L-Ryder Lavatube – $23.11

…its Naturevaper

For about the cost of a ego twist you can get yourself a Lavatube.  If I had to choose between them, Id take the lavatube.   This is a great deal on an introductory VV mod.  My lavatube is still going strong from a year ago.  

$23.00 is a steal.


Our VV tube has the following features that are sure to enhance your vaping experience no matter what volt you like to vape at. The LCD screen is simple and easy to read and also is back lit with a red LED. It simply displays the voltage as you set/change it using the voltage set buttons. The “Lock” feature, simply push and hold the 2 black voltage adjustment buttons at the same time for 5 seconds and it will lock the voltage. This is great as it means you can’t accidentally change the voltage. Comes with built in circuit/switch protection. Which means a 10 second cut off and reverse battery protection.  To turn it on you need to push the RED power button for 5 seconds, this is also the way you shut the device off. To adjust the voltage you need to push the black + or – buttons, and lastly to fire your VV tube there is a large black button. Please check out our options on this great mod and make a kit that works well with you. 

WHERE: http://naturevaper.com/



1 Box Boge Cartomizers – $4.25

….its naturevaper

Naturevaper is running a deal on boxes of Boge cartomizers.   Currently all 510 and 306  Boge cartomizers are $4.25 a box. Stock up while you can – these aren’t going to last.


510 BOGE: http://naturevaper.com/
306 BOGE: http://naturevaper.com/


24 HOURS: Kanger T3 Sale – $4.75

…its sun-vapers

Sun Vapers is running a 24 hour sale on Kanger T3’s.  These are usually $5.75-$7.00 each!  Stock up on the kings of the clearomizer!

If you only use normal CE4/CE5/Stardust clearomizers – try these you will understand what all the fuss is about.

Replaceable head – Bottom Coil.

WHERE: http://www.sun-vapers.com/

Innokin Itaste MVP – $49.39

..its electronicstix

The lowest to date outside of a co-op!

Detailed Features

Innokin iTaste MVP is a long-lasting variable voltage VV box mod featuring 2600 mAh battery.
Features in Brief:
Myriad compatible ( Thread fit CE4,CE5 ,eGo, VIVI NOVA and 510 etc )
Operating Volt adjustable ( 3.3-5.0 Volts in .1 volt increments )
Puffer counter
Polymer li-ion rechargeable battery
Portable power source for electronic products
Long live energy 2600 mAh
Battery capacity display
ON/OFF safety switch
Standard Micro & 2.0 USB Socket
Short circuit /atomizer protection
Over-discharge protection

Kit Includes

1x iTaste MVP
2x Clearomizers
1x USB cable
1xtransparent carrying case

WHERE:  http://www.electronicstix.com/


Use coupon code COMEATMEBRO to bring the cost down to $49.39

Bauway CE4 LR Clearomizers – $2.07

…its smart-vapes

Here is a good deal on some clearomizers.  These are a little different in the sense that they can use any drip tip.  So your getting a clearo and a 510 drip tip for $2.07.

I have used these and they hit pretty hard for a clearomizer. These are very low resistance so they work great even on a 3.7v ego.  I have had a few come in at 1.3 ohms.

1 DAY: Innokin Itaste MVP – $50.00

…its SmartVapes

Cheapest I have seen so far outside of a co-op.


Innokin ITaste MVP Variable Voltage Starter Kit:
1x iTaste MVP
2x dual coil XL Clearomizers
1x USB cable
1xtransparent carrying case

Brief Features:
Innokin iTaste MVP is a long-lasting variable voltage VV  box mod featuring 2600 mAh battery.

