Full 510-T Kit – $17.99

…its free-cigs

Here is another great deal on a stater kit for the new vaper.   These are 510-T Kits.  Much like the Ego-T but in a 510 battery form factory.  This is a full kit, everything you will need as far as hardware to start vaping.  I find these easier to fill for new vapers rather then a cartomizer system.


You like portability, we’ve got portability. You like flavors, we’ve got flavors. With the 510T you get the best of both worlds. This product features refillable cartridges instead of cartomizers. The 510T gives you all the flexibility and variety you need.

2 Rechargeable Batteries with Green LED2 Atomizers (3.0 Ohms / Single Coil)
1 Wall Charger
1 USB charger
7 Cartridges
1 User’s manual

WHERE: http://www.free-cigs.com/


Greenfly Twist Battery – 900mah – $19.99 Free Ship

…its vaporbeast

So it looks like the vision spinner and the ego twist had a baby.   This is a 900mah ego twist ultra battery by Greenfly.  Usually around $24.00 + shipping – this is a deal @ 19.99 free shipping.  I always have a charged ego twist on me when I go out. For under 20 bucks you have a variable voltage device thats going to give a solid vape. 


Normally $24.99! The EGO Twist ULTRA with battery indicator ring is back in stock. Adjust your voltage from 3.2~ 4.8 volts. Simply turn the rotating knob on the bottom to adjust your voltage in 0.2v increments. The voltage output will NOT decrease until battery needs charging.

This ULTRA battery has intensified short circuit protection, discharge and overcharge protection, switch protection, atomizer protection, and low voltage protection.The battery also has a five click on/off feature.

* 900 mAh battery
* Colors: Black


* Voltage can be adjusted from 2.8V-4.8V.
* Adjust voltage by turning the the knob at the bottom
* LED indicator ring displays remaining battery life
* Short-circuit protection
* On/off function: Simply press the button quickly 5 times.
* Atomizer protection: If you press the button for 10 seconds, the battery will shut down
* Low Voltage protection: When the battery voltage is lower than 2.9V, the battery will shut down
* LED blinks 5 times to let you know your Twist is ready to be charged

WHERE: http://www.vaporbeast.com/



CRAZY: Full Joyetech Ego-T Kit (2 bats) – $25.00

…its littleshopofvapors

This is a crazy deal!  This is the exact kit that got me to quit smoking and on the path im on now.  I paid $90.00 for this kit, and most vendors sell these for well over $60.00.  These are genuine joyetech kits.  My batteries still work from this kit.

There are 100 reasons why  every vaper should pick up a kit like this for the price.  I have no idea how long this sale is going to last. Its a FLASH sale.

Included in the is kit:

(2) 650 mah eGo T Batteries with  5 click safety feature
(2) eGo T Atomizers type “A”
(5) eGo Tank cartridges type “A” – empty – clear – 1ml capacity
(1) USB Fast Charger
(1) USB AC charger adapter
(1) carry pouch

Choice of Pink or Black



MrVape – 20% OFF – $3.83 per 10ml

….its Mrvape

Mrvape is back with 20% off deal on all his juice. I have yet to try a bad juice from this vendor.  The Banana Tobacco is some of the best Tobacco style vapes I have ever tried.  The shipping is extremely reasonable too.  

Clearance: They also have a few flavors down to $2.35 per 10ml. 

WHERE: http://www.mrvape.com/


Use coupon code valentine to bring the total cost down to $3.83 per 10ml

10 HOURS: Bombvapor – 120ml – 29.99 FS

….its Bombvapor

I got some vapemail today from Bombvapor – an order I placed during their last sale.  I picked up 120ml of Cherrybomb.  Next to it is a 15ml of Tropical Tankbuster (I havent tried it yet).  Many of you havent bought a 120ml of juice before, but this picture gives you an idea of what your getting for 29.99.   The coupon is also works with their 15 and 30ml sizes – but if you like bombvapor juice – hit the bulk sizes :).

WHERE: http://bombvapor.com/


Use coupon code VDAY to take 20% off your total juice order.


ROLLOUT: The Can from Nhaler!

