…its Vaportekusa



LOW: ViVi Nova Tank – $6.56

…its electroniccigarettesfast

Here is a great deal on a Vivi Nova Tank.  The guys over at eletroniccigarettesfast are doing a flash sale!


Are you tired of refilling your regular ego tanks or cartridges? Are you looking for endless amounts of nonstop vapor? The ViVi Nova might be the key to your maximum vaporizing experience. The ViVi Nova tank holds up to 3.5 ml of eliquid and conveniently fits to any 510 eGo electronic cigarette. 

To Use:
1. Unscrew the top silver lid holding the black mouth piece. 
2. Once the lid is off squeeze e liquid into the tank body. Do not drip eliquid into the center hole. This is the atomizer, if you attempt to put e juice into the center hole your tank will not work!
3. Screw back on the silver lid 
4. Connect to any eGo style battery
5. Enjoy!

Use the coupon code ViVi to bring the total down to $6.56



….Its China

This is such an epic fail of biblical proportions it doesnt even have a name!   I have been watching this “mod” floating around my facebook group and I thought to myself.. My readers will name this!   Yes ladies and gentlemen the manufacturer wants a name for this “mod”.  If your not already a member of my facebook group – GO HERE and look for the thread.  Im sure you will all be creative!

WHERE: https://www.facebook.com/


..its Timeless Vapor

Mandy over at Timeless vapor sent me some juice to get my opinion on, a few  10ml bottles to check out.   She told me she was working on a special licorice flavor – I was lucky enough to get a 10ml in this pack.

Before I start I want to say Im a big big Pluid fan. I buy 30ml every time it goes live.  I send samples around the world to vaping friends.   This isn’t a knock on Pluid.

Since pluid is the stick that all anise flavors have been measured against lately –  Why not jump on the bandwagon?

I’ve had about 5 juices that gave me a “wow” on the exhale. Voodoo Kitty blew me away on the exhale. Going in I had no idea what the combination was – on the exhale I knew immediately and it works perfect!    Its an anise / grape / ever so slight orange flavor.  If anise / grape / orange sounds strange to you – its not.   Every anise vaper needs to try this. 

If pluid had dreams – Voodoo Kitty is its nightmare.   A far darker, richer, and even foreboding vape. Im not going to say it better then pluid.  I will say its the darker twin with a serious attitude problem.   

You really need to check this out.  

WHERE: http://www.timelessvapor.com/

Use coupon code vaporjoerocks for 10% off your order.


2x PANASONIC CGR18650CH 18650 – $9.53

..its fasttech

The picture above is my order from Fasttech that just arrived today.  This order was for 50 sets of 2.  I ordered it on the 6th and it arrived on the 13th.  I used the standard free shipping.  I can only say how long it took to get from China to Jersey but – it gives you a basic idea.

This is an example a truly solid vendor that serves the world vaping community – not just a single country. They will be on my list to pimp in the future.

WHERE: https://www.fasttech.com

9.53 for with free world shipping

use coupon code CPASTE13SPRING

6 Kanger T3 replacement heads – $10.33


…its Panda Ecigs

They call them “Rocketomizer’s”  – They are T3’s.


Here is a great deal for replacement heads for the Kanger T3 bottom coil clearomizer.  To get this deal you must buy 6.   You will get 30% off your first 5, and your 6th one will be free.  This brings the cost per replacement $1.72 which is really really cheap.

WHERE: http://www.pandaecigs.com


Put 6 in your cart. 
Use coupon code MYPANDA and get 30% off and 1 free


BACK AND WTF: Sigelei Bobo Pre-Order!

…its exhalevapors

Believe it or not there are many people that are interested in this mod.  So much so that Exhalvapers has started a pre-order on it!    As far as features – its a Sigelei Zmax v2 with an interesting housing.


Pre order arriving APPROXIMATELY March 31st.  Will provide refunds if requested.

YOUR Bobo will fit 18650 &18350 battery
vv range 3V-6 V
vw range 3-15 Watt
5 amps
8 functions controls with one button

WHERE: http://www.exhalevapors.com


Use coupon code VaporJoes11Percent to bring the total to $56.05


…its Vaporjoes


Im blown away by the extent of growth our site has seen.  We pushed 2,000,000 hits back in February.  The next milestone has been reached at 3,000,000 hits in just under 30 days. Thats a whole lot of saved $$$.


Deals will continue in Facebook and Google by our merchants and users.

Chrome Artemas Locking 510 DCT – $8.08

… its vaportekusa

Here is a great deal on an Artemas DCT Tank.   These have been around for a while and have been making an impact.  These are one of the best mass produced tanks I can find.  They have solid metal caps and a locking ring that holds the flanged cartomizer in place.  These are usually $12.00+ – so im calling this a deal.

