Telescope Adjustable Mod – $24.71

Crazy deal from AtomicVapors

The Vented Telescope Adjustable Tube Mod

This APV has a bottom mounted mechanical switch with a collar that can be screwed down to lock the switch so it can be carried in your pocket or purse without fear of inadvertant firing.  Multiple Vent holes surround Telescope for added protection. 

The Telescope can use flat or button top Li-ionIMR or NiMH batteries in varying sizes including 16340,18350,18650 Li-ion and our 4.8 NiHM battery.

In addition, The Telescope has a native eGo style connector that allows you to use both 510 and eGo stylecartomizerstanks and atomizers without adapters. The eGo style connector does not have outside threads but typical eGo style parts fit flush down into the recess that is around the connector.  510 Tanks and other a similar 510 items will screw on flush with the top.
Use coupon code: INSANE50 for 50% off most hardware and mods.


ViVi Nova Tanks – $7.61

…its is running a great sale on ViVi Nova tanks.  These are Authentic Vision and not the knock off brands.  This price is the cheapest I have seen for the complete ViVi Nova Kit.



Use coupon code TURKEYTIME to bring the total cost of the item to $7.61.

5 XL Single Coil SS Cartomizers – 2.99

Yes a box of cartomizers for 2.99

..its another from PBdragon

I believe these are smoktech cartomizers at standard resistance.  Honestly they could be made in a back alley in Shanghai for that price.  Get in on these before they sell out!  



$2.99 a box



1300Mah Vision Spinner – $19.99

…its PBdragon

PB Dragon is running a sale on 1300mah Vision Variable Voltage Spinners.  These are Ego twists made by Vision that are 200mah more then the largest ego twist.   The voltage level is printed on the side of the PV rather then on the actual knob itself, which makes reading much easier.  These are not knockoffs of the ego twist.  They are visions own version of a variable voltage ego style battery.  If anything they are an improvement.

These normally sell for $25.00 – $27.00



Artemas 5ml Tank Gun Metal – $8.79

…its ecigcharleston

I have been using this tank for a week now and its one of the best Chinese tanks going.  In my opinion the best build quality of any Chinese tank.  Very heavy and reminds me a lot of the original MAP tanks.  You will be shocked how nice and heavy these are.  These fit both Smoktech and Boge XL cartos or XL flanged cartos.  The locking ring on the bottom locks the flanged carto in place so it does not move at all.  This is for the full kit – Tank, Carto and Drip tip.  

Far Far superior to a Smoktech DCT.  Its not even close



Use coupon code: HAPPY to bring the cost down to $8.79

ALERT: Variable Wattage Mod for 59.99

…its Vapeinthecape

From what im hearing its a Zmax chip in a new mod.


The Eagle has landed at Vapin’ in the Cape!  Similar to the Zmax, but we believe it to be BETTER in SO many ways!  This is a Variable Voltage, Variable Watt, and Variable Battery mod!  We have been testing it for awhile, and it is impressive.  Here are the specs:

(2) Different Modes that are easily switched
    -Constant Voltage Mode:  Eagle adjusts from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in .1 volt increments. 
    -Constant Power Mode:  Eagle adjusts from 3.0 to 15.0 Watts in .5 watt increments.

Mode is easily switched by holding down the “-” & “+” at the same time for 3 seconds.  Then adjust volts or watts up or down using these buttons individually.

What is variable battery you ask?  This mod can take (1)18650, (2)18350, or (1)18350!  All of this without changing the end cap!  We have tested with flat top 18650s and 18350s.  Also works with single button top 18650 and 18350s (AW IMR).  We believe that the (2) 18350 configuration would require flat tops.

Eagle has a very sharp OLED display which is very nice!

Eagle can check atomizer resistance and remaining battery very easily.
  -To check atomizer resistance, hold the “+” button for 3 seconds.
  -To check remaining battery, hold the “-” button for 3 seconds.

In summary, if you have been wanting to try a mod with both adjustable voltage AND power at an affordable price, look no further!  The Eagle is a WINNER!




OKC Vapors is also selling this on preorder for $49.95 if you wish to wait for your mod.  You can get it HERE


The Deal with Black Friday..

As black Friday and cyber Monday approach you will be inundated with deals from vendors and other “deals” sites.  Unlike the other deals sites we will not be spamming you with every deal filled with affiliate codes.    This “throw to the wall and see what sticks” affiliate mentality is exactly whats wrong and why I started this site.

All this does is confuse buyers due to the lack of consistency.

Id also like to reaffirm our commitment to remain unbiased by NOT taking a dime from any vendor.

We will only list what we feel is truly a good deal, unless its an unique item.
– We dominate deals!

