500ml – Kosher – USP – VG – $9.95


I buy most of my DIY from wizard labs, but I buy my VG from here.   I use this VG all the time and its great.  

I vape 16-18mg so I usually buy 500ml of 36mg 100% PG nic base and 1 of these.  This will yeild 1 liter of 1000ml of 18mg 50/50 nic base.

Even if you don’t DIY you can add a little of this to your current juice to add a bit more vapor production.

The shipping is free 2 day air shipping for Prime members or free standard shipping if you spend $25.00 or more total.


Riva / Ego 750mah Battery – $7.95

We all need a backup!

..its LitecigUSA

We all love our ego batteries.  Even veteran vapers will have a few egos on standby.  These use a 510 connection and last me 6+ hours.  I bought a couple of these a few weeks ago.  They work great, and they seem to hit a bit harder then my Joyetech 650 mah ego batteries.   These will charge using any standard ego style charger. For 7.95 I really think this is a steal.

The Deal:

750Mah Riva Ego Style Battery – 510 connection. – $7.95 each 

For people wondering about whats inside a Riva battery..

Sweet Vapors – 30ml – $9.00

Made to order @ a great price!

..hello  sweet-vapors


Another American juice maker does it right.  Dropping the absurd pricing for the reasonable.  This is the kind of stuff we love to post about here.  There are no coupons required, the prices are always this way.

This vendor doesn’t use any flavorings with food colorings.  They have a proprietary blend of PG/VG but they will mix your order to your ratio specifications if requested.

WHERE : http://sweet-vapors.com/


This made to order juice is priced at 10ml for $4.00 and 30ml for $9.00.  Shipping was great at just $1.95

Vivi Nova Tank – Metal Tubes – $2.99

Give you ViVi some grills!

…its Valuevapor


Turn your Vivi into a full on metal tank!   These tubes are great if you plan on vaping juices that can react to plastic.  They make your tank look great and you wont wear out the threading!

The downside is you cant see your juice level, but its easy enough to just look inside.   I can tell by the way it vapes most of the time.

These are going for $4.99-$6.99, so this price is pretty great.

WHERE: http://valuevapor.com/


One Metal Tube in your choice of Black or Silver.. $2.99

Classic Black Lavatube – $29.95

A Classic at a good price! 

…its Ivape.net

The classic lavatube at a reasonable price.  We all know what they can and can’t do.   I own 2 of these and they are still going strong.


  • Aluminum body
  • 1- power button
  • 1- voltage up button
  • 1- voltage down button
  • 1- activation button
  • 1- LCD screen, which shows the current voltage the device is set on.
  • 1- 510 threaded connection
  • 1- vented removable end cap w/ spring for battery tension
  • Uses 1- AW IMR High Drain18650 LiMN battery

WHERE: https://ivape.net/


Get a classic black lavatube for $29.95 – Shipping is only a few $$.
The vendor is great, I have never bought anything defective from them.

Genuine Joye Ego Twists – $17.99

…its Virgin Vapor

This is by the far the lowest price for a Genuine Joye Ego Twist I have ever seen!  They come in 3 different styles.   

WHERE: http://www.virginvapor.com


1 EGO TWIST 650 Mah – $17.99 or 1000mah for 19.99 


Trivecca Rebuildable Atomizer – $11.99


… its OKC Vapes

A 3 piece version of the Phoenix Atomizer.   This comes with a Chrome finish and a new tooled design.  I ordered one of these, should be in this week.


The Trivecca Rebuildable Atomizer is the newest version of the Bulldog Rebuildable.  The Trivecca can be disassembled into three pieces and is made with chrome plated brass. This is only for the most experienced user as it requires a fair bit of technical aptitude and patience in re-winding the coil around the wick.

WHERE:  http://www.okcvapes.com


One 3 Peice rebuildable Trivecca – $11.99

EJuice: 100ml 29.95 – 200ml 54.95


..its Aquavaporcig

Unsure of which flavors you want?  Here is a 100ml / 200ml sampler that wont break the bank.

Choose any 10 for 29.95 or choose 20 for 54.95

WHERE:  http://www.aquavaporcig.com/


29.95 for TEN – 10ml bottles -or- 54.95 for TWENTY – 10ml bottles.

WATCH: Pulse Width Modulation reporting.

