Full CE4 Clearo Kit w/ juice – $27.96

 Great Gift Kit!!

…its ViperVape

In my opinion this is the best kit for someone trying to quit smoking.  Its simple and comes with everything you need – including juice.   Simplicity is the key to going from smoking to vapig, and it doesn’t get easier then this kit.  Fill and Vape.

  • 2 CE4 Plus Clearomizers
  • 2 650mAh batteries
  • 1 pc Wall charger
  • 1 pc USB charger
  • 1 10ml bottle of tobacco or menthol E-liquid (please specify in comments section during checkout)

For $27.96 – its a steal.   Great for a new vaper or if you want to get some extra batteries and accessories for yourself.

WHERE:  http://www.viper-vape.com/


Use coupon code:  cybermonday  for 30% off which brings the cost of this kit down to $27.96


(Update) MTBAKERVAPOR – 15ML – $3.99

…its Mtbakervapor

Mtbakervapor is currently running a weekend Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale.   The current sale is 20% off everything.  This brings their 15ml bottles of juice down to a meager $3.99.  You can also get a free T-shirt if your spend $25.00 or more.  I buy from them all the time.

WHERE: http://www.mtbakervapor.com/


Use coupon code:  ejuicesavings for 20% off your total order.
Use coupon code:  freeshirt for a free logo T-shirt for spending over $25

Naturevaper – Multi-Deal Roll out!


Naturevaper is running very good deals all over the site.  Im going to list what I think are the best areas of the site to look at.


Atomizers @ 2.99 – HERE

Genuine Joye Ego Twist Batteries @ 16.99 – HERE

Boge Cartomizers @ 4.29 – HERE

6ml DCT Tanks w/ Carto and Drip Tip @ $4.25 – HERE

All Flavor Art and Home Made Eliquid Marked Down – HERE

510 manual and auto batteries @ $3.50 – HERE

Custom Pyrex Glass Tanks – $17.50

…its Ibtanked

Ok so here is the deal.  I have no idea why anyone would spend $40+ on a Pyrex glass tank when Ibtanked exists.   

Pick your tube ($5.00 for basic clear to 15.00 for the most colorful)
Pick your caps ($12.50 for Acrylic or $15.00 for stainless)

These are great tanks.  They are thick and the caps are made so it leaves more room for the juice.  They have a ton of different styles and will also do custom work.  

WHERE:  http://www.ibtanked.com/

Little Shop of Vapors – 23% OFF Everything.

..its littleshopofvapors

Normally I don’t post just coupon codes.  However, littleshopvapors has  good deals on a regular basis so a coupon off everything is rare.   This deal is 23% off storewide.  Its a great site for new vapers or if you looking to get a good deal on a kit for someone or yourself.

WHERE: http://www.littleshopofvapors.com/


Use coupon code 23% to take 23% off your total order.

Innokin iTaste MVP – $50.24

…its carolinavapes.com

The Itaste MVP needs no introduction.  They are simply great!  I own one and its a rock solid device.

Innokin iTaste MVP is a long-lasting variable voltage VV box mod featuring a 2600 mAh battery.

Quick Details:

Size:41*22*107mm Battery Capacity:2600mAh
Operating Voltage:3.3-5.0 V Charging Time:3.5H-5.5H

Features in Brief:
Myriad compatible ( Thread fit CE4,CE5 ,eGo, VIVI NOVA and 510 etc )
Operating Volt adjustable ( 3.3-5.0 Volts in .1 volt increments )
Puff counter
Polymer li-ion rechargeable battery
Portable power source for electronic products
Long life 2600 mAh
Battery capacity display
ON/OFF safety switch
Standard Micro & 2.0 USB Socket
Short circuit /atomizer protection
Over-discharge protection


Innokin ITaste MVP Variable Voltage Starter Kit:1x iTaste MVP
2x dual coil XL Clearomizers

1x Tank Collar/Ring
1x USB cable
1xtransparent carrying case 


Use coupon code cvbf2012 to bring the price of this mod down to $50.24

HappyEsmoker – $2.40 per 10ml – Free Ship!

…its HappyEsmoker

Happy Esmoker is running a Weekend to Monday sale.  All 10ml bottles are $3.00 and all 30ml bottles are $10.00.  It also ships free!  The creamy dreamy line is getting a lot of good attention! 

Use coupon code: Happyecf to get an additional 20% off that order!

The total comes to just $2.40 for a 10ml

I just picked up a few bottles for myself..

WHERE:  https://www.happyesmoker.com/

USA Made Juice: $1.92 per 10ml!

….its MrVape

Sale is still active as of 11/25

MrVape is running a 60% off Black Friday sale on their American made juice.  A 10ml of juice is running just $1.92!  I really wanted to get to know this juice maker so I bought a ton of different kinds of juice including some sample packs. For that price you should try out a few flavors!  Shipping is very reasonable too at just over $2.00. 

WHERE: http://www.mrvape.com/


Use coupon code: blackfriday to get 60% off your total order. Juice only

Variable Vots/Wats Mod – $38.99

..its VaporBank

From what I understand these have the Zmax version 2 guys with a customizable battery body and a great display.  

