…its Madvapes

You guys love the RBA’s so when there is a new one I like to get it out there asap.  Here is a new RBA Tank from Madvapes.  It seems reasonably priced @ $14.99


Drunker Rebuildable Tank
The Drunker holds about 5 ml of e-liquid so you can vape all day without refilling.  This 510 tank has a cone spout that unscrews from the top with an opening made for a 510 drip tip.   The heating coil assembly unscrews from the top of the tank so you can easily replace the coil and wicks.  This tank features four wicks to help feed e-liquid to your coil so that it stays moist.  It comes standard with a 2.4 ohm coil.



DROP: Gourmet Vapor – 40% OFF

…its GourmetVapor


This site has a very unique way of selling juice and I think more vendors should do it.   You can pick their pre-made liquid.  You make your own liquid by picking flavors. On the right side you will see names of juice others have made, and you can pick those as well. 

With the 40% off coupon the juice is a steal.  



40% OFF your total order with either coupon code 2013

Holocron Labs ShortStop – $9.99

….its PBDragon

Here is a great deal on a resettable fuse.  This is for anyone who wants a bit more protection for their mod.  This connects via a magnet to the bottom of your mod battery.  If there is a short the fuse will trip – preventing damage to your PV, Battery, and most importantly your face.   This is a must for anyone using a mechanical mod or if your stacking batteries.  This also makes a great spacer if your batteries are too short in your mod.  This fuse can be reused.



DROP: Full Evic Kit – $78.00 shipped!

…its exhalevapors

I paid $60.00 in a Co-Op so this is a pretty incredible price.  I do not believe these are effected by the recall either.  If you have any questions about that contact the vendor.  


The revolutionary Joye eVic features a new visual operating system and a brilliant and informative user display. The eVic is a variable voltage or variable wattage and can record your vaping history.  It even comes with PC software that will visually graph details from your eVic!  Tell the eVic the mAh of the battery installed and it will estimate how many puffs you have remaining based on the resistance of the atomizer/cartomizer attached and the current wattage or voltage setting.  It truly is the FIRST intelligent electronic cigarette.

The menu driven operating system is controlled by the intelligent jog wheel (much like a mouse wheel, but sideways) below the display.  You simply rotate it to select the function you want and press the activation button like an enter key.

New features or bug fixes in the JoyeTech eVic firmware are as simple as connecting it to your computer and downloading a new firmware file.  Yes, your eVic has upgradeable firmware!

The eVic is compatible with all current 510, eGo, eGo-T or eGo-C style atomizers.  It will also work with many aftermarket products such as Boge cartomizers, SmokTech DCT or U-DCT, Vision Vivi or Mini Vivi Nova and more.

The eVic uses a replaceable 18650 battery cell.  The eVic starter kit comes complete with the eVic device, a 2600mAh lithium ion cell, USB charging cord, USB wall adapter, eVic user manual and software instructions.

In voltage mode the Joye eVic is adjustable from 3.0 volts to 5.0 volts.  In wattage (or power) mode, it’s adjustable from 2.0 watts to 15.0 watts.

This is the most innovative vaping device to hit the market ever.


RESTOCK: Innokin Itaste MVP – $53.99



Smartvapes is running a very nice deal on the Innokin Itaste MVP.   These are built rock solid and last for days on a single charge.   I own one and they are just a pleasure.  Smartvapes has these are pre-order but will be shipping them around January 18th.   

This is for the complete kit.  Comes in 3 colors. 



Use coupon code vaporjoe to bring the total cost down to $53.99

RBA Top Coil Tank Kit + 6 Coils – $9.40

…its another from Naturevaper

Looking for a low priced RBA? Here ya go.  These are the Smoktech RBA Top coil tank kits that usually retail for around $15-$18.00.  Naturevaper has dropped the price and with our coupon its a pretty incredible price.


Smok Tech Rebuildable Top Coil Tank Kit, Blue

The Rebuildable Top Coil Tank holds about 2.2 ml of e-liquid so you can vape all day without refilling. This kit comes with a full range of coils so that you can replace them to an ohm you like.

The kit includes one (1) Rebuildable Atomizer, with a 2.0 Ohm coil installed plus one (1) each of 6 different ohm coils (1.7ohm, 2.0ohm, 2.5ohm, 3.0ohm, 4.0ohm and 5.0ohm).


Helpful Hints: A luer lock needle is best to use to fill the tank through the same hole that the wick uses. These units may have a day or so break in period as they appear to get better the more you vape.

