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Here is a great deal on the Ego-V aka KGO VV Ego battery.  In my opinion far superior to the ego twist for many different reasons.  These go to 6 volts, they have a LCD display, and pass-through ability.  So why is this a must?  Every vaper should have a 6v portable and this is the complete package for the vaper on the go.  I hate taking clunky mods out when im running to the store, etc.  I have over 30 mods – and I still bought one of these. 


WHERE: http://www.fasttech.com


Use coupon on CPASTE13SPRING to bring the total down to $16.94


Not Interested? Check out Fasttechs entire E-Cig Section

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DROP: Innokin Itaste SVD Kit: $69.98

…its AKAvapers

The iTaste SVD (Superior Vaping Device) is a tube style, variable voltage, variable wattage Electronic Cigarette, made of Stainless Steel. The iTaste SVD is sleek, with easy to use functionality.

Variable Voltage: voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 – 6.0 volts in .1 volt increments.
Variable Wattage: Wattage can be adjusted from 3.0 – 15.0 W in .5 watts increments.
Short Circuit Protection.
Reverse Battery Protection Circuit
Battery Voltage Detection
Resistive Load Detection ( Ohms meter )
ON/OFF battery switch
LED Battery Power Display
Low Voltage Warning
Overtime Vaping Warning
Telescopic Tube supports 18350, 18500 or 18650 batteries
Battery safety protection
Change battery and switch VV or VW have parameter memory function
Built-in 3 digit display ( Ohms meter , Volts /Watts , Atomizer voltage output )

iTaste SVD Starter kit:
1x iTaste SVD
2x iClear30 Dual coil
Clearomizers with cozy
rotatable drip tip
3x Rebuildable Dual Coils
1x Beauty ring
1x Short Telescopic tube ( fit IMR18350 battery)
1x Long Telescopic tube ( fit IMR18650 ,18500 batteries)

WHERE: http://www.akavapers.com/

$69.98 – free shipping

LOW: X8 Stainless Steel Carto Tank – $7.12

….its Fasttech

This carto tank is designed much like the AGR cartomizer tank.  This tank also has the benefit of an airflow control nob on the bottom. This tank has heavy stainless steel caps and a easy access fill screw at the top.   Matching stainless steel drip tip is included.

For the price of a cheap plastic tank with plastic caps – you can get a tank with superior build quality.

WHERE: http://www.fasttech.com


Not Interested? Check out Fasttechs entire E-Cig Section

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DROP: Innokin Ucan – $11.68

…its Exhalevapers

If you thought of picking up a Ucan, here is a great deal.  Usually around $17.00 each!


Ucan is the first stainless steel e liquid bottle designed with a new philosophy of “state-of-the-art, more convenient, more fun”.

Original Taste
Ucan is made of stainless steel, which will perfectly keep the original taste of the e liquid. Furthermore, the stainless-steel made Ucan will keep the e liquid fresh for longer.

Ucan is a stainless steel e liquid bottle that looks shiny and sleek. Almost all traditional e liquid containers are made of plastic and look cheap, Ucan is the first stainless steel e liquid bottle on the market, which is apparently looks clean and noble.

More Convenient
Ucan is delicately designed device, suitable for carrying out on various occasions. It would be comfortable to put the Ucan on the pocket, hang it on the neck or play it with hands. Ucan is easy to use, very convenient to put e liquid inside or inject e liquid to the e cigarette.

More Fun
Innokin Ucan is trying to deliver a new philosophy to the electronic cigarette industry that e-smoking devices are made not only for vaping, but also for fun. Vapers would find it more encouraging to vaping with so many interesting e-smoking devices, smoking on the other hand would be dull.

WHERE: http://www.exhalevapers.com


Who wants a 10000mAh Box Mod?

….its Vaporjoes

Originally I bought this power station as a battery backup, but a friend of mine in a google hangout turned it into an e-cig with just a USB to 510 regulartor you can buy online.  

What you need:



There are 2 USB connectors on the powerbox.  You are supposed to use the one above the power button.  The USB to 510 connector has adjustable voltage up to 4.8v

USB to 510: HERE  


TOTAL COST: $37.09

DROP: Chalice Clone RBA – $15.99

…its Vaporbank

The HIS RBA is a clone of the Chalice. It uses friction seal top cap and sleeve. It has post holes and uses VERTICAL screws to secure the wire. The bottom cap of the device is a small juice cup. The top cap and sleeve can be rotated to increase and decrease airflow.

WHERE: https://vaporbank.com/



Vivi Nova Double Stack – $5.49 (aka Spitfire)

…its Fasttech

Vivi Nova Double Stack

-New Design allows a separate compartment to house the heating element and one for the eLiquid. 

