Joyetech eGo C Twist 1000mAh – $19.79

…its exhalevapors

Exhalevapors is running a deal on Ego TWIST batteries.  These are Genuine Joyetech Ego Twists.  Does this matter?  I never had any issues with my Joye twists but have had many “ego style” twist batteries break on me.  Its my opinion that Joyetech has higher quality control standards.  You can get knockoff twists cheaper but if you want a Joyetech your going to spend $25-29.00 for the 1000mah – so this a good price.


Drunker Rebuildable Tank – $15.99 Free Ship

…..its Surevapes

Here is a good deal on the Drunkard Rebuildable Tank.   This has been flying off the shelves around the vendorsphere and I found a spot that’s actually cheaper the others with free shipping.


The Drunker holds about 5 ml of e-liquid so you can vape all day without refilling.  This 510 tank has a cone spout that unscrews from the top with an opening made for a 510 drip tip.   The heating coil assembly unscrews from the top of the tank so you can easily replace the coil and wicks.  This tank features four wicks to help feed e-liquid to your coil so that it stays moist.  It comes standard with a 2.4 ohm coil.


 $15.99 Free Shipping

High Desert Vapes – 50% Off Liquid Sale

….its High Desert Vapes

High Desert Vapes is running a 50% off sale on all their liquids.  All the liquids I have tried from them have been very good.  I love the Peanut Butter Cup.


High Desert’s premier, custom made e-liquid available in a multitude of configurations. Select your preferred PG/VG ratio and nicotine content. Generally, more PG equals more throat hit, whereas more VG will produce more vapor. All of our e-liquids are made from USP grade kosher ingredients right here in the USA.



Use coupon code FIFTYOFF to take 50% off your total ejuice order.

TimelessVapor – 2 X 30ml for $18.00

…its TimelessVapor

Its time for another great deal for TimelessVapor.  They are selling two 30ml bottles of their liquid for $18.00.   Run by the wonderful Vaping Mandycat creator of the Vapors Lounge on Facebook.

My personal favorite is the Alien DNA and Blue Moon .    

They have recently added USA GOLD and COWBOY to their line up.  This sale isnt going to last long so get in there and get in on this deal!

Every order number that ends with a ZERO gets a free random 10ml bottle of their juice with the mix you picked on your order.


2 for $18.00

(Update) AGA-T+ RBA Pyrex Tank – $24.99

…its HoosierVapes

Here is a good deal on the new AGA-T+.  These are the newest AGA-T’s and are pretty fantastic.  


  • Pyrex Glass
  • Drip Tip not included
  • This item is for experienced vapers
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • This is a Genesis Style system




DIY SUNDAY: Great Spot for Bottles – Save!

..hello usplastic


Here is a little spot id like to share with you.  This company is the place I buy all my DIY bottles.  They are extremely reasonable with their pricing and the bottles are far superior to the hard plastic PET bottles from China.  These are the soft squishy Boston round bottles we all love.  You will pay 1/2 what you pay at a normal vendor and get better bottles. No minimum purchase.


3ml – 15ml (3cc – 15cc) – .21-.31 each with dropper and caps included.

(Update) D&D Vapor – $8.00 per 30ml

….its DnDvapor

D&D vapor is running a 20% sale on all their eliquid.  30ml liquids are running just $8.00 and 10ml liquids are just $3.00.  For the price, give it try! 


Our premium USA e-liquids are all made of ingredients from the US and are mixed right here in the US. We take pride in the quality of liquid that we offer for a very reasonable price. We offer Sweetener and Menthol options for a more customizable experience. We test each liquid extensively before adding them as a product, it is important to us to get the best flavor possible before offering the e-juice. The primary reason that we do not offer extra flavor is because we optimize the flavors as much as possible and also add as much flavor as possible without ruining the vapor and throat hit of the juice. 



Use coupon ECF20 to take 20% off your total order.

