(B)IG (A)SS (M)OD gets some color!

…its Cigtechs

Check out the new colors!  I own a BAM and I love it!

These will not last long. The last go around – these went very quickly.  Uses the largest mod battery – the 26650.  It also supports the 18650 battery with the included sleeve. 

Size: 4 1/2 L x 1 1/4 Diameter

Bam includes:
1 Bam PV
1 18650 Sleeve
1 Threaded Kick ring holder
 NEW**** Threaded Kick ring!

Designed to support THE KICK!


$119.00 for the BAM 2.0

Did Clone Rebuildable – $19.99

Genesis style tank

…its OKC vapes

The Did Clone Rebuildable Atomizer is a Genesis style tank. This RBA holds 3 ml’s of e-liquid and uses stainless steel mesh 400 and 32 gauge Kanthal A-1 wire. The Did Clone has a 510 connection. 

Each unit contains:
1 – Did Clone RBA (without the coil)

2 pieces – Stainless Steel mesh 400
1 – 3 feet 32 gauge Kanthal A-1 wire
1 – allen key
1 – 510 metal drip ti



$19.99 for the full rebuildable kit. 


Deals During VaperCon

Many vendors are out this weekeend –  so deals may be a little anemic as Vapercon rolls into Virginia.

I will do my best to try and find a few that are worth posting.   Many vendors will not be shipping until Monday / Tuesday, so they have put out some small coupons.  If I get any big ones – you will be the first to know.

For all sorts of vaping conversation and real time deals join our Facebook group:


SOON: 8ml ViVi Nova




Im in on one of these as soon as they go live!

Mini Ego 350Mah Batteries! – $9.99

Great little battery !



I love these little batteries.   They are super convenient and super stealthy.  I use these all the time when I go out.   They are 350mah and will give me about 3 1/2 hours of vape time.  If your going somewhere and need a quick vape – these are perfect.   In combination with a smoktech shorty cartomizer – it becomes the ultimate stealth device.  

These push out the same voltage as a normal ego battery so low resistance cartomizers / clearomizers work great.  

They are well made and worth every penny.  


9.99 EACH

1 Gallon of VG – $39.95 – Free Shipping

Buy in bulk and save big!

If you figure in the cost of shipping on almost 4000ml of VG, this is a great deal.  This is enough to last the average DIY person a very long time.  If you are mixing your own juice and buying VG from vendors, id suggest giving this a try. Your saving so much money in the long run.



1 gallon of USP / Kosher VG – $39.95 free shipping. 


(3 Colors) Ego Stardust – $2.76

Lowest Price to date!

Only 3 colors left

..hello Tomsvapor 

CE4 Clearomizer tank aka The Stardust.  Its the cheapest price I have seen for these to date.  A few weeks ago this was a coupon deal.  The vendor has dropped the coupon and made it the normal sale price.  Go stock up!



$2.76 each in various colors!

Vapage – Vmod Kit – 20% off – $79.00

..or $59.99 for just the mod + 2 attys


If your in the market for a bottom feeder..  



20% off with coupon code: 4H98W

This coupon code was sent to me via email – we make no commission

Vaporjoes – The Facebook Edition

My Frugal Minions,

Vaporjoes has now created an extension of the site via a Facebook group.  Vendors and consumers can now post deals and save in real time.   Select deals that we pick will still be posted here as normal. 

Feel free to join and post the deals you have or have found.  

Enjoy the savings!

WHERE: Facebook Group

Thank you,
The Deal Master – Vapor Joe 

SOON: Joye eRoll E-Cig System


REALLY A .90 MAH battery??  Yes less then 100mah!

Joye going backwards??

Myvapecreation 33% Off Juice


…its myvapecreation


Myvapecreations is running a 33% off its already low juice prices.  You can customize different juices or buy already customized juices made by other customers.  Why not give it a try… 10ml will run just $4.00.

Use coupon code: ReGrand33 for 33% off your total purchase.

Kanger T3 – $6.99 Free Shipping

The Best Clearomizer in my opinion!

… another from vaporbeast

I have had my Kanger T3 for about 4 days now, and I can say its the best clearomizer I have ever used.  I haven’t had any wicking issues or dry hits.  These are still new, and the prices are still on the higher side – but with the free shipping these are currently the lowest prices I can find.  If you were looking to give these a try – $6.99 w/ free shipping is a solid deal on these.



$6.99 for a Kanger T3 / free shipping.

Power Station – 6000MAH Mod!

Apocalypse Power Personal Vaporizer

6000-8000mah of power!

…its vaporbeast 


This price is for the full kit.  Other vendors are selling these for $79.95 + shipping. These are 20 bucks cheaper and free shipping.  All the reviews I have seen so far are pretty positive.


It’s a power station that vapes!

With the Apocalypse VV-PCCP you can charge your iphone/Ipad and other electronics anytime
anywhere…plus it’s a variable volt personal vaporizer.

Advantages & Features:

1.This is the first personal vaporizer that also serves as a mobile power station, thus allowing you to charge your electronics anywhere. In fact, you can charge your iPhone 4-5 times off a single charge.
2. Compatible with Ego and 510 cartomizers such as CE4 CE4+ CE5 CE6, clearomizers, etc.
3. Variable volt system ranges from 3.2, 4.0, 4.8 volts.
4. Huge power capacity. The battery is 6000-8000 mAh and will last up to 10,000 puffs on a single charge.
4. Available in black or white.
5. Shiny mirror finish with an upscale appearance.


*Brand: Cylapex – we call it the Apocalypse:-)
*Model: VV-PCCP
*Size: 97*62*23mm
*Power Body Weight: 170g
*Battery Capacity: 6600mAh (Default)
*Compatible with: 510 cartomizers, tank, CE4, CE4+, CE5, CE6, CE-LED Vivi Nova, etc.

VV-PCCP Technical Features:

1. Out port end1 Currency—1A
2. Out port 2 Currency—2A
3. 1A Output for charging 100-600mAh mobile Phone
4. 2A Output for Ipad or bigger capacity mobile phone or products
5. 1A & 2A ports can be used to plug in the 510 VV attachement.

VV-PCCP Main Functions:

1. Personal vaporizer with VV system, 3.2V-4.0V-4.8V.
2. Portable power charger for iPhone/Ipad or other mobile devices and electronics.
3. Torch Flashlight function.



$59.99 free shipping for the complete kit!

Smoktech XXL LR Cartomizer (2.5ml) $1.00

XXL Big Carto Sale! $1.00 each.

…its Thelittleshopofvapor

The little shop of vapors is running a 20% off sale,  and this popped up.   These are the XXL cartomizers that hold 2.5ml of juice.  Great to throw on a battery and go.  It should last the average vapor hours.   These usually run about  $2-3.00 each. So its a great deal.  I just bought 10 of them.

These are out of stock as of 10/10  – Coupon is still valid for other items.



Use coupon code “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” for 20% off your total order, which brings these down to $1.00 each.  This sale runs through the 12th.

Mtbakervapor – 1 DAY – 50ml – $8.84




As most of you already know im a big mtbakervapor fan.   This guy has the absolute lowest American made juice prices.    Today he is running a 15% 10% off deal, on top of that.


Use coupon code: vaporfrombaker for 10% off your order.