost says $5.00 but it will come down to $4.00 when you look at your cart.



EXCLUSIVE: Cobra Rebuildable Atomizer $19.99

….its Discountvapers

Discountvapers contacted me with an exclusive deal. 
$19.99 for the complete Cobra kit.


The Cobra- Rebuildable Atomizer with Clear Tank – (DID Clone)
NEW: the Cobra is an update to the Griffin, now comes with many improvements
NOTE: This is pre-assembled nor is the SS Mesh oxidized!

1. Top cap is friction fit with the oring, now you can position air hole anywhere you like
2. Metal tank cover, get the look of metal and see liwuid level inside.
3. Comes with extra oxidixed mesh piece

Not generally for beginners unless you want to get your feet wet with an easily rebuilable atomizer.  Even if you don’t this is a great item to have to test liquids or get the best vape possible, easy to clean the parts or remove them entirely. This items come ready to vape so even if you have no plans to rebuild this is a nice addition to your vape collection.

Made with plated Copper/Brass. All parts are plated so there is no worry about copper or brass contacting your eLiquid.
Can be disassembled and put back together in minutes, very easy to clean, use and rebuild.
18mm Overall Diameter
53mm Overall Length assembled (without drip tip)
1.25mm Airhole

Comes with
1 Cobra
1 piece of mesh (pre oxidized and wound)
1 Delrin Black drip tip
1 “Gift” Box
1 Allen Key 

Please note, as this comes in a tin and it is not really packed all that well it will rattle around a bit. I do not want to deprive you of the tin it coes in as it can come in handy to store parts for your Griffin (coming soon) Also, due to the rebuildable nature of this item, there are no refunds unless there is a defective part ie, a screw is bad or something similar. Vape quality with the included starter mesh and coil is not warrantied as it is fully customizable.



Use coupon  VJCOBRA to bring the total cost down to $19.99

Smoktech Vmax – $58.00

…Its Ivape

If your looking for a great variable voltage mod, look no further.  No need to worry about lack of power.  These hit like a freight train!  Due to the pulse width modulation circuit these hit harder then normal, and voltages tend to be a bit higher then advertised.  This for me is a good thing because I want maximum vapor smashing me in the face at all times.

Out of all my mods this is the one I go to the most.  At $58.00 this is below dealer cost.  So its a fantastic deal!

Check out the reviews.




Use coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS to bring the cost down to $58.00


Kanger T2 Heads – 99 cents

….its Goodprophets

If you love the Kanger T2 clearomizer – this deal is for you.   Good Prophets is running a great sale @ just .99 cents each.   They come in various ohms to choose from.   Load up!


99 cents each – no limit.

Smoktech 510 SCT-V2 3.5ml Tank – $4.99

…its VaporPhoenix 

Here is a great deal on a SCT Tank.  These are like standard smoktech DCT tanks with a Single Coil cartomizer instead.  This deal comes with the full tank setup – cartomizer, drip tip, and tank.


This is the ultimate must have for every vaper, beginners and experts alike. It is refillable, with up to 3.5mL of your favorite vape juice. This single coil tank is extremely long lasting with excellent vapor and flavor.  They are for use with all ego batteries or the lavatube mod (plus other systems as well). The single coil cartomizers inside each tank create delicious clouds of luscious vapor. These tanks hold a ton of liquid so you can enjoy vaping without the pain of constantly refilling, which is perfect for heavier use. For light/moderate use, they have to potential to last all week! Looks and works great on the lavatube, and the ego with the optional shorty cone (sold separately). The plastic tube is made of medical grade polypropylene which is safer and e-liquid tolerant than acrylic or polycarbonate tubes used by other tanks. Each kit comes with a round, contoured, black plastic tip which fits nicely on your lip. For instructions on how to fill the SCT, please see our quick instructional video for filling the DCT starring Adam, our very own vape master.