HARD COPY:The ego APV is a vast improvement in cost and design over its predecessors. It offers both variable voltage and variable wattage modes, and can increase power by .1 volts or .5 watts. This device can stably operate between 3.0-6.0 volts or 3.0-15.0 watts.
Device Instructions
1.To turn the device on or off press the big button 5 times in 2 seconds.
2.To switch between the VV and VW mode press and hold both mini buttons at the same time.
3.Use the left and right mini buttons to increase and decrease the voltage or wattage.
4.To check the remaining battery voltage press and hold the left mini button for 5 seconds.
5.To check the your devices resistance (ohms) press and hold the right mini button for 5 seconds.
6.This device will work with one 18350, two 18350, or one 18650 lithium ion battery. Both the AW and Unprotected batteries on our site work well in this device.

This device has the following protective features.
1.When you press the big button for 10 seconds or more the device will shut off.
When using a single battery and the voltage drops below 3.2 volts the screen will display “LO”. Please recharge your battery before continuing to use it.
2.When using two batteries and the voltage drops below 6.4 volts the screen will display “LO”. Please recharge your batteries before continuing to use them.
3.When you use an atomizer at 1.2ohm or less the screen will display a “LO” ohms warning. Please use a higher resistance atomizer to prevent damaging your device.
4.When you are using an atomizer with a short the screen will display “LO v”. Please change your atomizer to prevent damaging your device.
5.The device will not work if you put the batteries in incorrectly. Please remove and replace the batteries with the positive end towards the top of the device.

Product Includes:

WHERE:  https://vaporbank.com/


VaporJoe Tonight at 10:00pm – Elixir TV

Working on my day off!

its Elixer TV

Tonight at 10:00pm Vaping Mandcat returns with a weekend show.  I will be on going over a what deals are left from Black Friday and whats to come for Cyber Monday.   We are also going over a few mod deals.

Check them out at 10:00pm EST.

WHERE: http://www.stickam.com/elixirtv3



…its VaporJoes.com

My frugal minions!

If you take a look to the left side of your screen, our Google counter as ticked past 1,000,000 hits.  This is a big milestone for any website.  We have achieved this in 3 1/2 months.  In that time the site has grown exponentially and now gets roughly 12,000-20,000 hits per day.  Today Black Friday we received over 47,000 hits – our biggest day.

 In any other niche market that would be great.
  For vaping its astonishing

Through Vaporjoes.com, our Facebook group, email list, google plus, and twitter we reach a very large amount of the vaping community.  That vast reach will help everyone save money, and also disseminate information out issues that may effect us as a community.
I want to thank everyone for their support – and I will continue to do what i do best.. dominate the deals. 

Today im taking a well earned day off and the deals will continue on 11/25.  

Check out our Facebook group – Deals are posted by vendors 24/7



10ml of USA Juice – 99 cents each

…its ecigexpress.com

This deal was too crazy to pass up.   This vendor is known for its DIY supplies and flavorings.   They are pushing a crazy black friday sale for their new e-juice flavors.   You get up to 4 different 10ml bottles of juice for just .99 each.  With the cost of shipping the total will be $7.08.  They also have a bunch of different sample packs for just 2.99 each.   

No coupon code needed.

WHERE: http://www.ecigexpress.com/


99 cents per 10ml – up to 4 bottles.  



VaporsChoice – 50% OFF LIQUID – 15ml – 3.00

…its Vapors-Choice

Vapors-Choice is having a 50% off juice sale.  A 15ml of juice will run you just $3.00.  I have bought from this vendor in the past and their juice pretty good.  For this price – its a must try!

WHERE: http://www.vapors-choice.com/

THE DEAL:Use coupon code friday50 for 50% off all liquids.


Be Safe this Holiday for $2.43


..its atomicvapors

These are an absolute must for anyone stacking batteries or using a mechanical mod with no short circuit protection.  This is the cheapest price to date.


Lithium ion batteries, while generally described as “safe,” have been known to vent hot gasses and in some cases, explode. The leading cause of a venting battery is a hard short. The Vape Safe is a mechanical fuse that trips if it senses a short in the mod by shutting down the battery. The Vape Safe can also help protect variable voltage circuitry, hot springs and other circuitry inside your mod that can be damaged in the case of a hard short.
●      Protects against hard shorts in 3.7V single battery devices as well as 6V-7.4V stacked battery devices. Should fit in nearly any 16/18 series battery mod.
●      Protects batteries during charging
●      Prevents Hot Springs from collapsing
●      Protects variable voltage and other circuitry
●      From EPipeMods, Cherry Vape and Artisan Vaping
If the Vape Safe Protection Circuit is triggered your mod will cease to operate. Once a fuse has blown it is no longer operational and the Vape Safe will then need to be replaced.’


Use coupon code INSANE50 to bring the total cost down to $2.43



16 HOURS: Timeless Vapors 35% OFF

35% OFF

...its timelessvapor

The e-juice child of Vaping Mandycat – one of the hosts of elixir TV and admin of the vapors lounge facebook group. 

She is currently running a 35% OFF juice sale.  This brings her juice down to just $3.25 per 10ml.

Make sure to check out MANDYS MELONS (Its great juice).

WHERE: http://www.timelessvapor.com/