Use coupon code
VaporJoe (typed exactly) and you must be signed in.
This will bring the total cost down to $9.40

SIZZLE: Full Mini Lavatube Kit – $28.80

…its naturevaper

Ok so here is a deal on a Mini Lavatube kit thats great.  This is a fantastic deal for a new vaper, someone looking to get into variable voltage, or a second PV.  I have no idea how many kits they have.

Check out what you get:

This kit includes the following: 

A case
2 18350 batteries
2 Atomizers
1 Mini Lavatube APV
1 Charger


Use coupon code VaporJoe (spelled exactly) and you must be logged in to bring the total cost down to $28.80


BLOWOUT: Halo Juce @ 3.00 a bottle.

….its Constantvapor

This is a no brainer – $3.00 for a 7ml bottle of Halo.  Thats 50% off what they sell at Halo for. They are also selling their VE Brand for $3.00 for 10ml.  I think the VE brand is china juice, but im not sure.  Even that is a great deal.

All the halo juice that they sell is fresh stock and from Halo.  They are just blowing it out to make room for new stock.  

I have bought from them before and bought 10 bottles from this sale.


(Update) Panasonic Hybrid IMR’s 18650 – $5.99!

..its smartvapes

If you use 18650’s – jump on this deal asap!  These are one of the best 18650’s you can buy.  The Hybrid Panasonic combine the mAh of an ICR and he safe chemistry of the IMR.  These are 2250mAh





…its 2013 & Vaporjoes

….and we have only just begun!

The Bomb Ego Twist Starter Kit – $28.99

…its Bombvapor

I have been waiting for a vendor to put together a reasonable priced twist kit for the new vaper or those looking to get into variable voltage.  

Here we go…

1 – 1100mah eGo-c Twist (black)

2 – CE4 V2 longwick Clearomizers
1 – USB eGo Charger
1 – 15ml Bottle choice of Bombvapor eJuice
My personal favorite juice from them is the Cherry Bomb.



Vivi Nova Tank Set v3 – Colors – $7.99

…its highdesertvapes

High Desert Vapes is running a great sale on ViVi Nova Sets.  Get them while they last.  These are version 3.


Vivi Nova Clearomizer V3

The newest version Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizer is designed with exchangeable long wick coil

head, which will lead the E-liquid much faster than the old version vivi nova.

The three parts (Top cap, bottom cap, transparent tube) of The Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizer are

detachable. It is easy to maintain and clean your atomizer now. The Vivi Nova can hold 3.5ml e

liquid. 3 different resistances of coil heads (1.8ohm, 2.4ohm, 2.8ohm). It’s very easy to see how

much E-liquid has been used and how much left with the calibration on the tube.

The drip tip of INSPIRE VIVI NOVA is made with high quality and health metal (not cheap

quality plastic).

Our VIVI Nova is compatible with most of batteries on the market which comes with 510 or eGo


The recommended voltage for different resistance coil head:

1.8ohm: 3V-4.2V

2.4ohm: 3V-5V

2.8ohm: 3V-5.5V


No leakage and Great Vapor

Big capacity and with calibration on the tube

Changeable Coil

Fashion design

Long Wicks

Package: Gift Box

1pc 3.5ml VIVI Nova clearomizer

1pc metal Drip Tip

1pc 1.8ohm Coil Head

1pc 2.4ohm Coil Head

1pc 2.8ohm Coil head

SIZZLE: VW VAMO – $41.95

….its exhalevapors

Here is a great on the Vamo.  I have only seen it cheaper one other time for $2.00 less.  This vendor is shipping these out on the 8th, so please expect that when you order them.

The eGo APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) offers high-end performance and features at a budget friendly price. The APV features a chrome finish a metal activation button. A blue OLED display and two adjustment buttons provide access to adjust this device’s many features.

Power Options: This e-cigarette lets you completely customize your vaping experience.  There are two modes of operation to help you set power output to the perfect level for your favorite cartomizers or atomizers.
Variable voltage – adjust the voltage output of the eGo APV from 3.0 to 6.0 volts in .1 volt increments.
Variable wattage – set the preferred wattage (from 3 to 15 watts) and the APV will adjust the voltage automatically no matter what atomizer you use.

Battery Choices: Power adjustment isn’t the only customizable feature of the eGo APV. You may also choose from several battery configurations. The APV can use a single 18650, or two 18350 IMR batteries. If you want a smaller option, remove the center section and use a single 18350 battery for an ultra-compact advanced personal vaporizer.