Features in Brief:
Myriad compatible ( Thread fit CE4,CE5 ,eGo, VIVI NOVA and 510 etc )
Operating Volt adjustable ( 3.3-5.0 Volts in .1 volt increments )
Puffer accounter
Polymer li-ion rechargeable battery
Portable power source for electronic products
Long live energy 2600 mAh
Battery capacity display
ON/OFF safety switch
Standard Micro & 2.0 USB Socket
Short circuit /atomizer protection

WHERE: http://www.smartvapes.com


CE4+ (AKA Stardusts) – $2.99 each

…its vaporphoenix

The CE4 Clearomizers are here! These clearos are also known as the Vision clearomizers, Stardust Clearomizers or Ego Tank Clearomizers, and are for use on any and all ego type batteries. They give your ego a sleek sexy look and come in clear, blue, or purple. Each clearo holds 1.6mL of your juiciest ejuice  (you can actually fit more than 1.6mL, Vape Master Adam was able to fit about 2mL of his favorite juice of the week). These clearos are simple to fill and create awesome clouds of vapor. Just unscrew the tip and drip down the sides or fill with a syringe. Make sure you avoid the center hole when filling with ejuice. These bad boys also let you keep track of your juice levels with graduations on the side of the tank up to 1.6mL. The CE4 have a resistance of 2.6-2.8 ohm. 

WHERE: http://www.vaporphoenix.com/


BLOWOUT: Halo / Highbrow Juice Clearance

… hello constantvapor.com


This vendor contacted me and said he is running a 15% off all his already discounted juice.   Highbrow is as low as $5.00 for 30ml.   Halo is $4.25 for a 7ml bottle after the discount.

WHERE: http://www.constantvapor.com/


15% off liquid with coupon code:  snow15

The Vamo – Chrome – $43.99 or 31.20 (CHN)

…its Vaporbank

I have been using their vamo for about a week now.   It works, I have had no problems with it.   Smokie901 had a rattling button which drove him crazy but other then that it worked great.

The buttons appear to be metal and the mod itself is extremely heavy.


The ego APV is a vast improvement in cost and design over its predecessors. It offers both variable voltage and variable wattage modes, and can increase power by .1 volts or .5 watts. This device can stably operate between 3.0-6.0 volts or 3.0-15.0 watts.
Device Instructions
1.To turn the device on or off press the big button 5 times in 2 seconds.
2.To switch between the VV and VW mode press and hold both mini buttons at the same time.
3.Use the left and right mini buttons to increase and decrease the voltage or wattage.
4.To check the remaining battery voltage press and hold the left mini button for 5 seconds.
5.To check the your devices resistance (ohms) press and hold the right mini button for 5 seconds.
6.This device will work with one 18350, two 18350, or one 18650 lithium ion battery. Both the AW and Unprotected batteries on our site work well in this device. We have not done extensive testing with the 18650 batteries. The Panasonic CGR18650CH will work, and we will add more brands as we confirm they work. We suggest using 18350 batteries off of our site.
7. To switch between AVG and RMS mode press and hold the left or right mini button for ten seconds. It will display NO1 when it is in AVG mode and NO2 when it is in RMS mode.

This device has the following protective features.

1.When you press the big button for 10 seconds or more the device will shut off.
When using a single battery and the voltage drops below 3.2 volts the screen will display “LO”. Please recharge your battery before continuing to use it.
2.When using two batteries and the voltage drops below 6.4 volts the screen will display “LO”. Please recharge your batteries before continuing to use them.
3.When you use an atomizer at 1.2ohm or less the screen will display a “LO” ohms warning. Please use a higher resistance atomizer to prevent damaging your device.
4.When you are using an atomizer with a short the screen will display “LO v”. Please change your atomizer to prevent damaging your device.
5.The device will not work if you put the batteries in incorrectly. Please remove and replace the batteries with the positive end towards the top of the device.

Here are some demos and reviews you can look at before buying it.

WHERE:  https://vaporbank.com/

$43.99 w/ coupon rba20off


The alternative is Healthcabin they have them for $31.20.  I normally don’t promote Chinese websites but Healthcabin is pretty well established.   Your shipping time can be up to two weeks.


