…its Groupon

Groupon? Really Vaporjoe? Hey im as shocked as you…

Someone brought this to my attention, so I thought I would get it out there…

V2Cigs isn’t something I pimp normally – but this deal does have some good qualities for the price.  For under $25.00 your going to get a complete kit with everything someone will need to start vaping.  These are straight up newbie kits.


2 Batteries (1 manual 1 auto)
10 Cartomizers (prefilled)
1 Charger

1 Wall Wart
1 Case

WHERE: http://www.groupon.com


How many sigelei mechanicals do they make? 38..

….its Sigelei

Ever wonder why we put numbers after Sigelei mechanicals?  Here is why.  Its like ordering off a Chinese menu there are so many..   It seems Sigelei knows the newest craze are mechanicals for the sub ohm vaper – they are currently have 38 different mechanicals to choose from.

I have someone getting me a few #20s — Roller clone 🙂

Vendors – start ordering! 🙂

WHERE: http://www.sigelei.com/

NEW: Iclear30’s get some color

…its Exhalevapers

Innokin has given their Iclear30 tanks a bit of color.  Keeping with their low prices, exhalevapers are selling the colored versions for around the same price as the originals.  

Innokin has also changed their packaging.  They have gotten rid of the plastic ipod style box and moved to a cardboard/plastic box.

WHERE: http://www.exhalevapors.com/


DID Clone RBA / Vulcan / Griffen / $8.09 – FS

….its Fasttech


Here a fantastic deal on the DID clone.  I have been pimping fasttech a lot, but honestly the shipping is fast and they have great customer service.  I can’t complain.  This deal was just too good to pass up.  Crazy Crazy deal with the free world wide shipping.

WHERE:  http://www.fasttech.com

Use coupon code “TENOFF” to bring the total cost down to $8.09 FREE shipping.


Not Interested? Check out Fasttechs entire E-Cig Section

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…its Modenvy

The Hybrid Clone
 The Saber Midi
 The Sigelei Mechanical #8
 The New Sigelei Tmax 18650 / 18350

Mod Envy Returns TONIGHT!

Mod Envy adds another 30 minutes to the show!

10pm-12:30am EST
 – OR –


LOW: Kanger EVOD Clearomizer – $4.87

…its QuantumVapor

QuantumVaper is running a great deal on the Kanger Evods.   Time to stock up!


EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizer with changeable heads
Available in: Blue, Red, Black, Silver. Yellow, Green, Pink and Purple

WHERE:  http://www.quantumvapor.com/



Large 900mah 2x Ego Kit – $34.59

…its Gloryvapes

Here is a deal on a large ego kit.  You get two 900mah Ego batteries, two CE Clearomizers, A charger, and a carrying case (not shown).   

These also come with a 30 day warranty.


**New 2013 design ce4-v2 Ego-T kits. Higher Quality and Better Built.**
If you’re looking for an Electronic Cigarette Kit that has a bit more of a punch than the Standard Electronic Cigarette kits then look no further!
This kit comes with TWO 900mAh eGo Batteries! The Standard Electronic Cigarettes normally come with 150mAh. This means that the batteries will last 6x longer before needing to be recharged! Beginner friendly and Boot camp approved!!!

  • 2x All-new CE4-Version2 Long Wick Atomizer Tanks With matching mouthpiece
  • 2x900mah High performance 4.2v Ego Batteries
  • 1xUSB Charger cable
  • 1 charger adapter
  • 1xEgo leather pouch! Instruction booklet & 30-day Warranty card


SILVER: https://www.gloryvapes.com/
BLACK: https://www.gloryvapes.com/


Use coupon code vaporjoe to bring the total down to $34.59

FACELIFT: Vamo’s v2 gets some color!

….its Exhalevapers

Looks like the vamo v2’s are getting some color!  They are exactly the same – just with a new facelift.  Exhalevapers are doing a pre-order sale – so check them out! 

WHERE: http://www.exhalevapors.com

Use coupon code VaporJoes11Percent to bring the total down to $42.70

Innokin iClear30 Dual Coil Clearomizer – $11.99 + 10% OFF

…its Smartvapes

Selling out all over, or higher priced – the iclear30 is a hit in the vaping community.

