3.5ml Smoktech Tank – $7.99 Shipped.

DCT “Skinny” Tank $7.99 – Free Shipping

…its vaporbeast

Up to a few weeks ago I never used these skinny tanks.  I saw these on Vaporbeasts website and picked up a few because they were so reasonable.

I have to tell you they are a big WIN.

They are great for regular and portable use.  These look great on a mod or a standard ego battery.  They hold a respectable 3.5ml of juice.

For the ego battery users I suggest using the 1.7ohm single coil tank cartomizers with the flange.

Where: Vaporbeast.com

The Deal:

1 – Tank
1 – 1.5 ohm Smok Tech dual coil 510 cartomizer
1 – Clear drip tip

$7.99 with free shipping

Joye Ego 18650 Mod – $16.95

Basic Mod – Great Price – I use one.

…its LitecigUSA

If your looking for your first BB mod or you just want another solid 3.7v device, look no further.   I have one of these and it has never given me trouble.  They aren’t flashy but they work, and work well.  

In most respects this is nothing more then a very large ego.  The only difference is you need an 18650 battery.

This has the 5 click on/off protection and you can charge the 18650 battery through an ego charger which is a bonus, so you dont need a special charger.

The power head regulates the voltage and has circuit protection built in. 

Anything 510 or Ego threaded will work on these.  Clearomizers like the Stardust and Kanger T2 look great on it.


For $16.95 – I like it because its made by Joytech.  There are knockoffs floating around which im a little “iffy” about.


The Deal:

$16.95.   Lots of colors to choose from.

DIY: Best Nicotine Base for the Price!

Nicotine Base by the Wizards of smart!

…the winner is Wizardlabs

You have to be careful and know your sources when doing any kind of DIY e-juice.  It wasn’t to long ago that there was a serious scare in the in the community about mislabeled nic base. So we want the best base @ the best price. Right?  Right..

So what makes them the best in my humble opinion?

Base Clarity
Customer Support
Nic Level accuracy

I have found no flaw in this vendor yet.   They excel in all categories.

The best part about it is, they are the lowest priced nic vendor I can find.

They also have an outstanding selection of flavor concentrate served up in 8ml glass vials ($1.49).  They also never fail to throw in a freebee or two.

Where: http://wizardlabs.us

The Deal:

From Low $6.29 for 18mg 120ml
To a High $56.99 for 100mg 500ml

About 25% cheaper then most vendors, on any nic level / ml level

If you are a DIY person – try them asap.

10ml Bottles from Vapow – $2.50

Rock bottom e-juice prices!
 ….its vapow!

Vapow is running a sale through labor day that is pretty great.   All 10ml bottles are $2.50.  No coupons needed. 

Where: http://www.vapow.com

The Deal:

All 10ml bottles of e-juice $2.50

$7.99 30ml Juice + 40% OFF

30ml of juice 7.99 + 40% off your entire order!

…no I’m not joking…

…say hello to Vapersociety


Everyday the fine people at VaporSocieity.com will offer a new flavor of juice in their daily deals section.  The price will be 7.99 for a 30ml bottle.

The other little gem is a coupon that gives each customer 40% off their entire order, without exception.  This coupon can be used once, and does not expire.

WHERE: http://www.vapersociety.com/

30ml of juice for 7.99  – flavor changes daily

Coupon Code:  SOCIETY  
40% off your entire order, can only be used 1 time

*Note this coupon was given to me by the vendor.  We make no commission off any sales.

Ego Twist $18.99 – Free Shipping

The variable voltage ego @ a reasonable price.

…its vaporbeast

Let me start by saying I have already bought this battery from this vendor about 2 weeks ago for $23.99.  So far the twist lives up to what everyone’s been saying.  Its great.

I’m a big fan of vaporbeast because of their customer service and prices.    If you are looking to get into VV or wanted to try an ego twist here is your opportunity. 

Where: http://www.vaporbeast.com

The Deal:

This Twist battery has intensified short circuit protection, discharge and overcharge protection, switch protection, atomizer protection, and low voltage protection.The battery also has a five click on/off feature.

900 mAh battery
Colors: Matte Black/Stainless
Size:Length 111mm/Diameter 14mm

18.99 free shipping.
Comes in both Black and Silver.

 What does GrimmGreen have to say?

Juice Review: THUG JUICE


..its mtbakervapor


When I smoked analogs I didn’t like menthol.  I am a convert since I started vaping. I think I can attribute that to the guys over at Rawr vapor, who would probably metholate pizza if you asked them.

I heard this was a serious menthol juice, so I wanted to give it a try.

I received my 30ml bottle of Thug Juice today (7.59 free shipping) and put it in my favorite tester atomizer.

I have to say I wasn’t ready for this vape.  I was coughing like I never vaped before. My nose was running and my eyes were watering.  It was a shocker.

Needless to say there is a very intense menthol that masks all the flavor at first.  Once the “pain” subsides you do get a nice watermelon, berry, and grape flavor.

The vapor was incredible at a 50/50 blend.  The throat it was a little harder to figure out because of all the menthol.  Id say its on par with a 18mg juice, if not a little stronger.

I’m going to use this juice as a mixer.  Ill cut it 50% with another non-menthol berry juice.  That will probably work nicely.  I don’t fault the vendor because I went in knowing this juice was intense. 

If you like very strong menthol juices – you will love this one.

Hell – get some extra flavor shots while you at it.. you can get up to 5.. LOL.

My juice set up:

Thug Juice
50/50 VG/PG

Vaped in a LR atomizer on a The Bombshell 3.7v 


Looking for Cheap Wick and Wire?