Stiletto Anodized Aluminum Drip Tips $3.49

….its delawarevapor

I don’t normally pimp drip tips but I love these and they are on sale.  These are the most comfortable drip tip I have used.  Trust me, try it and you will understand.  For $3.49 each – its a steal.   They come in a ton colors – check them out.  They also double as a great tank filling tool.



SIZZLE: Siren Rebuildable Atomizer – $5.99

…its discountvapers

Here is a great deal on a rebuildable atomizer.  For $5.99 its an outstanding deal!

 You can both use a tank or drip with this version.  


Similar to the Pheonix atomizer but utilizes eGo type A Cartridges.
Can also be used without cartridges but would require either a needle drip or you can drill a hole in the top cap for  deeper well.

Completely rebuildable with any wick or coil you choose. Can be converted to a Phoenix like by drilling a small hole in the top cap.
Fits eGo mega Type A Drip tips OR Go-go Drip tips including our stainless version!

If you want to try your hand at wick and wire, this is a good item for your collection, it’s less expensive leaving you more $$ (the pheonix goes for $19-$39) for your wick and wire. Not generally for beginners unless you want to get your feet wet with an easily rebuilable atomizer.  Even if you don’t this is a great item to have to test liquids or get the best vape possible, easy to clean the parts or remove them entirely.

Can be disassembled and put back together.
14mm Overall Diameter
38mm Overall Length



EXTENDED?: Vamo + RBA + 2 Batteries + More $59.00??


…its Vaportekusa

This is a pretty crazy deal with all kinds of goodies!  Its pretty off the hook…

Where do I begin??


1.LCD displaying voltage,power
2.Test resistance function
3.Single,double battery convertible
4.Adjust Volt +/-0.1V

Main Features:
1.Adjust working voltage +/-0.1V from 3V to 6V by pressing button
2.Display the resistance of the atomizer,operate voltage,power
3.Three operating keys, 36 speed power optional
4.Test the actual resistance of atomizer
5.Reverse battery protection
6.Body is separable,working with 2pcs 18350 or 1pc 18350 or 1pc 18650 battery
7.510/EGO thread

Operation and Tips:
1.Keep pressing power button 5 clicks ,it will turn on.When the control panel is switched,keep pressing power button 5 clicks,it will turn off.
2.When the control panel is switched,keep pressing “-” for 3 seconds, the LCD screen display the Remaining voltage.
3.When the control panel is switched,keep pressing “+” for 3 seconds, the LCD screen display the resistance of atomizer.
4.When the control panel is switched, keep pressing “+” and “-” at the same time for 5 seconds,the LCD screen display the working wattage.
5.When the working resistance is under 1.2 ohm, pressing the power button, the LCD screen display Lo-¦¸
6.If using 1pc 18350 battery, when the remaining voltage is under 3.2V,the LCD screen display Lo V;If using 2pcs 18350 batteries, when the remaining voltage is under 6.4V, the LCD screen display Lo V.

1.Battery Capacity:900mAh/1800mAh/2400mAh
2.Battery type:18350/18650
3.Atomizer:CE4/CE6/VIVI NOVA/DID Genesis Atomizer
4.Working Voltage:3.0-6.0V
5.Full Battery keeps:1800Puffs
6.Battery life: 300 times

1.1pcs Device
2.1pcs RBA
3.2pcs Wire
4.1pc  Steel mesh wick
5.1pc 900mAh 18350 battery and 1pc 2400mAh 18650 battery
6.1pcs Wall charger
7.1pc Allen key
8.1pcs Manual
9.1pcs EGO case


FRIDAY ROLLOUT: Smoktech – The Natural

Here is Smoktech take on a new mechanical mod.  Its built to use the kick. Looks interesting – I believe its to replace the telescopic mechanical.  There are already Co-Ops running for these.  Vendors are currently awaiting on orders.