The iClear30 features dual coils, an easily replaceable atomizer head, a large 3ML capacity, and a rotatable drip tip.


Replaceable Dual Coil

Innokin iClear30 is the first dual coil clearomizer with a replaceable atomizer head, making it very inexpensive to maintain, while providing huge amounts of vapor and flavor for your electronic cigarette.


Huge Capacity

Another great feature of the iClear30 is the large 3ml chamber for holding e-liquid. This means vapers can vape longer between fills, uninterrupted.


Rotatable Drip Tip

The iClear 30 utilizes a rotatable mouth piece with an innovative 360 degree rotating design. These mouth pieces are designed to swivel around, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable vape!

WHERE: http://www.smartvapes.com/


Use coupon code Vaporjoe to take 10% off your total order.

ROLLOUT AND SALE: Sigelei Telescope #13

….its Vaportekusa

Here is yet another Sigelei mechanical.  Named the #13 Sigelei Mechanical.
The difference is this a telescopic mechanical.  I think it looks BAD ASS.


This is the #13 Segeli Telescope MOD and will be delivered with the #8 that has already been on pre order and basically sold out.  Some want the one piece device versus the #8 that has the extension tube.  The #13 twist up and down to fit your desired battery.

WHERE:  http://www.vaportekusa.com/


ROLLOUT: Smoktech S.I.D Mod

…its Smoktech

Looks like Smoktech is working on yet another variable wattage device.   This would be the the successor to the Zmax.  Looking at the way its made this could be a budget variable wattage device or sub $50.00 device.

Vendor Cost: $17.50 – $27.50 depending on MOQ.
There is a ton of info on this device, so ill just forward you to the product page.

WHERE: http://www.smoktech.com

HOT & IN STOCK: Sigelei Mechanical Mod – $33.95

…its Hoosiervapes

This is a in stock and ready to ship deal.  The people @ Hoosiervapes have rolled out the new Segelei Mechanical mod at a great price! These are also known as Segelei Mechanical #8 for vendors that want to start stocking them.


This is the Sigelei Stainless Steel Telescope Mechanical  Mod. This Mod will take an 18350 and a 18650 battery.   It will take an 18500 battery with a kick.   



Chrome Lavatube 2.0 – $35.99

…its HoosierVapes

Here is a great deal on a Variable Voltage Chrome Lavatube 2.0.  Don’t confuse this with the Volcano Lavatube 2.0 – they are completely different.  This is the 2nd generation lavatube with a higher amp limit.

If your looking for solid variable voltage device, look no further.  Its a great price at $35.99.  At one point these were selling for $99.00 – funny.


  • Hold red power button for 5 seconds to turn on/shut off unit
  • Press red power button 7 times to check remaining battery volts
  • Press fire button 5 times to check ohms
  • +/- buttons to increase/decrease voltage from 3.0 to 6.0
  • Vent hole in bottom cap for safety, and spring for battery tension. 
  • Red LED screen
  • Sealed 510 connection
  • Chrome body with manual button

WHERE: http://www.hoosiervapes.com/




BLOWOUT: ViVi Nova Kits – $4.94 – Free World Shipping

…its Fasttech

One of my readers in my facebook group found this gem.  Fasttech blows my mind again with the sales they are offering.  With the free world wide shipping – its almost stealing at this point.    Get it on this before they sell out!  My international readers – take advantage of the free shipping!   Comes with the Vivi Nova and the 3 heads. 

I bought 5 at that price.

In terms of shipping time.  Here is a screen shot of how long it takes for the average item being shipped.  These were 26650 batteries I ordered on the 2nd with standard free shipping.  

WHERE: http://www.fasttech.com

Use coupon code CPASTE13SPRING to get 5% off your total order.


Not Interested? Check out Fasttechs entire E-Cig Section

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Stratomyst Juice – 20% OFF – $6.39 per 15ml

…its Stratomyst

Stratomyst is running a 20% off sale on all their juice.  The current sale brings the cost of a 15ml bottle down to just $6.39 – a very very reasonable price.  All liquids are hand made to order – made in the USA.  Check them out – a give them a try!    Their most popular flavor Strawberry Glacier. Really great stuff..


WHERE: https://www.stratomyst.com/

Use coupon code STRATOFAN2 to take 20% off your total order!