….Its Nhaler

Turn any standard 3.7v mod into a variable wattage without worrying if a kick will fit. 

Introducing the “Can” available exclusively from Nhaler!

Nhaler is very excited to announce a new and one-of-a-kind device.
The “Can” is a Power Regulated add-on for most any 18490 or larger single battery device. The “Can” is powered by Evolv and is capable or providing 6 to 12 Watts of consistent vaping pleasure. Power output is limited with smaller batteries.

Simply stated, the “Can” uses standard 510 connections and connects on top of your device just like a carto tank. Your atty, carto or tank connects just as easily on top of the “Can”. The Can has an external potentiometer knob for easy on-the-fly adjustment to your preferred watts level – or adjust to taste. We LISTENED to the valuable feedback of our prototype testers and changed the external potentiometer knob to BRASS – looks AWESOME!

So, to answer the question many of you have been asking, we are offering Introductory Pricing to launch this exciting new device attachment:

Stainless Steel “Can” Regular Price $90.00, limited time Introduction price $80.00 and remember to use your “SAVE5” code at checkout for an additional discount! Get YOUR Stainless Steel “Can” for the Introductory price: $76

Aluminum “Can” Regular Price $80, limited time Introduction price $70 and remember to use your “SAVE5” code at checkout for an additional discount! Get YOUR aluminum “Can” for the Introductory price: $66.50

As always, all orders over $70 qualify for free 1st class shipping and you can upgrade to priority and even Express shipping.




….Its Vaporjoes


One of our show sponsors – Sunvapers.com will be giving away a Kanger Pro-Tank.

Be one of the first to get one – A full month before release!
To be given away on the Mod Envy show on Novabroadcasting this SAT @ 10pm-12am EST

Stainless Steel Sigelei ZMax – $66.49 – Free Ship

..its TropicalVapors

Here is a good deal on a stainless steel Sigelei.    The stainless steel version of this mod is in a class all its own.  It terms on construction these are a completely different beast then a normal chrome or black Sigelei. Its extremely well made and has a nice heft to it.  I know people that compare it to the Provari and even give it a slight edge.

WHERE: http://www.tropicalvapors.com/


Use coupon code tropical5 to bring the total cost down $66.49 for the High Gloss Stainless Steel model. 

Update: Did I mention its free shipping?

FOR THE NEWBIE: Big 510 Kit – $17.99 FS

….its Free-Cigs.com

This is an example of why I started this site.  STOP paying outrageous prices when something like this does the job far better then a few gas station disposables or overpriced bloated big name vendors.

Free-cigs has a great deal going for a nice 510 kit.   If your a new vaper or looking for an inexpensive portable setup – look no further.   If you know a new vaper looking for a kit, or want to send a kit to someone – please check out this deal.

The 510 kit is a classic kit that got many of us off smoking.   The advantage now is they dont cost $60.00 like they used too.    Even the most advanced vaper should pick one up to give away at a vape meet, network show, and or PIF to a smoker.

For what is included and the free shipping – these kits are some of the best I have seen for the money.  I also like that you can choose filled or unfilled cartomizers.


2 Rechargeable Batteries with Green LED
1 USB charger
1 Charger cable
6 Re-fillable Cartomizers
(filled or unfilled)
1 User’s manual
Choose manual or automatic battery kits below.

Manual requires a button to be pushed for the ecig to fire.  
An automatic battery fires the e-cig when you take a drag.  


Automatic Battery Kit: http://www.free-cigs.com/ 
Manual Battery Kit: http://www.free-cigs.com/ 


VDAY SALE: 2 x 30ml – $19.00

…its Timeless Vapor

So the valentines day sales are starting.. It seems vendors need any excuse to have a sale – which is a good thing for you and me.   Here is great deal on juice.  You get two 30ml bottles of juice for $19.00

A little update on some of the flavors I have ordered over the last few weeks from Timeless.  The Alien DNA, Blue Moon, Jedi Juice, Apricot Peach Cobbler are all very good and I will reorder them.   I did ordered the Pecan Pie, but I haven’t tried it yet – I was told to let that one steep a while.

