Crystal Clear Vaping 11% OFF + Free Ship

Free Shipping + 11% Off Everything..

…its crystal clear vaping


Crystal Clear is a vendor I have been using for a while.  They are currently running a sale for 11% off everything plus free shipping.  This sale is running the entire month of November. 

WHERE: http://www.crystalclearvaping.com/


Use Coupon Code: nov11off to get 11% off your total order + free shipping

Pack of 5 Ego-C Atomizers – $9.99


…another from SpringVapor



For my ego-C users, this is a great deal.   Usually these run about $20-25.00 for a pack of 5.  These are low resistance atomizer heads coming in at around 2 ohms.

WHERE: http://springvapor.com


1 pack of 5 of Atomizer heads for the ego-C – 2ohm.
Shipping is reasonable. 

Nj hit hard….Big issues

Looks like a bomb went off in my neighborhood.  Cell service starting to return.. Currently no power, no internet, car skewered by a tree.  Will update when possible… The zombie apocalypse has come!

(Update 7pm) Hurricane Sandy

My frugal minions,

Vaporjoes.com is located directly in the path of hurricane Sandy.  Power is out and we don’t expect to get power back for a few days. Deals will start back up once power is restored.  Our facebook group is still updating in real time.  We will keep you posted via cellphone.

(Update 7pm ) Neighbors house…

Vulcan (DID Clone) – Clear Tank – $21.99

…its free-cigs


The very popular did style rebuild-able atomizer now has a clear bottom tank.   This seller also has it a great price!

RBA Kit includes:

  • Vulcan atomizer tank
  • 2 pieces stainless steel mesh #400
  • 3 feet Kanthal A-1 32 AWG wire
  • Allen key
  • Storage box
  • Stainless steel drip tip
  • 510 Connection

You must oxidize the stainless steel mesh in order to use this device. Improperly oxidizing the stainless steel mesh can damage the atomizer. The Kanthal wire should be run through a blue flame before using.

WHERE:  http://www.free-cigs.com/


VV Gripper – $39.95

…its mountainoakvapors


Here is a great deal on a VV Gripper.  
This deal is running about $10-$15.00 cheaper.

  • Adjustable output from 3 volts to 6 volts
  • Comfortable, durable injection molded body.
  • Shows Volts and atomizer/cartomizer ohms.
  • 5 Click on/off feature.
  • Very nice packaging, with included instruction pamphlet
  • 4 Amps maximum output.
  • 510 Sealed connector.

  • WHERE:  http://www.mountainoakvapors.com/


    Stealth Can Mods – $71.20

    …its vaporheads

    There mods were always $100.00 – I like this price for the uniqueness.

    These sturdy “stash” cans have been modded for e-liquid. These mods can easily be converted from a 3.7v mod to a 6v mod by using 2 stackable, Tenergy RCR123A 3v rechargeable batteries. Most of them will fit in a vehicle drink holder. 5ml DC Tank 18650 battery and glass straw included. Easy to replace/change tank cartomizers and batteries. Ready to Vape! This item qualifies for free shipping!

    same type of mod – review

    WHERE: http://shop.vaporheads.net/


    $71.20 after using coupon code: HALLOWEEN for 25% off your total order.

    Kanger T2 Heads 10 for 9.99 Free Shipping.

    …..its surevapes!

    I love the kanger T2s and surevapes is running a great deal on the replacement heads.   Running just under $1.00 each with free shipping.  They also sell a 5 pack for $5.25.

    10 Replacement heads for 9.99 or 5 for 5.25

    CE4 Clearomizers (Stardusts) $2.99

    …its smokerevolt

    There is a great deal on some Ce4 Clearomizers AKA The Stardust.   Available in a variety of colors.  

    These are quality, 510 compatible-Ce4 Clearomizers. These allow you to hold liquid similar to a tank:

    They also come in different colors and are very convenient! The Ce4’s arrive blank, ready to fill, no syringe necessary!!-just screw off the drip tip and fill this with your favorite E-Juice. Very handy! These hold an estimated 1.6ml of liquid at a time…

    2.0ohm resistance*

    (UPDATE) SS Vmax V2 R4 – $62.99

    …..its Vapin’ in the Cape

    Stainless Steel back in Stock! 10/25

    First impressions – 10/27 

    UPDATE: 10/27

    First Impressions

    So far Im impressed with the stainless steel model.