These work with both Smoktech and Boge flanged XL cartomizers.  

Tank, Flanged Cartomizer, and drip tip included.

WHERE: http://www.vaportekusa.com/

Kanger EVOD Starter Kit – $33.80

…its Exhalevapors

Well Kanger makes ego style batteries.. did you know that?  Well apparently they do.  They also make a Evod starter kit too.  Doing the math it seems this is a really good deal.

Each kit contains:

2pc EVOD Manual battery (Constant output voltage:3.7v; Capacity:650mAh)
2pc EVOD BBC(Bottom Coil Changeable) 1.6ml Clearomizer (Resistance:2.5ohm)
5pc Bottom Coil Heads (Resistance:2.5ohm)
1pc eGo USB charger (Input Voltage:5v; Output Voltage:4.2v 500mA)
1pc AC-USB with Euro plug (Output Voltage:5v 300mA; Euro-US adapter)
1pc User Manual (English)

The evod clearomizers will match the color of the batteries.

WHERE:  http://www.exhalevapors.com


Use coupon code VaporJoes11Percent to bring the cost down to $33.80


LIQUID: 100ml Dekang – $14.24 Free Shipping

…its FastTech

Fattech is a Chinese company I pimp for one reason.  They have China prices and ship quickly.  Right now they are having a 100ml sale thats pretty incredible.  ALL 100ml sized juices are just $14.99 with free world wide shipping.  I made sure my Dekang was authentic before pimping this deal. It arrived to me within a week of order.  I love DKTAB and fasttech is my new supplier.   They also have 30ml bottles for just $5.99 (Search 30ml).

Dekang is the best Chinese juice in my opinion.  If you didnt already know Dekang is Boge.


WHERE: http://www.Fasttech.com

$14.24 for 100ml with coupon code TENOFF

1 DAY: The Rider Robust – $34.99

…its VaporPheonix

Here is a great deal on the Robust.  This is a 14500 battery VV tube mod with the same style screen as the new lavatubes.   These also check your ohms πŸ˜‰   Usually these run for about $50.00.  These are great for portability or for a 1st variable voltage mod.

The Variable Voltage Rider Robust-A (Square Body) 

*1 x Square Body (Black, Red, or Blue) with a vented, polished aluminum end cap 

*2 x 14500 650mah, lithium ion batteries

*1 x Instruction Manual


STORAGE: 3 x Plano 14″ Stowaway – $9.98

…its HomeDepot

Vapers need storage!   Here is a great deal on 14″ Plano containers.   I have about 10 of these to store all my various vaping accessories, cartomizers, atomizers, batteries, etc. These run about $6-7.00 each – so this is a great deal!


The Plano 3 Pack Stowaway Organizer is perfect for storing and organizing all of your small parts. From the kitchen to the garage, all of your small parts will be neatly organized. The item is constructed of durable, high impact polypropylene designed for long term storage and organization. Transparent color allows for easy view and identification of the parts inside. Item is made with pride in the USA.

  • Sturdy pro latch for secure closure
  • Durable polypropylene construction
  • 4-27 Adjustable compartments per box
  • Organize small tools and parts
  • MFG Model # : 2375023
  • MFG Part # : 2375023
  • Savings Center : Savings Spectacular

WHERE: http://www.homedepot.com

$9.98 per set of 3


…Its Mod Envy

Mandy returns to the show (thank god)…

Tonight on Mod Envy VWO will be joining us on the show for an interview.  They will be giving away really cool T-Shirts and Juice.    We will also have giveaways from Sun-Vapers, LittleshopofVapor, VaporSkinz, ConstantVaper, and GloryVapes.

This is going to be a hell of a show!

Join us tonight @ 10pm – 12am EST on Novabroadcasting.org!


Mod Envy:


More on VWO:

WHERE: http://www.novabroadcasting.org

PIF: 510 A Mini Kit – $11.99

…its free-cigs

Here is a fantastic deal on a 510 kit.   For price of a single disposable e-cig from a gas station – you can get this reusable kit.   It comes with a rechargeable 510 battery, 6 cartomizers and a charger.  These are great to PIF to smokers, prizes for meets, and or throw in your glove compartment for an emergency. 


1 Rechargeable Automatic Battery with Green LED
6 Refillable Cartomizers
(3.0 Ohms / Single Coil)
1 USB Charger
Length: Battery: 66mm / With Carto: 104mm
Diameter: 9.3mm
Battery capacity: 180mAh
Charge time: 2.5 hours
Battery life (charge & discharge cycle times): more than 300 times

WHERE: http://www.free-cigs.com/