NEAT: Matching RDA for your K100 – $5.03

…its Fasttech

Fasttech is pushing these new style RDA’s that match the K100. You would put these in-place of the screw in drip shield. They come in all different colors (picked from the drop down menu).  They work just like the Octopus style RBA’s.  The drip tip is also included.  These also work on any mod with a 510 connection. 

WHERE: https://www.fasttech.com



Not Interested? Check out Fasttechs entire E-Cig Section

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RBA DROP: AGA-T2 – $20.28

…its exhalevapors

RBA fans will be happy with this deal.  The AGA-T line  has been a tried and true RBA Tank for the masses.  This price is is a few pennies higher then the last deal which has sold out. If you were looking to get an AGA-T2 .. now is the time

WHERE: https://www.exhalevapors.com/



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48 HOURS: HoosierVapes Big Sale

…its Hoosiervapes

HoosierVapes is running a sale of 4 nice items.  Rather then break them up ill present them all in one post. 

 This sale is good until May 27th – Midnight.

Must use coupon code vaporjoes to get these prices
China GG’s – $25.49
2 Tone China GG $27.99
K101 $31.40
AGI RBA –  $25.19

BLOWOUT: Pheonix RBA – $3.89

….its Fasttech


Here is  fantastic deal on one of the original mass produced RBA’s.  The Phoenix RBA isnt fancy but hits like a champ!  For less then the cost of a disposable atomizer – get an RBA!

WHERE: http://www.fasttech.com


DROP: The Kicket and Kicket Combo

…its supertmanufacturing

What is this… Super-T with a deal? Impossible!

Yes! Super-T is running a deal on thier kicklet and kicklet combos!   Seems the Sigelei Kick Clones and cheap Variable Wattage PCB’s are pushing prices down.  The build quality on these are incredible.


What is the Kiklet?  It’s a variable wattage screw on module that utilizes the Kick by Evolv.  Kick sold separately. 

Advantages and features:

– Allows use of the Kick on devices that don’t have a sleeve or don’t have room for the Kick (like many 18350, 18500 and 18650 battery equipped mods)

– Fits most any 510 threaded PV

– No removing the Kick for each battery change (and tearing the protective plastic) and then having to fiddle with it again to get it in and make a good ground. Set it and forget it!

– Almost instantaneous transfer from device to device.

– Rodium Plated contacts

– Cap accepts most any 510 atomizer, rebuildable, tank and also Ego C and Ego Tank style atomizer

– Cross slotted for airflow

– Stainless steel contstruction 
Fits the Kick and The Crown
– All excess material milled out for maximum weight saving

WHERE: https://www.supertmanufacturing.com/

$39.99 / $79.99

UPGRADE: Turn your Kanger T3 or MT3 into a T3S / MT3S

…its Sunvapers

Kanger T3s are great but the replacement heads are expensive.   Sun-Vapers has an upgrade kit that your going to love. Its a new base and replaceable head system that fits both the T3 and the MT3.  

Instead of paying $2.99 per replacement, you now pay $7.99 for 5 replacements.  Far more cost effective.

This upgrade for your T3’s effectively turns them into the new T3S/MT3S coming out soon.


BASE: http://www.sun-vapers.com/ 

HEADS: http://www.sun-vapers.com/ 



Vaporjoes has grown by leaps and bounds. Since the start we have moved in many different directions and wanted to catch the readers up on whats going on – where to find us – and the future of vaporjoes.  Laying it out in simple terms.

Our Social Network Locations:
Facebook – Vaping Deals and Steals
Google – Vaping Deals and Steals Community
Twitter – Vaporjoes on Twitter
Pinterest – Vaping Deals and Steals Board

Our Apps and Software:
Android – The Vaporjoes App
Apple – In Development

International Sites:
Vaporjoes Canada – vaporjoes.ca – Rolling out shortly!
Vaporjoes Europe – In Development

Our Show: 
Modenvy.net – The vaping communities show!
Novabroadcasting.org – Home of Mod Envy

We are moving into the international communities bringing deals and news to the vapers north and abroad.  For this we will need to bring on experienced vapers in their respective communities on board.  We already have an established crew for Canada and are currently assembling a force to tackle Europe.  As always we will continue to bring you the very best in deals and goings on in the vaping community.


