Full Riva Kit – Under $25.00? YEP!


YEP… Here we go…

…another from lightcigusa

A Full Riva Kit for under 25.00??  You bet.  You get two 750mah ego batteries too in this kit too.  If your looking for some extra batteries, or even a kit to give to a friend to get them off analogs – look no future.  It has all you need.  These come in Black and Stainless.  I bought a kit a few weeks ago, still going strong.


LitecigUSA.net – Black Kit

LitecigUSA.net – Stainless Kit

The Deal:

The Riva  e cig kit comes complete and ready to use and includes the following:

1 x 510 atomizer
1 x Cone (atomizer cover)
2 x 750MAh rechargeable pushbutton lithium-ion batteries (over four times the capacity of a standard 510 battery)
5 x Pre-filled cartridges
1 x 110VAC to USB wall adapter
1 x USB quick charger (use on your computer or with supplied wall adapter or any other USB 2.0 port or power source) DO NOT USE this USB charger on standard 510 batteries.
1 x instruction manual
All packaged nicely in an attractive box.


Kanger T2 heads v2 – A good spot.

Replacement Heads v2 – Kanger T2

….its easyvaping

Kanger has since changed its heads and done away with the juice catch and stubby wicks. I present the version two. 
There are a few vendors that are a tiny bit cheaper, but they are out of stock most of the time.  This site has them in stock at a good price.    This version comes in 3 different ohm ratings vs two of the previous generation.
I have seen some vendors selling these as high as 2.50 each! 


The Deal:

$5.95 per box of 5 – blister-packed. 

So what does VaporChase have to say about them?

Review: Ecto Cooler – Mtbakervapor

Short review on….

I buy a lot of juice from Mtbakervapor because its so cheap.  This was one I had to try.   I have tried many orange and tangerine style juices but they have always been a bit diminutive, everything tasted like generic orange candy. 

I have to say I was really shocked by this juice.  If you remember what Ecto cooler tasted like as a kid, you will love this.   Many vendors sell this flavor and many of them have gotten it wrong. This vendor has it DIALED IN.  It really tastes like someone dumped nicotine fortified Hi-C in my  bottle.  Its the juiciest orange / tangerine vape I have ever had.   
There is defiantly an acidity to this juice that gives a bigger throat hit then normal.  I bet I could have down to 12mg without a problem.  Im going to have to try that.

50/50 Juice: Tons of Vapor
Throat Hit: Excellent
Flavor: Fantastic
Safe for Tanks? Yes – I have had it in a Smoktech DCT for a week now.
Juice configuration:
15ml bottle
50/50 PG/VG
Extra flavor shot: 1
I paid $4.99 + .25 for the flavor shot.

Vivi Nova 3.5ml @ an amazing price!

Vision Vivi Nova 3.5ML v2.5  – $12.75 w/ FS!

Another great deal from Surevapes!

Another great deal from the people over at surevapes.  This version has proven itself to be pretty great, and for this price its phenomenal.  Free Shipping!
Where:  Surevapes.com
The Deal:
With replaceable atomizer heads/coils and a 3.5ml tank,
 this tank is sure to please! Now with long wicks that
 can be trimmed if you choose. 
The kit includes:
(1) 2.4ohm coil,  
Plus (1) 1.8ohm coil & (1) 2.8ohm coil.
This tank is compatible w/ most devices. 

I own 2 of these w/ the optional metal tubes.  They are rock solid performers. 

Lets see what PB has to say about it..

Pyrex Tanks that wont break the bank!

Large Pyrex tanks for under $25.00?

Yep here you go.. 

…. thank you ibtanked!


Another solid vendor that shows us how its done.   Stainless Steel caps and a large clear Pyrex tank for $24.00.   They also have a ton of other glass tanks in different combinations.  This tube is only $5.00
Where: IBtanked.com

The Deal:

$19.00 for the stainless steel caps that fit on any of their glass tubes.
Tubes price range from $5.00 to custom made price quotes.

Whats my man Basilray got to say about them? Check it out.

A cheap Juice and mod stand!

Great Juice and Mod Stand!



The Deal:
6.63 for the 10 inch wide version.

8.15 for the 15 inch wide version.

I use the 10″ version and each level can hold about and its holding about
45-50 bottles of various sized juice from 10ml-50ml.

Display your juice with pride!

Kanger T2’s on the Cheap!

Sizzle: Kanger T2 replaceable head clearomizers

… its iVape.net

Branded as the 2.4ml Ego Sunfire (aka Kanger T2) and the replaceable heads!

Where: Ivape.net
The Deal: 

3.95 for 1 fully assembled Clearomizer
4.95 for 5 replaceable heads in your choice of SR or LR.

They work fantastic!

Shipping is reasonable at $3.00-$3.50ish

There are coupons out there floating around.

American E-juice thats cheap AND good!

HOT: Affordable – American handmade E-juice 


Finally!  A place where you can buy American made e-juice at a reasonable price!   Sick of vendors charging more for their juice then current gold prices? Here is your answer.  I buy from this vendor all the time!  

The Deal:

4.99 – 15ml
7.49 – 30ml
10.39 – 50ml

DIY start @ 5.99 for 15ml – up to 6 flavors per juice. AMAZING!

Their prices on hardware are about average… The juice is the deal!

The prices are cheap, but they must get you on the shipping right?

NOPE – $2.25 for shipping!  I dare you to find a better price + shipping anywhere for American handmade juice! 

But if you do.. email me and let me know 🙂

Where: http://www.mtbakervapor.com/

LR Boge Cartomizers – Load up!

.. its Surevapes.com! Where have you been all my life?

The Deal:  

A Box of Boge Low Resistance Cartomizers for 5.50 w/ Free shipping? Are they crazy?? I don’t care, ill take advantage of crazy people!!

Stainless Style: Stainless Style @ Survapes.com

Looking to save more? Try the 5 box deal @ 23.00 free shipping!

You can kiss me later.