Check it out and order some juice.  Do what I did and try something completely different then what your used to vaping.  I ordered the Apricot Peach Cobbler and I was very happy I switched it up a bit.

WHERE:  http://www.timelessvapor.com 


CHEAP VAPES: 10ML / $2.40

…its Constantvapor

Constantvapor is running a great deal on juice.  Your getting 10ml for just $2.40 a bottle.  If your looking for good budget liquid thats very vapable. – check it out.  These are mostly tobacco flavored liquids – sorry fruit flavor lovers.

WHERE:  http://www.constantvapor.com/


Use coupon code VDAY20 to take 20% off your order.  This coupon works store wide.

VapeOnly BCC Clearomizer Tank – $12.99 FS

….its Surevapes

These are the new Vapeonly Bottom Coil Clearomizer Tanks.  These are much like the kanger T3’s.   Im hearing good things, a few of my friends already have them in hand.  I have ordered some too.  This kit comes with 3 replacement heads to get you off and runningI believe these are the first bottom coil tanks to hit the market, followed by the Kanger Pro-Tank that will land soon.  These ship for free!


Each 3.5ml Vapeonly BCC (Bottom Coil Changeable) mega Clear Cartomizer  has 3 coil units with 1.8ohm, 2.2ohm and 2.5 ohm, which can fit on most batteries with 510/eGo threading from 3.2v to 6v. So you can choose the one that produces the best experience for you. This produces tons of vapor making for a great vaping experience.

Each 3.5ml Vapeonly BCC mega Clearomizer Kit Contains:
  • 3 x Replacement coils (1.8 ohm /2.2 ohm/2.5 ohm)
  • 1 x VapeOnly 3.5ml Transparent plastic tube (Choice of color:)
  • 1 x metal bottom base
  • 1 x Flat black mouthpiece

WHERE: http://www.surevapes.com/

$12.99 – Free Shipping

BACK IN STOCK: The Octopus RDA – $8.50

New vendor and stock 2/10

….its Gotvapes

Due to the popularity of this RBA/RDA it sold out very quickly on Madvapes.  I found that gotvapes was selling these a bit cheaper.  Subscribe to their newsletter and get 5% off everything – every time you check out.

WHERE: http://www.gotvapes.com/

$8.50 with newsletter signup

Ego Mini – 350mAh – $8.76

…its Constantvapor

I love my ego minis, and here is a great deal on them.    Built for portability and stealth these ego mini batteries last 3 – 3 1/2 hours.  I use them when I go out and want a super portable set up.  These with a low res clearomizer or a smoktech shorty can be easily slipped in my pocket or palmed for the ultimate in stealth vaping.    I have a bunch of ego batteries and I always  find myself using the minis when I leave the house.

WHERE: http://www.constantvapor.com/


Use coupon code VDAY20 to bring the total down to $8.76

Innokin Itaste SVD – PREORDER OPEN! $69.99

…..its Smartvapes

Here is your first opportunityto order the Innokin Itaste SVD.   This mod is going to be THE mod over the next few months.  All the buzz is pointing in a very positive direction. 


Variable Voltage: voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 – 6.0 volts in .1 volt increments.
Variable Wattage: Wattage can be adjusted from 3.0 – 15.0 W in .5 watts increments.
Short Circuit Protection.
Reverse Battery Protection Circuit
Battery Voltage Detection
Resistive Load Detection ( Ohms meter )
ON/OFF battery switch
LED Battery Power Display
Low Voltage Warning
Overtime Vaping Warning
Telescopic Tube supports 18350, 18500 or 18650 batteries
Battery safety protection
Myriad compatible ( Thread fit iClear10 ,iClear16, iClear30,CE4,CE5 ,eGo, T2,T3 , VIVI NOVA and 510 etc )
Change battery and switch VV or VW have parameter memory function
Built-in 3 digit display ( Ohms meter , Volts /Watts , Atomizer voltage output )
*SmartVapes offers a 90 day warranty on this product.
*Batteries not included

WHERE: http://www.smartvapes.com/