Compatibility. The APV features a 510/eGo connection. Unlike other APVs on the market, this version has the eGo cone threads in addition to the 510 battery connector threads.

Features and Specifications
Variable voltage 3.0 – 6.0V (.1 increments)
Variable wattage 3 – 15W (.5W increments)
Voltage operation selection (RMS or Mean)*
Multiple battery options (single 18650, dual 18350, single 18350)
Atomizer resistance display
Battery voltage display
eGo/510 threading (recessed)
Chrome over copper construction
Chrome over copper button
Blue OLED readout
Over/under current protection
Low resistance protection

Note: the APV is sold as the device only. Batteries and accessories are not included. This unit carries a 30 day warranty.

*Voltage operation
This is a feature included for advanced users. The APV allows the user to switch between methods the device uses internally to calculate the voltage output. The default and recommended setting is RMS. RMS provides a more accurate voltage output. The APV may also run in Average (or Mean) mode. Average mode may result in output voltages higher than the user selected voltage on the device.

To switch modes, hold either the power up or power down button for 10 seconds. The display screen will display N01 for AVG mode or N02 for RMS mode. To change the mode, release the adjustment button then press and hold for an additional 10 seconds to change to the alternate mode.


(Update) SS SIGELEI ZMAX V2 – $71.98

(Update 12/30) These are the improved version

…its Vaporheads

These are the improved version of the Sigelei Zmax with the bugs worked out of it (i.e. the connector issues).  
HARD COPY:New version OLED 134+ gram Sigelei SS Zmax – (This is not the ss plated Smoktech v1 or v2) – Features true stainless steel with 2 line whole word display screen by SIGELEI – On our latest shipment the center 510 connections have been corrected to the proper height and cannot come loose and the interior battery wells are now wider. The batteries do not bang around inside the unit like other devices. (If it does, Switch end caps) The OLED screens are all placed correctly and every unit has been checked. We are offering a 6 month warranty. 3V-6V, wattage from 3w-15w – Amperate Limiting 5 amps – 8 function option with RMS mode – Battery, two X 18350 or one 18650 – Kit Includes: 1x Sigelei SS Zmax (Aprox. 134+ grams body) – 1x 18650 battery end Cap – 1x 18350 Battery End Cap – 1x Dual Trustfire 18650 USA Charger – 1x Stainless V5 Nova – 1x Zip Case – 2x Panasonic 3100mah 18650 Batteries – 1x 510 To Ego Adapter – 1x Chrome Cone – 6 Month Warranty – Body Only Includes: 1x Sigelei SS Zmax (Aprox. 134+ grams body) – 1x 18650 battery end Cap – 1x 18350 battery end cap – 1x Gift Box – 6 Month Warranty – Sigelei SS ZMAX USER MANNUAL: 1.Segelei SS Zmax has an 8 option menu, press 3 times into menu 1 : Turn on/off the device – 2.Continuous press 4 times, into menu 2: adjust voltage (power wattage) UP. Start 0.1v (0.5w) – 3.Continuous press 5 times, into menu 3: adjust voltage (power wattage) Down – 4.Continuous press 6 times, into menu 4: test the battery voltage – 5.Continuous press 7 times, into menu5 : show voltage or power, and resistance – 6.Continuous press 8 times, into menu6 : OELD on/off – 7.Continuous press 9 times, into menu7 : into choose the power or voltage of item 2 and item 3 – 8.Continuous press 10 times, into menu8 : RMS / MEAN VALUE – 8th option RMS Value is recommended. – Press 5 times to turn the device on. (Segelei will display) – Press 3 times to enter menu. – Press 7 more times to enter 8th option and set to RMS and then Adjust Wattage using menu 2 and 3. – Any 18650 battery will fit with the larger end cap. – Stacking 18350’s is not recommended. – It is also recommended to grease the threads on the battery end cap. – Do not disassemble the top cap. – This item qualifies for free shipping and comes with a 6 month warranty.

6 month warranty!  Thats pretty impressive.



Use coupon code happyholidays to bring the total cost down to $71.98

5 Boge 510XL Pre-Punched – $3.99

….its Vaporheads

Here is a great deal on pre-punched XL Boge Cartomizers.  These are used with all XL Tanks like the Smoktech DCT or SCT tanks.  At 3.99 a box its a steal.  Load up before they sell out.




Use coupon code happyholidays to bring the total cost down to $3.99