Vivi Nova Stealth – $7.47

…its GloryVapes

The baby brother to the original ViVi Nova.  AKA the ViVi Nova Mini
These hold rougly 2ml of juice and the replaceable heads from the ViVi Nova and Mini are compatible with each other.    If you like the ViVi nova but want something a little smaller and portable – this is the way to go.   Each kit comes with the Tank, Drip Tip and 3 replaceable heads in LR, SR and HR.

Use coupon code vaporjoe to bring the total cost of this item down to $7.47  
*coupon is a personalized coupon – not an affiliate code


… Its Vaporbank

Vaporbank is having a big sale on RBA’s.  Rather then pick them apart here is the list of the full sale and links directly to the products.

Use coupon Code: rba20off

A7 RBA Black – Regular Price – $19.99 – 20% off = $15.99 –  


A7 RBA Stainless – Regular Price – $19.99 – 20% off = $15.99 – 

AGA – Regular Price – $24.99 – 20% off = $19.19 –  

AGA-T – Regular Price – $24.99 – 20% off = $19.99 –

IGO-L – Regular Price – $18.99 – 20% off = $15.19 –

Vision Eternity – Regular Price – $29.99 – 20% off = $23.99


1100Mah Ego-C Twist – $16.99

…its VaporPhoenix

VaporPheonix is having a 1 day sale on their 1100mAh Ego-C Twist Batteries.   A $16.99 they are by far the cheapest price I have seen for VV Ego Style batteries.   These will sell quickly, so jump on it.

WHERE:  http://www.vaporphoenix.com/



1/2 PRICE: Vape Safe 2 – $7.99

..its SmartVapes


This is the reuseable version of the original Vape Safe.  This deal is about 50% off the normal price.  If you have a mechanical mod –  get one.

  • Protects against hard shorts in 3.7V single battery devices as well as 6V-7.4V stacked battery devices.
  • Protects batteries during charging
  • Prevents Hot Springs from collapsing
  • Protects variable voltage and other circuitry
  • Reuseable

WHERE:  http://www.smartvapes.com/


Sigelei Stainless Zmax Rev 3 KIT – $90.00 FS

…its steammonkey

Here is a great deal on A Sigelei Zmax Kit.    The last deal I had on here for a Sigelei (mod only) blew out the door @ 74.00.   Considering you getting the Stainless Steel model, Two 18650 Batteries, Charger, and Clearomizer – I think its worth the extra $16.00.   This kit also ships free.


This is the Third Iteration of the Zmax from Sigelei. This revision has a new PCB for better tuned voltage and wattage. It also has the new 8th menu option which changes the voltage calculation formula between RMS and Mean as well as the spiffy OLED screen. Ultimately if this means nothing to you, just bump the V or W until it tastes good!

This listing is for a full kit. You’ll get the Zmax itself with the 18650 End cap, 2 18650 batteries, 1 battery charger, a CE5 Atomizer and a nice little gift box! This model also has 510 threading for connecting to the widest variety of accessories and a deep drip well that should allow most “Ego” threaded accessory skirts to fit beside the primary connetor threads.
The Zmax functions in either Variable Voltage (VV) or Power Regulated (PR) modes. In VV mode you can move in 0.1 v increments from 3 to 6 v. In PR mode it will adjust in 0.5w increments between 3 and 15w. The new PCB supports up to 4amp of output.  
The device comes with a user manual for deciphering it’s menu system. You will need it, this thing has a TON of options. 

WHERE: http://www.steammonkey.com/

$90.00 – free shipping

Mrvape – $3.83 per 10ml

…its MrVape

On Cybermonday I ordered a ton of this vendors juice.   His sale was so good I ordered 20 different flavors.  I liked it all.  Some better then others, but all very vape-able.  The best was the Banana Bacco.

Many people who bought from him are having the same reaction. He has caught up with all his sales and has issued a 20% off coupon.   This brings the cost of a 10ml bottle to just $3.83.

If I were you Id give him a try.  Some of the basic flavors are as low as $2.00 for 10ml.  Dont forget to pick a free sample with your order.

WHERE: http://www.mrvape.com/

Use coupon code patiencepays for 20% off your total order.