Urbanvapors – $10.50 for 30ml

…its Urbanvapors

Urbanvapors is running a thanksgiving sale now through Sunday.  All 30ml liquids are just $10.50 each.  No coupon is required.  All Liquids are hand made in the USA.   This is a good chance to check them out.  Don’t forget to check out the deal of the day too.


$10.50 per 30ml

Fighting Back: Innokin Itaste MVP – $55.25


Joe over at sent me a very nice email today.  

He first thanked me for all the traffic and sales we brought his site over the last 48 hours.   He also explained that Innokin is controlling the price.  

This is requiring him to sell the MVP at a higher price.  He has come up with a work around –  a coupon.  By doing this he is selling the Itaste at its “suggested price” – but those  “in the know” will get it at a discount.

Coupon Code: Fightback1  
This brings the total cost down to $55.25

5 Boge 801 Fusion Cartomizers – $5.65

…its Ivape

Here is a good deal on 801 Fusion cartomizers.  There is a lot of hype surrounding these cartomizers – and for good reason.  These are really great!  If you are a cartomizer user – try them and you wont be disappointed. You will need a 801 to 510 adapter to use these on your 510 connected PV.



The Boge Tech 801 cartomizers are the best in the business, and often referred to as the best cartomizer for tanks!  Our cartomizers are great for any application (3.7-6V) and hold a LOT of liquid.  These are manufactured by a lead company in cartomizer development, and feature a crosscut silver colored connector, and a non-flammable center tube, for increased airflow.  



Use coupon code Newrewards to bring the price of these cartomizers down to $5.65 a box. 


MOV Phoenix Rebuildable Atomizer $8.99

…its mountainoakvapors

Mountainoakvapors is currently running a sale on a phoenix style rebuidlable.  If you are looking to get into rebuildables – this atomizer will be a great place to start at a great price!  Currently this vendor is the only one I can find in stock at this price!




(Update – Read) iTaste MVP – $52.20

…its Ivape


(UPDATE 11/19) – From

A note from the CEO about this product’s price changing:
Innokin has contacted us today and threatened to stop supplying us with MVP’s unless we raise our price, and other companies have contacted them to have it raised.  Due to lack of legal jurisdictions in China, we will comply and the sale price on this item (54.95) will end on 11/20.  We will try to figure out a way around this mess, perhaps a very ‘item specific’ coupon code will be updated on this page in the future.  We at iVape have always strived to offer products at our best perceived value, and to offer you the best deals we can, unfortunately, this option was taken away from us at this time.  We do hope you understand, and thank you kindly for choosing us for your e-cigarette needs.  – Joe Battista (CEO)


The Innokin iTaste MVP VV box
Features:  2600mAh Battery
Works as a USB battery charger box
3.0-5V Variable voltage function

The Innokin iTaste MVP Variable Voltage device is indeed delightful – This little pack carries a a huge charge (2600 Milliamp hours) – and is designed so you can Go all day at the voltage you desire.  Theres a nifty USB output where you can use your MVP box to charge other electronic devices, like cellphones or cameras – and it’s voltage adjusts between 3.0-5.0V output.  Did we mention the battery life on this mod is ridiculously long?  Also it’s USB chargeable – and operates as a passthrough so you can puff it while it charges!  The iTaste also has a puff counter so you can track how much you’ve vaped.

I find myself taking this little mod everywhere – 100 dollar performance for half the price!

Includes: Innokin iTaste MVP box
2x Dual Coil ce5 clearomizers
charger cable
Attractive packaging
“Beauty ring thread covers) 


$52.20 w/ coupon code NewRewards 5% off


GourmetVapor 50% Off Liquid!

  …its GourmetVapor


This site has a very unique way of selling juice and I think more vendors should do it.   You can pick their pre-made liquid.  You make your own liquid by picking flavors. On the right side you will see names of juice others have made, and you can pick those as well. 

With the 50% off coupon the juice is a steal.  



50% OFF your total order with either coupon code GV50

100ml juice pack – $26.95

…its aquavaporcig

Aquavaporcig is running a 100ml sample pack sale.  You pick 10 bottles @ 10ml each.  This is a great way to try their juice and a good price.  This comes to roughly 2.69 per 10ml of juice.   This would also be a great way for a new vapor to get a quick assortment of juices at a great price.



Use coupon code:  Switch to get 10% off your total order, which brings the price of this deal down to $26.95

(Update) NEW: ViVi Nova Neptune!

ViVi Nova Aluminum Tank with a window

Back in Stock 11/18

11/18:  I have had one now for a about 2 weeks.  So far its brilliant..

These are the new ViVi Nova tanks that fix the issue with the aluminum tanks.  The previous aluminum tanks didn’t have a window to see your juice level.    All parts are interchangeable with previous ViVi Novas.  These are running about 14.99 w/ 3 heads.  This includes the upgraded aluminum tank.  Great deal if you ask me.