Complete VV Mod Kit – $30.99

…its justvaping

I got this deal from a fellow vaper in my facebook group.  I really have no idea how the good the mod is but what I do know is if it works well its a fantastic deal.  

Whats in the Kit:

2 Clearomizers (They look like Bauway)
2 18350 batteries
1 Charger
1 VV Mod




CRAZY: Vamo + J-Wrap + Batteries + Vivi Nova – $59.99

…Its exhalevapors

Here is a fantastic deal on a Vamo Kit.   With all these extras – it amazes me how this vendor makes any $$

What do you get?

1 Vamo (Chrome or Black Chrome)
2 18530 Batteries

1 J-Wrap of your choice
1 Vivi Nova STV (Neptune) of your choice.

You allowed 2 kits per order.


VapeSafe 1/2 Price – $4.99

..its Empiremods

Be safe and get a few of these at this price – specially if you using mechanical mods or stacking batteries.

The Vape Safe

Lithium ion batteries, while generally described as “safe,” have been known to vent hot gasses and in some cases, explode. The leading cause of a venting battery is a hard short.

The Vape Safe is a mechanical fuse that trips if it senses a short in the mod by shutting down the battery. The Vape Safe can also help protect variable voltage circuitry, hot springs and other circuitry inside your mod that can be damaged in the case of a hard short.

Protects against hard shorts in 3.7V single battery devices as well as 6V-7.4V stacked battery devices. Should fit in nearly any 16/18 series battery mod.

Protects batteries during charging

Prevents Hot Springs from collapsing

Protects variable 
voltage and other circuitry

From EPipeMods, Cherry Vape and Artisan Vaping
If the Vape Safe Protection Circuit is triggered your mod will cease to operate. Once a fuse has blown it is no longer operational and the Vape Safe will then need to be replaced

SNEAK PEEK: The Innokin Itaste SVD MOD

Consider this the Teaser Trailer…


Say hello to the Innokin iTaste SVD.

Little is known right now other then this will be Innokins first crack at a variable wattage  device. You can see the screen is going to be a red LED system – If you look close you can see its probably still using a 2-3 digit style screen like the MVP.   

If you look at the design it could be telescopic. However, that smaller to larger tube design could also be just for looks.

Much like the MVP –  Innokin will be releasing a new clearomizer with this mod called the “Dual Coil iClear 30“.  Its a dual coil clearomizer tank (3ml) version of its very successful i06 dual coil.

The mod looks sharp!   It works half as good as it looks Ill be buying one. 

The next question is WHEN?  With the Chinese new year approaching – id say sometime in March. 

They could surprise us with an earlier release. China is never one to wait.

Here is more information on the iClear 30 only


….its Vaporjoes

Another mod for smoktech.  I think they have 4 coming out this year so far?  This mod will be sold in 2 pieces.  The CoOp prices are showing $35.00 for the bottom and $14.00 for the top.  Figure retail for the full package will go for $70.00ish.

The bottom is a GG style mod and the top is a Genesis style rebuildable mesh atomizer. The mod is made of stainless steel and the upper tank holds about 3ml. 

The CoOps are live, you know where they are – so retail should have them within a month.

In my opinion it looks really nice and if it works – it will really make an impact.


Panasonic CGR18650CH – $7.19

…its carolinavapes

Its been a while since I found a decent battery deal.  Everyone that had great deals has been sold out for a while.  With the influx of new mods means we need more batteries!  These Panasonic Hybrid Batteries are the best.  In my opinion these are the best 18650’s you can buy – even topping the AW IMR’s. The Panasonic hybrid takes the power and safer chemistry of the IMR and combines it with the higher mAh of an ICR.   All my batteries are being moved over to these.   This a good price on the lower side, probably the best price for anyone that has them in stock.



Use coupon code VAPE10 to bring the total cost down to $7.19



2 DAYS: The Tesla VW Mod $65.00 Shipped

…its Ivape

For 2 day the Tesla will be on sale!

This is by far the best designed and sturdy mass produced VW mod on the market. 
There is nothing cheap or flimsy about this mod.  Once you use it you will understand.

The Tesla is a Variable wattage/voltage 18650 APV designed by iVape to be the most functional, efficient, durable, and budget friendly mod on the market.

This mammoth of a device can operate in either Adjustable voltage (3.0-6.0V) or Adjustable wattage (3.0-15W) at the push of a button.

Our goal was to incorporate the best of all e-cigarettes on the market, or at least what we could perceive as a positive – and stuff them into one design, at a better price.

The Tesla features an OLED display with a fully English readout, no error codes you have to cycle through a manual for… no single button menu system that can be difficult to grasp.  The Tesla is designed for ease of use, and access to function.

We made the body of the Tesla with lots of metal, as to avoid breaking or denting, it’s durable.  To avoid it being too heavy, we used a high class Aluminum alloy, specially cut for the Tesla.
The Tesla features full body venting, that is cut before being finished to avoid rough edges, and the bottom cap is completely ventilated as well.  There are several safety protections inside this unit.

The Tesla’s internal Chip set has a rated output of 3.0-3.1A for regular applications, and employs a Pulse width modulation function, tuned to VRMS settings – for a smooth and stable hit.  The Tesla also features reverse battery installation protection, short circuit protection, and over discharge protection to make sure your batteries and device function properly.
The Tesla will Launch in a Chrome and Black Chrome finish.  We’ve used strong coatings to avoid normal wear you might see in similar finishes on other e-cigarettes.

The Tesla system will be available in Mid-January (Barring any setbacks) and is intended to retail at $79.95 for the device.  iVape will be taking pre orders for the first time ever on this device in the next few weeks, the pre order sale will allow first run enthusiasts to get this mod for a discounted rate.  More information to follow – stay posted. 