  Rebuildable Atty users – Rejoice!

…Its The House of Vapor

Ever since the explosion of cheap rebuildable atomizers, wick and wire has been hard to find.  Either its very expensive for a small amount, or you have to buy 50 feet of it.   HOV just the right amount.  Enough for the average person to make many coils for under $2.00.

Where: http://www.thehouseofvapor.com

The Deal:

40 inches of wicking – .80
75 inches of Nichrome Wire – .75

I have bought a few sets to use with my Phoenix rebuildable.  It works great.


You can still buy premade coils for .25

THOV – pre-made coils 

Who wants a DCT J-tank for $17.00

I DO  – I DO!

…its ivape.net

 I bought my first J-Tank about 6 months ago.  They were pretty expensive, and still can be pricey.  I found a spot that are selling J-Tanks for a reasonable price.  J-Tanks in my opinion are some of the best. They don’t slide and last forever.  They are far far better then anything Smoktech makes.   This model holds about 5ml and is for the DCT crowd.

WHERE: iVape.net


5 ml Tank modification to let you vape all day without having to stop and refill or drip!  Made from a strong polycarbonate, this tank holds 5.5ml of E-liquid, designed to work with any slot-cut cartomizer for peak performance and flavor.


What does PB have to say about the J-tank

PREVIEW: The Vario (Provari-ish style)

Another VV mod in the Provari Style.

from.. Vaporbeast


The VARIO will be available in three distinctive finishes – black, chrome, and white. All colors will have chrome accents!

VaporBeast has been in regular communication with the factory and we are thought you might enjoy some more details. Here are the preliminary specs:

*Elegant single button design
*Variable voltage – 3.0V-6.0 V
*Large clear digital display
*Utilizes pulse width modulation
*5.0 amp limit
*High quality “clicky” button
*High temperature and over-current protection
*Short circuit protection.
*Will be sold as a full kit and individually
*18650 IMR EFEST batteries will be an option
*Black zipper case*
*Battery charger*
*Copper body

NOTE: Specs are preliminary. *Kit only.

The VARIO Functions are as follows:

VU – Voltage UP
VD – Voltage Down
SO – Standby on/off
CB – Check battery
DR – Display Resistance
LO – Led light on/off

The full VARIO kit will include: 18650 IMR  batteriy,  charger, zipper case and tube/device – The expected price is $96.00 (TBD) FREE SHIPPING.

The VARIO tube includes: Tube/device only. The expected price is $79.00 (TBD) FREE SHIPPING.

Let us know what you think! The VARIO is one hot looking P.V. We appreciate this is a first generation product…so we will be backing it with an extended VaporBeast warranty. 

WHERE:  Vaporbeast.com

its just a preview page for the mod at the moment.



Hurricane Isaac takes a NE turn into our email box.

Our email has been flooded with vendors, coupons, and people sending us all kinds of promotions.  We are looking through all our messages and posting the ones we feel are on par with our websites “cheap price” standards.  Fear not my fellow frugal vapers!

Vapealicious – Attitude is everything.

25% already low juice prices!

Its dark.. its pink.. its Vapealicious

Another great American juice vendor is running a 25% off sale on their already low juice prices.  The dark almost Gothic website shows they have some attitude.  Attitude is my second favorite ingredient in ejuice, right after the nicotine.  With the discount 10ml will run $4.12.  They also have larger sizes.


The Deal:

25% off all e-juice.  No coupon needed, it will auto discount at checkout.

Mtvaporbaker Goes Free Shipping!

SIZZLE: Already low priced – and now FS!


Mtvaporbaker is one of my favorite American e-juice companies.  They already have rock bottom prices.  

4.99 – 15ml
7.49 – 30ml
10.39 – 50ml

They also sell great DIY flavorings at a great price. 

They are now offering free shipping with no minimum.   

I am not sure how long this will last.

Where:  Mtbakervapor.com

Chrome YoungJune Lava 2.0 – $44.00

YoungJunes Bling PV!

…its Vaporheads!

So this is the lavatube 2.0 made by a guy named Young June.  This is, in my opinion, superior to the Lrider/Lambo because of a few reasons.   This can display the resistance of the carto/atty, it has full ego threading, and it has a full metal bottom cap.  The Lrider/Lambo can’t do any of that.  These do not suffer the problems of the original lavatube, it will push Low Resistance harder.

Where: Vaporheads

The Deal: 

 The Chrome Lavatube VV2.0 (On the right) manufactured by YoungJune is similar in looks to the Lambo and Lavatube and functions the same but with some added features. It is NOT the same manufacturer of the Lambo or original Lavatube. It has a stainless power button and the Lambo style deeper push pin ego connection. It is made of thin chromed aluminum and is extremely light. Uses rechargeable lithium-ion 18650 Battery. (Not Included) Added feature has an amp and voltage reader and has a Max current of 3.2 Amps.

44.00 w/ Coupon Code: LABORDAY


The coupon works on the whole site, I just listed this mod because its a great deal.

*Note – this coupon was given out by the vendor, we make no commission on it

Madvapes 25% OFF $8.24 per 50ml


25% off already low juice prices.

I started off buying most of my juice from Madvapes.  I still vape Dekang DK-TAB 24mg on a regular basis.   All Dekang and Top Vapor (american made) juice is 25% off.  This will bring 50ml bottles down to roughly 8.24 – $10.00 each depending on which brand you choose.  

They also have 5ml, 10ml, 30ml size bottles with the same discount.

Where:  Madvapes.com