Each kit contains the following:

*1 x SCT V2 tank body Made of Medical Grade Polypropelyne  (available in Clear or Smoke)

*2 x drip free silver aluminum end caps with rubber o-rings

*1 x 510 style single coil prepunched cartomizer with bottom flange (punched on both sides)

*1 x round, contoured black plastic drip tip



Deejstuff – 50% off over 80 Flavors (8.25/30ml)

Fire Kitty wants to play!

…welcome Deejstuff

(Update 12/14) From 40 Flavors to 80 Flavors on sale!

(Update 12/14) – Due to the popularity of the Sale they have pushed the sale prices from 40 to 80 different flavors.  Check it out!

Ok so whats with the crazy looking cat?  This is fire kitty!  Fire kitty means you get 50% off your juice @ Deejstuff.   When going through their juice selection look for that graphic.

Normally they have a few juices everyday that are 50% off – today they have over 80.  I have been buying from Deej for a few weeks now – their juice is great.  No coupon is required!  A 30ml bottle will cost $8.25 which is a great deal! 


SD Key Ring – $11.95

For the Stealth vapers..

…Its Naturevapor

With its tiny design, no lights or buttons – these are the ultimate in stealth vaping.   These use a 510 auto switch and pack an impressive 300mah for such a small unit. At full charge these can pump 4.2v. 

Normally these sell for $15.00 but today Neaturevaper has them for $11.95.  Great stocking stuffer – Great to throw in the car for emergencies.  Check out the reviews. 

1 x SD Keyring E-cig battery
2 x cartomizers (1.8% tobacco flavor)
1 x USB thumb charger
1 x lanyard tether (attached to battery)


The eVic lands in time for Christmas

…its ovaleusa

For those that want the eVic – it is now live.  Ovale is under contract with Joye so they are going to be one of the 1st vendors to go live with it.  100.00 will be the average price point for this mod.  I paid $60.00 in a co-op for mine, but Vendors are required to charge $100+ for the mod or be blacklisted by Joyetech. 



Smoktech Chrome Telescope – $29.75

…its ElectronicStix

Here is a great deal on the Smoktech Telescopic Mod.  This is the lowest price I have seen since Cybermonday.


The All New SMOKtech TELESCOPE™ Battery Mod – eGo Compatible. 
This unit is not meant for stacking batteries, please be careful as you should with all ecig mods, use the proper batteries and make sure to never let them drain all the way down.manufactured from high quality aircraft grade 20/24 aluminum so it is light in the hand with the perfect amount of heft. No suffering from wrist fatigue when you use this item. 
The TELESCOPE™ is just that, a telescoping mod that adjusts its size and profile depending on the battery used. It can accept many different lengths of batteries from short to tall including the 18350, 18500 and 18650 and others. You insert the battery into the tube (positive side up) then screw in the top being careful to thread evenly. You then screw down causing the mod to collapse into itself providing you with an extremely pocket friendly bullet-sized look when using a smaller battery such as the 18350 and it telescopes up from there. The inside of the battery holder tube is well tooled with silky smooth threading extending its entire length. 
The TELECOPE™ is a fully mechanical mod, no PCB circuitry or wires of any kind. A push-button trigger disc at the bottom of the mod completes the ciruit, injecting a brass firing pin against the negative side of the battery, completing the circuit and firing your mod.
The finish on the TELESCOPE™ is high-gloss chrome. 
Some tips & info when using the TELESCOPE™:Snugly thread the top into the tube for best connection of your battery. If you find you are not firing as well as you should simply give the threading an extra twist or two.LOCKING FEATURE: Screw down the bottom ring when you want to place the TELESCOPE™ in your pocket or purse. This effecively locks the firing button/disc on the bottom and thus turns the unit off.There is no need to worry about placing the TELESCOPE™ upright on your desk as there is plenty enough tension with good high quality springs (not too tight, not too loose) inside the unit that will not cause it to fire in an upright position. Use the locking feature only when you want to disable the TELESCOPE™ from accidentally firing when not in use.eGo Compatible! Using an eGo Clearo/Carto or Tank? No problem! NO EGO ADAPTERS NEEDED. The TELESCOPE™ features a 510 connection and this connection is surrounded by an eGo well. You can utilize any of your Vivi Clearomizers, ego C and T Atomizers, J-Tanks Etc. on the TELESCOPE™ natively! Keep your TELESCOPE™ looking streamlined and GORGEOUS.


