Madvapes – 25% Off all box mods

…its madvapes!


Madvapes is running a 25% off sale on all their box mods.  They have 3.7v, 5v, and variable voltage models starting at just $14.99.   I have a 3.7v box mod from them thats been going strong for almost a year now.  Its a great little portable device.






In remembrance of the great men and women that have served our country, Halo is pleased to announce our week long Veterans Sale. From now until midnight on November 15th 2012, you will receive 15% off your entire purchase of Halo E-liquid. This is the perfect time to stock up on all your favorite Halo flavors, or to try some of our exciting new gourmet coffee flavors like Café Mocha or Twisted Java. In addition, you will receive FREE Priority Shipping on all orders over $75 regardless of which products you order. Please note this 15% discount is valid on Halo Bottled E-liquid and Sample Packs only, and does not apply to hardware purchases.



Use coupon code: HALO4VETS for 15% off your total purchase.

ViVi Nova Aluminum Tanks $2.99 Free Ship

…its vaporbeast

Here is a little accessory deal..

Aluminum Tank replacements for your Vivi Nova.  Great for people who want to vape those juices that don’t like plastic.  These also make your vivi more sturdy and they look great.  For 2.99 and free shipping – dress up your Vivi!


$2.99 – Free Shipping

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Its time to vote for the best of the best.  This site has been nominated as one of the best new blogs of 2012.  Please give us your support if you think we earned it – under best new blog.

2 Gallons of USP VG – $45.95 – Free Ship!


Glycerin Vegetable KOSHER USP – 2 Gallons – 2 x 1 Gallon Containers – –

Pure 100% Kosher USP food grade vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is a natural emollient that adds a cooling effect on the skin and has become a predominant ingredient in most skin care products and soaps. It is used in cosmetics and body care products to assist in retaining moisture and is helpful in pulling oxygen into the skin. Vegetable glycerin is also the principal medium for the manufacturing of non-alcohol based herbal extracts, which are called glycerites. This makes for a sweet alcohol free extract that can be easily administered to children, animals and those with alcohol sensitivities. Kosher certified and suitable for food and cosmetic use.

What makes this a great deal is not only the price, but it also ships free!


$45.95 – Free Shipping!

DROP: ViVi Nova Set – $10.99 Free Ship!

…its Surevapes


The lowest priced ViVi Novas just got cheaper!

When you take into account these have free shipping – they are the lowest priced authentic ViVi Novas on the web. 


With replaceable atomizer heads/coils and a 3.5ml tank, 
this tank is sure to please! This is the version 2.5 with
long trimmable wicks and air holes by threads.Tank body
is clear so that you can view current level of liquid. This
is an Authentic Vision Product.

  Kit includes:
  • 1 – 1.8ohm coil
  • 1 – 2.4ohm coil
  • 1 – 2.8ohm coil
  • 1 – tank body w/ top & bottom caps
  • 1 – drip tip 

$10.99 – free shipping


Juice of the Month Club!

Great idea…


Im surprised this hasn’t come out sooner.  There are a ton of different “of the month” clubs out there, so why not e-liquid?  I think its a pretty neat holiday gift idea.

You will receive 6 bottles of 10 ml of e-liquid every month, and you can choose the nicotine strength. You can choose 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Your monthly shipment will be sent the second week of every month. A membership card will be include on your first order. With this membership card you will receive 5% off all or your Top Vapor purchases as long as you’re a member of the Juice of the Month Club.
Of the 6 bottles of juice will receive at least 1 bottle of an unreleased flavor, which will be released to the public the following month.

The smallest option is $49.95 for 3 months.  Thats 18 bottles of juice total or $2.77 per 10ml bottle of juice, which is a pretty reasonable price.


Bauway CE4 “Clearomizer” LR – $2.29

….its Smartvapes

Back in stock and at an even lower price.   I love these little clearomizers.  They are very low resistance and hit hard even on a standard ego battery.  The resistance clocks in at around 1.4-1.8 ohms.   These are unique in the sense that you can use any 510 drip tip you want on them.  A standard matching 510 drip tip is included with each clearomizer.



$2.29 each

Little Shop of Vapors – 20% off Sale

Store Wide Sale

Little house of Vapors is running a 20% off sale.  Usually I do not post general discounts but this site already has reasonable prices – the coupon just makes it all that much better.



Use coupon code: SUNNY for 20% off everything store wide.

BombVapor – Liquid – Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Through the month of November!


Bombvapor is running a buy one get one free sale on all 15ml and 30ml juice they sell.  This pushes their prices down to an extremely reasonable price.  This coupon code does not work on any of the bulk sized juice.



Use coupon code Thanks for the buy one get one free sale.

Crystal Clear Vaping 11% OFF + Free Ship

Free Shipping + 11% Off Everything..

…its crystal clear vaping


Crystal Clear is a vendor I have been using for a while.  They are currently running a sale for 11% off everything plus free shipping.  This sale is running the entire month of November. 



Use Coupon Code: nov11off to get 11% off your total order + free shipping

Pack of 5 Ego-C Atomizers – $9.99


…another from SpringVapor



For my ego-C users, this is a great deal.   Usually these run about $20-25.00 for a pack of 5.  These are low resistance atomizer heads coming in at around 2 ohms.



1 pack of 5 of Atomizer heads for the ego-C – 2ohm.
Shipping is reasonable. 

Nj hit hard….Big issues

Looks like a bomb went off in my neighborhood.  Cell service starting to return.. Currently no power, no internet, car skewered by a tree.  Will update when possible… The zombie apocalypse has come!

(Update 7pm) Hurricane Sandy

My frugal minions, is located directly in the path of hurricane Sandy.  Power is out and we don’t expect to get power back for a few days. Deals will start back up once power is restored.  Our facebook group is still updating in real time.  We will keep you posted via cellphone.

(Update 7pm ) Neighbors house…

Vulcan (DID Clone) – Clear Tank – $21.99

…its free-cigs


The very popular did style rebuild-able atomizer now has a clear bottom tank.   This seller also has it a great price!

RBA Kit includes:

  • Vulcan atomizer tank
  • 2 pieces stainless steel mesh #400
  • 3 feet Kanthal A-1 32 AWG wire
  • Allen key
  • Storage box
  • Stainless steel drip tip
  • 510 Connection

You must oxidize the stainless steel mesh in order to use this device. Improperly oxidizing the stainless steel mesh can damage the atomizer. The Kanthal wire should be run through a blue flame before using.