IN STOCK DEAL: K101 MOD $34.98

….its HoosierVapes

The K101’s have been live for a bit now, and they are selling out everywhere.   These work exactly the same as the K100 but with a different look.  These come with the drip shield.


Features of New Arrival Mod —K100-101 Mechanical Mod

The newest streamline design with edges to bring you stereo visual impact

Three newest and brilliant colors: Magenta, Blue, Ivory Black

Telescopic mechanial mod, 18350, 18500, 18650 Battery

Special spring button design

WHERE: http://www.hoosiervapes.com


WTF! : The Chempire K100 – $23.37 – Free Shipping

…its Fasttech

Here is an insane deal thats been around a few days now.

The K100 aka The Chempire aka The Empire Clone is up at an incredible price!  These come with the drip shield and drip tip.  This is the lowest price I have seen for these mods to date.  They also come with free shipping.

Most people that use these, love them.  The construction is solid and the voltage loss is minimal.  Jump on them now before they are all gone! 


BLUE:  http://www.fasttech.com
GOLD: https://www.fasttech.com
DARK: http://www.fasttech.com


JUICY: MaddCatt Vapors – 2 x 30ml for $20.00

..its MaddCattVapors

MaddCatt Vapors is running a great sale on juice.  They are offering two 30ml bottles for $20.00.  They have some GREAT juice and some of my personal favorites are Plasma, Frosty’s Mix, RYW4, and Schlam.

I normally do not pimp Juice unless its extremely cheap or extremely good.  I think in this case its a combination of both.  They have over 100 flavors – try some out!  Shipping is very reasonable!


2 x 30ml – $20.00

LOWER: Smoktech Pyrex DCT – Silver – $12.34

…its Vaportekusa

Vaportekusa comes out swinging with a great deal on the new Smoktech Pyrex DCT.  These are the first mass produced pryex / metal carto tanks to made.  I own a few of these they are fantastic!  Very nice quality.


Tank is shipped with:

1-Metal and Glass Cartomizer Tank hold approximately 5ml
1- Drip Tip
1- 1.5 ohm dual coil cartomizer


WHERE: http://www.vaportekusa.com/

with coupon code VAPORJOE5OFF

ON FIRE: The China GG – $26.99

…Its hoosiervapes

As of 5/23 this mod is back in stock!


This is the china version of the GG. It is telescopic and can accept 18650 batteries, or smaller. There are also vent holes drilled in both the top and bottom portion. It is made from chrome plated brass, which makes it much lighter than stainless, and has good conductivity. We recommend using the Panasonic protected 18650 battery in this mod. This mod is not recommended for novice users.  

WHERE: https://www.hoosiervapes.com

$26.99 when you check out a coupon will automatically apply.

Kanger EVOD Replacement Head – 1.8ohm – $1.00 ea

…its Cigtechs

This is a great deal on Evod LR replacement heads.  The LR’s tend to sell out the quickest, but its the only resistance they are currently selling.  For $1.00 its a great deal.  If your using evods and need LR heads – look no further.

WHERE: http://www.cigtechs.com/

$1.00 ea

WOW: Sigelei #20 and Trident Clone RBA – $39.99

…its chasethevape

Here is a great COMBO deal from Chasethevape.   If you were looking to get into the mech mod / RBA scene – here is a great package. 

All this for under $40.00 is a really really nice buy.

I own a Sigelei #20  — Its a solid mod with a small profile, even in 18650 mode.

WHERE:  https://chasethevape.com/


IN STOCK: Sigelei Mechanical #9 – $29.99

…its Vaportekusa

The Sigelei #9 is live and in stock.  
Vaportekusa is coming out swinging with a really good price!  


This is a Sigelei #9 constructed of solid stainless steel and a bottom buttom very similar to the Sigelei #19. It is not a magnetic button.  The Seigelei #9 telescopes by twisting the individual extension rings.  It accepts 18650, 18500, and 18350 batteries.  It has a safety mechanism where you twist the bottom ring to lock the bottom button.  This is an advanced vaping device.   

WHERE:  http://www.vaportekusa.com/