1. Well made with high quality stainless steel material ,gives you very solid feel .good touch feeling
2. Fully mechanical Switch, no wire soldering,no soldiering tin ,works perfectly with “The kick”
3. Side bottom fire button, you can press it with any of your finger comfortably
4. All parts are detachable, even the battery connection part.
5.  ego and 510 thread, compatible with all kinds of ego or 510 cartos and tanks.
6. 12 venting holes on bottom ,allows the maximum airflow
7.  Each set comes with 1 complete mod which uses 18350 battery and an extension tube for 18650 battery. (if you would like to use 18500 battery ,there is another tube for it especially)
8. Similar mod in the market, The GG mod and The adam.



The Telsa is now off pre-order and is shipping today.   
I bought mine on a pre-order so mine is already in the mail 🙂
The Tesla is a Variable wattage/voltage 18650 APV designed by iVape to be the most functional, efficient, durable, and budget friendly mod on the market.
This mammoth of a device can operate in either Adjustable voltage (3.0-6.0V) or Adjustable wattage (3.0-15W) at the push of a button.

Our goal was to incorporate the best of all e-cigarettes on the market, or at least what we could perceive as a positive – and stuff them into one design, at a better price.

The Tesla features an OLED display with a fully English readout, no error codes you have to cycle through a manual for… no single button menu system that can be difficult to grasp.  The Tesla is designed for ease of use, and access to function.

We made the body of the Tesla with lots of metal, as to avoid breaking or denting, it’s durable.  To avoid it being too heavy, we used a high class Aluminum alloy, specially cut for the Tesla.
The Tesla features full body venting, that is cut before being finished to avoid rough edges, and the bottom cap is completely ventilated as well.  There are several safety protections inside this unit.

The Tesla’s internal Chip set has a rated output limit of 3.0-3.1A for regular applications, and employs a Pulse width modulation function, tuned to VRMS settings – for a smooth and stable hit.  The Tesla also features reverse battery installation protection, short circuit protection, and over discharge protection to make sure your batteries and device function properly.  The tesla is designed to function up to 6V and 15W depening at full battery charge, before calculation of internal resistance.Features:
PWM chip tuned to RMS settings.
Adjustable voltage or power
Atomizer check function
Battery Voltage check function
Reverse battery installation protection
Fully Vented body and bottom cap
Thick Aluminum alloy light weight build
OLED screen
Ego Well connection
Slotted 510 connection with floating center pin& much more!

Use coupon code vaporjoe to bring the Tesla down to $71.95

ViVi Nova Kit – $8.09

…its free-cigs


Here is a great deal on a ViVi Nova Kit.  


Vivi Nova Tank Set V2.5 includes:

  • 3.5ml clear tank
  • Polished aluminum Tank Base and Cap
  • One 1.8ohm (Low Resistance) replaceable Coil Head
  • One 2.4ohm (Standard Resistance) replaceable Coil Head
  • One 2.8ohm (High Resistance) replaceable Coil Head
  • Black Drip Tip (Most other 510 drip tips will work as well)


Use coupon code CHILLY to bring the total cost to $8.09


Boge F-16 Tank – $6.99 Free Shipping

…its Vaporbeast

I love these tanks.  I usually miss when they are in stock because they sell out so quickly.   These are Boges attempt at making a DC Tank.  Id say its a very big win.  They are superior in quality to the Smoktech Tanks and they can use both Smoktech and Boge replacement cartomizers (XL with or without the flange).

For $6.99 your getting the Tank (5ml), Cartomizer and Drip Tip.  Its also free shipping.  If your a big carto tank user like me – I think its a win win!



The Boss – $29.99

…its Smartvapes

Smartvapes is running a $10.00 off sale on their mod “The Boss”.  Im hearing very good things about this simple tube mod – especially its construction.     Comes in 3 colors – I have included a review video from our friend Junky Rock.  For 29.99 – its a solid buy.  Great for a new vapor or someone looking for a kickable tube mod that not going to break the bank!