HOT: Smoktech VV Gripper – $25.99

….its S&Smods

Here is a fantastic deal on the smoktech VV gripper.   These were the precurser to the Groove.  These are variable voltage up to 6v and use a single 18650.  These use a easy to read backlit screen – and hit very very hard.  This is a great backup or primary VV mod.


  It is designed as a low cost variable voltage Mod for those who can’t afford to buy Provari or Vmax. Our VV Gripper has a regulated output which keeps your selected voltage the same with each puff regardless of your remaining battery power. As the battery drains, the VV Gripper will keep the voltage consistent giving you the perfect vapor throughout the day. VV Gripper can be adjusted from 3.0-6.0V volts in 0.1 volt increments. It holds only one protected battery 18650 2200mah,allows 5V input voltage limit. VV Gripper PCB allows 4 Amperage output limit. VV Gripper standard load is 3Ω,it also could be working at 1.5Ω. Available Function Voltage down Voltage up Standby on/off Display on/off Atomizer ohm checking

WHERE:  http://www.sandsmods.com/



WOW: Smoktech Natural – RSST – and a Kick – $97.88

…its Exhalevapors

You can kiss me later for this deal!   Your getting a Stainless Smoktech Natural,  a RSST RBA Tank, and a Kick.  For under $97.88 – this deal is off the hook!


The first generation of The Natural had a conical sloped top and was ill-received. SMOKtech redesigned the top to make it a much more attractive flat top with dimples in the stainless steel cap. This cap unscrews from the rest of the mod independently and has a center pin than can be loosened or tightened by a wide flat ‘screw’.

At the bottom of the mod you will see a generous ring of 12 vent holes done very tastefully as you can see in the pictures. Interestingly, the Natural has a flat-head, wide base which you can screw in and out to accommodate batteries that may be slightly longer. However, most importantly, it is adjustable to fit a KICK or the upcoming Chinese made STOMP. This base also has its own internal ring of vent holes, parallel to the vent holes on the bottom of the mod.

Introducing the Natural by SMOKtech!

1. Well made with high quality stainless steel material.  Gives a very solid feel.
2. Fully mechanical Switch, no wire soldering,no soldiering tin ,works perfectly with “The kick”
3. Side bottom fire button, you can press it with any of your finger comfortably
4. All parts are detachable, even the battery connection part.
5. Ego and 510 thread, compatible with all kinds of ego or 510 cartos and tanks.
6. 12 venting holes on bottom ,allows the maximum airflow
7. Each set comes with 1 complete mod which uses 1 18350 battery as well as an extention tube for 1 18650 battery.

WHERE: https://www.exhalevapors.com/

THE DEAL:Use coupon code VaporJoes11Percent to bring the total dow to $97.88

ROLLOUT: K101 – Revamped Mechanical w/ a fuse

…its Kamry

It seems Kamry is working on a revision of the ever popular K100.  This isnt saying there is something wrong with the K100.  However, in the vaping world – nothing stands still.  Upgrades are now constant.

These are a mechanical mod that come with a removable vapesafe style fuse to protect against a shorting battery.  You will also notice the style has changed, the ribbing is now gone and they have gone for a more minimalist look with new colors.  Hoosiervapes brought these to my attention, and will stock them if they meet their strict standards.

As a side note, look for china made vapesafe style fuses – super super cheap.  $2-$3.00 each.

LOW: Ego / Clearomizer Kit – $9.78

….its Fasttech

Here is a great deal on a Ego Starter Kit.    This kit comes with a 900mah ego battery, a CE5 Clearomizer, Charger, Empty needle-top bottle – in an aluminum case.  I think every vaper should own a kit like this for emergencies, portability, and even to PIF to a new vaper.  The ego is a tried and true setup.

WHERE: http://www.fasttech.com


Use coupon code CPASTE13SPRING to bring the price down to $9.78


Not Interested? Check out Fasttechs entire E-Cig Section

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FOUND & IN STOCK: Sigelei #19 Telescopic Mechanical Mod – $39.99

..its Sun-Vapers

One of the hottest mechanical mods going… Sun-Vapers has surprised us all with the find!  He got a hold of a bunch of #19 Sigelei Mechanicals.  I was lucky enough to get one and I have to say they are fantastic! If someone told me this was a $150.00 mod from Europe I would completely believe them. They aren’t the cheapest, but they are the only merchant that currently has them IN STOCK.  One of these will be given away on the Mod Envy Show Saturday.

People are saying these look exactly like an Nzonic  – I would agree.

WHERE: http://www.sun-vapers.com/



Smok Tech Vivi Nova Tank 3.0 ml & 2.0ml – $4.99 each

..its Vaportekusa

Vaportekusa is running a great deal on Vivi Nova tanks.  These are made by Smoktech.  You have your choice of the 3.0ml standard size or the slimmer 2.0ml size.   They come with the tank, replacement head, and drip tip.   These prices are just as cheap as Fasttech.

WHERE: http://www.vaportekusa.com/ 



ORGANIZE and CARRY: 32 to 64 10ml Carrying Case

….its Amazon

A friend of mine was in a google hangout and showed us his portable juice organizer and carrying case.  Everyone wanted one and he gave us the link.  I thought Id draw some attention to it.  This would be great for those trying organize their liquids or to bring to vape meets.  They come in different sizes via the drop down menu.  The first picture is Nitro holding the 64 bottle version, the second picture is the 32 bottle version.