    Very well constructed and the voltage tweaks in the new model seem more compatible with lower resistance. I ordered this on the 25th, got it today on 27th.  If I don’t drop it from 25 feet or run it over with my car – I thinks its going to be around for a while.


    Here is a great deal on a Vmax.  The Stainless Steel model is always about $10.00 more then the standard finish.  Most vendors are still selling these for $79+.   You can also pick other finishes for the same price, but I just wanted to feature the stainless.

    These are version 2 Revision 4. Some call it Version 4.
    Whats the difference? Watch this video.

    WHERE: http://www.vapininthecape.com/

    THE DEAL: 

    1 Smoktech Vmax in Stainless Steel for $62.99

    Boge Cartomizer Tank – $5.99 – Free Ship

    Better then Smoktech and Less Money!

    …its Surevapes


    Surevapes is running a great deal on these newer boge cartomizer tanks.   I own these and I have to tell you that they are better then the smoktech tanks.  The tank construction itself is a bit better and its a bit larger.   The tank kit comes with the tank, a boge cartomizer with flang and drip tip.   These tanks can use the smoktech tank cartomizers as well.

    WHERE: https://www.surevapes.com/ 


    Boge Tank set up – $5.99 – Free Shipping

    ViVi Nova Kit – $8.95

    … its free-cigs

     Vivi Nova Tank Set V2.5 includes:

    • 3.5ml clear tank
    • Polished aluminum Tank Base and Cap
    • One 1.8ohm (Low Resistance) replaceable Coil Head
    • One 2.4ohm (Standard Resistance) replaceable Coil Head
    • One 2.8ohm (High Resistance) replaceable Coil Head
    • Black Drip Tip (Most other 510 drip tips will work as well)

    WHERE: http://www.free-cigs.com


    $8.95 for the complete kit.

    INTRO: Double Barrel Cartomizer Adapter

    Vape 2 Cartomizers at once!

    …its madvapes

    This isn’t really a deal but its such a neat idea I had to put it up.  Madvapes is currently the only vendor I know selling these.

    The base comes with a 510 connector to attach to the battery and 2 female connectors to attach two (2) 510 cartomizers.  The drip tip is designed to slide over top of both cartomizers simultaneously.  Two cartomizers means twice the vapor!
    Please remember the voltage that is needed to power your device.  This device is recommended with single coil cartomizers and the total resistance must be figured.  If your device is 3.7 volts and you vape well with a 1.5 ohm dual coil cartomizer, then 2- 3.2 ohm single coil cartomizers will work as the total resistance would be 1.6 ohms.  In order to figure your ohms using 2 cartomizers, simply divide the resistance of the cartomizer you are using by 2.  So if you are using two (2) 4 ohm single coil cartomizers your total resistance is 2 ohms.
    A dual coil cartomizer works like this as well.  So if you know what resistance dual coil cartomizer works well for you at a particular voltage, multiply that resistance by 2 and then get that resistance single coil cartomizer.



    ….its littleshopofvapors

    Little house of vapers is having a 10% off and free shipping sale.   This is in response to the possible shipping outages due to the hurricane on its way to the North east.

    This sale is in effect through the 29th.  

    Use coupon code: SANDY at checkout.


    WHERE: http://www.littleshopofvapors.com/

    Vision MAX510 Atomizers $3.96

    …its Vaporheads

    Here is a great deal on Vision Max 510 atomizers.  There are are many different configurations to choose from.  Standard and Low Resistance.  With or without a bridge.  All cost the same price with the 25% off coupon – $3.96.

    These all use standard 510 connections.

    WHERE: http://shop.vaporheads.net/ <-- Middle of the page

    THE DEAL: 

    $3.95 after using coupon code: Halloween for 25% off the price.