We interrupt this program for this special report.

Everyone should watch this.

Specially if you have  Zmax or Vmax.



 If you have  Variable Voltage mod that uses Pulse Width Modulation (i.e. Vmax, Zmax) you should watch this video.   

Multimeter – $5.99 – Free Shipping.

If you don’t have one, get one!

There are 3 things every vaper needs.  Lots of paper towels, tweezers, and a multimeter.   If you dont have one of these, I suggest getting one.  Excellent for testing batteries for voltage and checking the resistance (ohms) on your cartomizers, atomizers, and clearomizers.   This can also help prevent a short circuit.  If it doesnt work properly on the multimeter, i wouldnt put it on the PV.

WHERE:  http://www.meritline.com/


1 Multimeter $5.99 free shipping

These ship out of their China warehouse, but for $6.00 I can wait 2 weeks.

I have used meritline in the past for all sorts of different products, they have never let me down.

100,000 unique hits in 18 days!

$aving Dominates!

See you at 1,000,000!

Organizer Box – A must have! $7.58

Keep it Organized!  A Must for Vapers!

Time for some vaping housekeeping. 

If your like me you have a lot of vaping gear.  Batteries, atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, drip tips, wick, wire, syringes, etc.  The list goes on and on.  What I like to do is keep everything organized and not just all mashed up in a drawer somewhere.   I have 3 of these. They will make your life a lot easier.  They are also very cheap!

The dividers are adjustable to fit your needs.   It locks tight for storage or stacking.

These also work great to keep those 5ml sample bottles vendors like to give away. You can stand them up inside, this could hold 50 of them easily.

WHERE: http://www.amazon.com


Get organized for as little as $7.58

(UPDATE)Phoenix Style Rebuildable – $8.99


SIZZLE! …its discountvapers

I love that true rebuildable atomizers have come to the masses.  No longer do you have to wait in long lines and get on special waiting lists from vendors in distant lands!  These are here, now, and most of all – CHEAP.   A few weeks ago these were $15-$20 each.   This is the cheapest price I have seen these for outside of a Co-Op.   Now go find some wick and wire 🙂
There are already moders that have used mesh wicks with this atty.  
Check ECF, its all over the place.

The Deal:
One rebuildable atomizer with body,base, and drip tip.  
Comes with a pre-built coil already attached.

8.99 + Shipping.
This sites shipping is reasonable.


Vivi Nova 2.5 Kit – $9.99 Free Shipping


.. its vaporbeast

I have no idea how long this sale is going to be for.  I don’t know if it ends on the 16th, or is good through the 16th.  Jump on this asap.  Everyone can use an extra Vivi Nova set up!

$9.99 with free shipping for the full kit is an amazing deal.

WHERE: http://www.vaporbeast.com/


1 Vivi Nova Tank v2.5 + 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8ohm heads – 



Mini Chrome Lava 2.0 Full Kit – $59.99

Get a kit for the price of just the tube.

…its Spring Vapor

When I found out they were selling the tubes cheap – I had to posted it asap.  Within 15 minutes it was sold out.   I was lucky enough to buy one.  I have to say it works FANTASTIC. 

These are the Lavatube 2.0 made by YoungJune, and re-branded.   They are a typical Lrider style but with two differences.  They have a Ohm reader and Ego threading so your Clearomizers fit without an adapter.  These push a lot harder then the original lavatube.

Do I feel this kit is worth $59.99?  Yes –  most vendors are selling these for 50.00+ for the tube only.  With this your getting a charger, 2 batteries and 2 clearomizers.


-Chrome Design for sleeker more durable functionality
-Sealed Connection to keep the eliquid out of the electronics
-Variable Voltage ranging from 3.0-6.0 Volts allowing the user to customize their vaping experience!
-Small and compact design giving the user the ability to conceal the device.
-Built in Ohms Reader!
-4 amp output.
-One battery functionally allows the user easy access to replacing extinguished battery quick and conveniently.
-NO stacked batteries

-1x VV Tsunami Body
-2x 18350 IMR Batteries
-1x Battery Charger
-2x Clearomizers
-1x Instruction Manual
-Uses 18350 IMR Batteries (AW Brand Perfered)

WHERE:  http://springvapor.com/


Get the full kit for 59.99!