WHERE: http://www.amazon.com

HUMP DAY: K100 Telescopic Mod – $35.00

…its HoosierVapes


The K-100 Telescope mod is a china made clone of the Empire This device allows the user to configure it for use with many different battery options. Capable of using a battery as small as a 18350 and up to an 18650 battery by simply twisting the body of the device to adjust it for the desired height. The device also features a bottom mechanical button with locking ring to avoid misfiring while in your pocket. Equipped with a  510 and eGo connection, this PV will allow the use of eGo skirt and threaded connection devices with its deep drip well. (not compatible with T2 or T3 type Clearomizers) This device comes with a matching color cone/sleeve that will nicely cover a standard length 35mm cartomizer. The colored cone/sleeve has an eGo threaded bottom, and is not a drip shield equipped with o-rings. When using this cone with a standard length atomizer, it is recommended to use a standard length (15.72mm) 510-510 extension, or a long style drip tip such as a Stiletto. Cartomizer tanks and Vivi Nova style products will sit flush on the flat top of the device, however the K-100 has 3 holes in the top cap to allow air flow.

  • 18350: 99mm/ 3.9 inches tall
  • 18500: 113mm/ 4.4 inches tall
  • 18650: 129mm/ 5.0 inches tall
  • Width: 25.5mm/ 1 inch
  • These dimensions are without 510 drip tip attached. 
  • Drip tip NOT included!

WHERE: https://www.hoosiervapes.com/




…its Sigelei

It seems Sigelei is busy cloning the Kick.   At this point its obvious they are just using the stock picture from Evolvs website – but it is in the works.   The vendor cost on these are going to be $6-$10.00 – so if this clone goes live – your looking at $20.00 kicks clones.

WHERE:  http://www.alibaba.com/

LOW: 510-T Atomizer w/ Tank – $1.79

…its Fasttech

I dont care how many times I look at fasttech – they always seem to have something new at a super super low price.  The 510-T atomizer is a 510 Tank system.  It uses a tank that you load with juice and vape away.  The tank holds about 1ml of juice, and is included.  These are normally $5.00 without the tank so its just plain stealing at this price.

These work on all 510 mods, ego batteries, and 510 stick batteries.

WHERE: http://www.fasttech.com


$1.79 each when you use coupon code TENOFF


Not Interested? Check out Fasttechs entire E-Cig Section

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LOW: Sigelei Stainless ZMAX Telescope (Flat Top) – 57.83

…its Exhalevapors

Here we have a great deal on the Sigelei Zmax Telescope.   These are the flat top version, which are in huge demand.  These rolled out at $75.00 and exhalevapors has chopped off almost $20.00 – to bring us this deal!  People from Vapebash that bought these told me they were built like a rock and work fantastic. 

Made of Stainless Steel


The ZMAX Telescope V3 APV by Sigelei is sleek, powerful, and RELIABLE!  Full featured and extremely well built, Voltage or Wattage can be tuned between 3-6 volts or 3-15 watts respectively.  The ZMAX uses a single 18650, one or two 18350 or one 18500 IMR batteries simply by twisting the telescopic body. Additionally, it will check the atomizer / cartomizer resistance and battery voltage as well!

The ZMAX has a menu item which enables you to switch between RMS and mean value voltage monitoring.  The RMS mode is more accurate because it samples the output voltage repeatedly while it is powering an atomizer or cartomizer.

This version has a non-lighted clear button and very easy to read 2 line OLED display that can be turned off. It has the native eGo/510 connection so it will run the Vision eGo Clearomizers, CE4/5 and other eGo devices without adapters.

WHERE: https://www.exhalevapors.com/

Use coupon code
VaporJoes11Percent to bring the total down to $57.83


…its Fasttech

A user in my Facebook group pointed out this deal to me.  FINALLY a pipe mod that is under $50.00 – is built well and comes with everything.  If you were looking to get into a pipe style set up – check this out!

The kit comes with everything shown.  The charger is a Euro plug, but you can buy an adapter for $1.00.  If you already have a battery charger – its no big deal.

It uses a standard 510 connection which will allow you to vape mostly anything.

It comes with a carto tank to use.

WHERE: http://www.fasttech.com


Use coupon code 
CPASTE13SPRING to bring the total down to $47.38


Not Interested? Check out Fasttechs entire E-Cig Section

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BLOWOUT: 30ml Dekang – $3.24

..its Fasttech

Fasttech is running a deal on their 30ml bottles of Dekang.  These are for certain flavors only, and only have it in 12 and 18mg strengths.  If you can vape 12 or 18mg – load up on this deal!  Free Shipping world wide.  International readers please take advantage of the free shipping.  Flavors and Nic strengths are picked via a drop down menu by the buy button.

WHERE: http://www.fasttech.com

Use coupon code CPASTE13SPRING to take the total down to $3.24 each.


Not Interested? Check out Fasttechs entire E-Cig Section

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LOW: Innokin iClear30’s – $10.82

…its iVape

The first of the iClear30’s are making their way to the market.  Ivape has come out of the gate swinging with a super low price!  I don’t think we will see a lower price for a while.  Get in while they are in stock


The iClear 30 features dual coils, an easily replaceable atomizer head, holds 3ml and has a rotatable mouth piece.

WHERE: Ivape.net

Use coupon code iclear30 to bring the total down to $10.82

PRE ORDER: Smoktech Pyrex DCT – $14.99

…its e-smokeonline.com

The first pre-orders are starting.   Here a deal on the new Metal / Pyrex DC tanks from Smoktech.  If the specifications hold true these will be the first metal on glass mass produced DC tanks.  From the looks of them – they look hot!  Considering the materials I think these are a bargin at $14.99 each.

The only color option currently is silver.

WHERE:   http://www.e-smokeonline.com/