Use coupon code TeslaParty to bring the price down to $65.00 Shipped

$3.00 : Fundraiser for baby Arianna

…its atomicvapors

I am not affiliated with the Charity, I thought it would be a good cause to bring to vapers attention.  This is Jeff’s neice the owner of AtomicVapors.  If you could spread the word you can link to this post or whatever is easier for you.

Baby Arianna was diagnosed in her second trimester as having CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia).
So what is CDH:

  • CDH is a hole in the diaphragm (the muscle under the lungs that is responsible for breathing) that allows organs from the abdomen to move into the chest
  • CDHs affect about 1 in every 2,500 babies 
  • CDH can often be diagnosed during a routine ultrasound. If it’s not diagnosed during pregnancy, it is usually diagnosed shortly after birth when a baby is having trouble breathing.
  • The outlook for babies born with CDH is increasingly positive with new surgical techniques and ways to support babies as they heal. However, it’s possible that your baby can have long-term problems and need regular follow-up care after going home from the hospital.

Ariannia will require an immediate surgery as soon as she is born to attempt to correct the problem.  

Eric & Ashley are the parents of Arianna. Eric currently serves with the United States Marines as a Marine Recruiter in the State of Pennsylvania.
Ashley is currently a counselor dealing with children diagnosed with Autism, ADD, ADHD, & Asperger’s.


This one hits home. Arianna is my neice. We purchased pink bracelets to sell for $3.00. All the money will go to assist Ashley and Eric with doctors and hospital bills. For the last 60 days of Ashleys pregnancy she will have to live at the Ronald McDonald house in Philadelphia. It is estimated that Ashley & Eric will have over $25,000 in hospital bills and expenses. 

$3.00 per Bracelet


…its exhalevapors

Exhalevapors is running a preorder sale on the Smoktech Natural.  I have seen CoOps for this going for $41.00 each – so these are only a few dollars over CoOp prices.


Introducing the Natural by Smoktech!

1. Well made with high quality stainless steel material.  Gives a very solid feel.
2. Fully mechanical Switch, no wire soldering,no soldiering tin ,works perfectly with “The kick”
3. Side bottom fire button, you can press it with any of your finger comfortably
4. All parts are detachable, even the battery connection part.
5. Ego and 510 thread, compatible with all kinds of ego or 510 cartos and tanks.
6. 12 venting holes on bottom ,allows the maximum airflow
7. Each set comes with 1 complete mod which uses 1 18350 battery as well as an extention tube for 1 18650 battery.
8. Similar mod in the market, The GG mod and The Adam




….Its Jwraps

J-Wraps is running a buy one get one free wrap sale on all their wraps.  This wrap does not include custom wraps.


Wraps available for:

Provaris V2.5
Provari mini
Lava tube mini
Itaste MVP
5V Woo
Gus Telescopic
smok zmax
Zmax Sigelei
ego twist all sisizes
ego 650
Orion 2.0
Orion 2.1
Silver Bullet

*** No coupon code needed, upon check out please add your free choice ( device and design number/color/texture) at the remark section of the Paypal cart.

Vivi Nova Neptune (aka SuperNova) $8.41

…another from Gloryvapes

Here is a great deal on the Vision Neptune (AKA Vision SuperNova).  These come with the with an Aluminum tank cover and the standard ViVi Nova Kit.   You can choose from many different colors.


The must have clearomizer for any vaper out there.The new 2013 design gives anyone the e-liquid capacity you could ever need with a 3.5ml capacity. This tank also comes equipped with an aluminum precision cut tank gaurd to allow for almost any accidental drop of your ViVi Nova a no worry situation! The dual side window slots makes for easy viewing to see if you need to fill up.

Comes with a ViVi supernova dressed in black, comes with 1 2.4ohm and a spare 2.4ohm replacement head in a eye catching gift box!



Use coupon code Vaporjoe to bring the total cost down to $8.41

MLK: Bombvapor 30% OFF

…its Bombvapor

The first MLK sales are starting to emerge and Bombvapor starts off with a 30% off sale on all their juice. 15ml i just $4.89 and 30ml bottle comes down to $9.62 and shipping is free over $25.00. 
If you want to go bulk size –  a 120ml bottle of juice will come down to $27.99 and it ships free!  

As im typing out this deal I have a tank full of their Cherry Bomb which is an amazing blend of Cherry, Lime and Menthol.  Its pretty terrific stuff.  If your a fan of the cherry lime combo you have to try this – its one of the best.


Use coupon code
MLK to get 30% off your total Ejuice order.

CE4 v3 Replaceable Clearomizers – $3.04

…its Gloryvapes

Gloryvapes is at it again with another great deal.  This time CE4 Clearomizers.  These are revision 3 with replaceable heads.  The regular disposable CE4’s can be more expensive then this, so the replaceable head version for this price is a great bargain.  Many colors to choose from.



Use coupon code Vaporjoe to bring the total price down to $3.04 ea.


VaporSkinz – Wrap that Mod! 20% Off

…its VaporSkinz

Vaporskinz is running a 20% off sale all their wraps.  They currently have wraps for the most popular mods and they also do custom work.  Check it out, wrap your mod with 20% off.



Use coupon code FB400 to take 20% off your total order.


…..Its Elixer TV

Tonight a new show is born! 

 MOD ENVY on Elixir TV

The show will from 10pm to 12am EST and will feature Vaping Mandycat, Smokie and myself – every Saturday.   There will be a ton of giveaways including a Saber Maxx (AKA The Pimp Stick), Vamo VW, Ego Kits, E-liquids, and more!  Check it out it should be a great show..

One of the giveaways tonight will be the Saber Maxx Dual 18650 VV