Use coupon code JINGLEBELLZ to bring the cost of this mod down to $29.75


Panasonic Hybrid 18650 Batteries – $6.40

..its hoosiervapes


Here is a great deal on a great battery.  This Panasonic 18650 battery is a hybrid battery that takes all the positives of the ICR and IMR and puts them into one.  Many have made the claim that these are better then AW IMR batteries, and I agree with them.   During a great sale these are 7.99, so at 6.99 they are steal! 

What is a Hybrid Battery?

Panasonic has developed a new Solid Solution technology by mixing the high capacity characteristics of the Li-ion chemistry [cobalt based] cells, and high safety of the LiMn2O4 [manganese based] Lithium based batteries.


Site is giving an auto 20% off at checkout which brings the cost of these batteries down to $6.40.


L-Ryder Lavatube – $23.11

…its Naturevaper

For about the cost of a ego twist you can get yourself a Lavatube.  If I had to choose between them, Id take the lavatube.   This is a great deal on an introductory VV mod.  My lavatube is still going strong from a year ago.  

$23.00 is a steal.


Our VV tube has the following features that are sure to enhance your vaping experience no matter what volt you like to vape at. The LCD screen is simple and easy to read and also is back lit with a red LED. It simply displays the voltage as you set/change it using the voltage set buttons. The “Lock” feature, simply push and hold the 2 black voltage adjustment buttons at the same time for 5 seconds and it will lock the voltage. This is great as it means you can’t accidentally change the voltage. Comes with built in circuit/switch protection. Which means a 10 second cut off and reverse battery protection.  To turn it on you need to push the RED power button for 5 seconds, this is also the way you shut the device off. To adjust the voltage you need to push the black + or – buttons, and lastly to fire your VV tube there is a large black button. Please check out our options on this great mod and make a kit that works well with you. 




1 Box Boge Cartomizers – $4.25

….its naturevaper

Naturevaper is running a deal on boxes of Boge cartomizers.   Currently all 510 and 306  Boge cartomizers are $4.25 a box. Stock up while you can – these aren’t going to last.


510 BOGE:
306 BOGE:


24 HOURS: Kanger T3 Sale – $4.75

…its sun-vapers

Sun Vapers is running a 24 hour sale on Kanger T3’s.  These are usually $5.75-$7.00 each!  Stock up on the kings of the clearomizer!

If you only use normal CE4/CE5/Stardust clearomizers – try these you will understand what all the fuss is about.

Replaceable head – Bottom Coil.


Innokin Itaste MVP – $49.39

..its electronicstix

The lowest to date outside of a co-op!

Detailed Features

Innokin iTaste MVP is a long-lasting variable voltage VV box mod featuring 2600 mAh battery.
Features in Brief:
Myriad compatible ( Thread fit CE4,CE5 ,eGo, VIVI NOVA and 510 etc )
Operating Volt adjustable ( 3.3-5.0 Volts in .1 volt increments )
Puffer counter
Polymer li-ion rechargeable battery
Portable power source for electronic products
Long live energy 2600 mAh
Battery capacity display
ON/OFF safety switch
Standard Micro & 2.0 USB Socket
Short circuit /atomizer protection
Over-discharge protection

Kit Includes

1x iTaste MVP
2x Clearomizers
1x USB cable
1xtransparent carrying case



Use coupon code COMEATMEBRO to bring the cost down to $49.39

Bauway CE4 LR Clearomizers – $2.07

…its smart-vapes

Here is a good deal on some clearomizers.  These are a little different in the sense that they can use any drip tip.  So your getting a clearo and a 510 drip tip for $2.07.

I have used these and they hit pretty hard for a clearomizer. These are very low resistance so they work great even on a 3.7v ego.  I have had a few come in at 1.3 ohms.