-Exposed Heating element which allows for easier cleaning

-4 Point wick design for better wicking

-Bottom cap air vents gives maximum airflow and the ability to screw the Double Stack all the way down on your battery.

Choose colors via the drop down menu

The use coupon code CPASTE13SPRING to bring the total to $5.49

UPDATE: 18650 2-Port USB Mobile Emergency Power Pack


….its Fastech

Here is a vaping related gadget.  Why is it vaping related?  Most of us have a ton of 18650 batteries and I thought this was a GREAT way to use all the extras.   What this does is take four 18650 batteries and turn this into a 10,000mAh+ emergency battery back.   This will charge anything that can plug into a USB port – including ego batteries, cellphones, mp3 playes, etc.    The 18650’s will charge right inside the case with the included charge adapter.   This has a dual port so you can charge 2 things at once.   I could have really used this when Hurricane Sandy hit.  For $11.00 its a STEAL.

UPDATE 5/9:  Got mine – works perfect!! 

Some people are considering modding these out with a DNA. Id look for some of those in the near future.

WHERE: https://www.fasttech.com


Use coupon code
CPASTE13SPRING to take 5% off your order.


Not Interested? Check out Fasttechs entire E-Cig Section

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ROLLOUT: Sigelei Zmax Mini

…its Sigelei

Sigelei is making an Mini version of their very popular Zmax.   The small variable wattage tube mod will now come with a flat top and new colored body and style.  Its confirmed these will take an 18350, but im not sure if there will be an extension cap to fit bigger batteries.  In terms of performance, its the same circuitry thats in their current models.

Thanks to David Solomon of Davon’s Vision Youtube channel for the heads up!

Confirmed vendor cost will be around $35.00 each for the body only.

WHERE: http://sigelei.com/

DROP: THE AGI RBA – 2 in 1 – $24.90


… its Exhalevapers

Lowest price I have seen on the AGI.

AGI Dripping & Tank Rebuildable Atomizer

From the makers of the AGA-T comes the newest and most versatile RBA to date! The AGI is a dual purpose RBA, can be used as either a Genesis or a Dripping atomizer with an incredibly easy design set up for switching between the two set ups. Made from polished 304 Stainless Steel with Pyrex Glass Tank and medical grade silicon o-rings, the AGI comes with a native 510 connection, allen key, ss mesh, silica, extra orings, wick and enough kanthal wire to get your going with your first set ups in either mode.

WHERE: https://www.exhalevapors.com/

Use coupon code  VaporJoes11Percent to bring the total down to $24.90


…its Vaportekusa

Well here it is, and at a great price.  The Caravella clone is now live.  Vaportekusa has jumped in with two feet and is the first to offer it to the masses!  It look like a stunning mechanical – only time will tell if this mod lives up to its make and name.  Get it now, hey wont last long!


This is the Carvella Clone “Pre Order” This is an advanced vaping device and if you don’t know about modding you do not need to order this device.  We have been working on this deal for a week for advanced vapers and this is going to be BEAST!!  This is a mechanica Mod and you need the working knowledge of modding!

WHERE:  http://www.vaportekusa.com/



….its Vaporjoes

Here is the actual pics of the new Caravella clone from YiLoong.  There is a ton of interest on this mechanical and the vaping world is a buzz.  CoOps are running, vendors are starting to inquire.   You should see these within a month. 

This is an upgrade to the original hybrid clone which really never made it to production.

Personally, I think it looks very nice.  This is another example of China putting more time into the fit and finish of its mechanicals.

Vendor cost on this mod will be  body only $35 and with atty $45.  So figure $55/$65 retail.

Drawtube Mechanical – Stainless Steel – $38.99

….its Vaporbank

Here is a great deal on a Drawtube.  This a clone of the Gus Telescopic Mod. 


This is a fully mechanical APV. The button on the side can be locked easily and quickly by spinning the nut out. This telescopic MOD accepts most types of batteries, but it works extremely well with the following batteries. 

WHERE: https://vaporbank.com/



….its Vaporjoes

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AGA-T+ Version 2 Stainless Steel RBA – $19.99

…its Vaporbank

Here is a great deal on an AGA T+ Version 2!  Rebuilder’s love these and they are on sale at a great price!


The AGA-T+ is a genesis style RBA. This is the updated version with friction seal top cap. Using a SS Mesh wick is recommended for this device. The stock tank is made of GLASS. Additional glass tanks are available for purchase.
Parts Include:

  • AGA-T+ Version 2 Stainless Steel Rebuildable Atomizer

WHERE: https://vaporbank.com