Vapors-choice – 25% OFF – 30ml / $7.50

…its Vapors-Choice

Vapors-Choice is running a sale on their handmade juice for the holidays.  All juice is 25% off already low prices.  A 30ml bottle will run just $7.50 – a pretty great deal.  If you already like their juice – a 120ml bottle will run just $27.75.
Check them out and give them a try.

WHERE:  http://www.vapors-choice.com/


Use coupon code holiday to get 25% off your total juice order.

FINAL DAY: 50% OFF – 270 Flavors

Fire Kitty wants to play!

…welcome Deejstuff

(Update 12/23) Final Day 270 Flavors are now 50% off

(Update 12/23) – Final day of the 270 flavor 50% off Sale!

Ok so whats with the crazy looking cat?  This is fire kitty!  Fire kitty means you get 50% off your juice @ Deejstuff.   When going through their juice selection look for that graphic.

Normally they have a few juices everyday that are 50% off – today they have over 270.  I have been buying from Deej for a few weeks now – their juice is great.  No coupon is required!  A 30ml bottle will cost $8.25 which is a great deal! 

WHERE: www.deejstuff.com

1300mAh Vision Spinners – $19.99

…its PBdragon

PB is running a great deal on Vision Spinners.  These are Visions take on the Ego Twist, and some feel they are better.  They are 200mAh more and the voltage is clearly labeled on battery case, rather then the wheel itself.  Great for taking VV on the go without the bulk of a mod.

WHERE: https://www.pbdragon.com/



On a side note they are also running a 15% off juice only sale with coupon code XMAS2012

ROLLOUT: Saber Touch Maxx Dual 18650 VV

 The Pimp Cane Commith..

…its Vapormoon

This is just a preview of the new mod ill be picking up today.  This was an idea Stephen Smiokie Madd and I came up with.  I have very large hands and I wanted a mod that didn’t disappear when I held it.   Its a dual 18650 Variable Voltage Mod.  Touch sensing switch pushing 5 amps.  Its 2x the size of the Provari 18650.   This is a mod for maximum power and maximum vape time.

From what im hearing already – it hits like a train.  The cost will be around $139.00 or so and Vapormoon will be taking orders via email for them.  You can get them in all different styles, colors, and patterns.  These are handmade to order.

(UPDATE 10:21pm)

Used the mod for about 2 hours.  Its incredible!   The touch sensor works like a charm and the mod itself hits like a freight train. The fit and finish is superb! 

(UPDATE 12:30am)
You can order these now, you just need to contact Vapormoon.   There are a ton of different styles, colors and fittings you can add to it.   Anything he can put on the standard saber touches, he can do for this mod.

WHERE:  http://vapormoon.com/

SIZZLE: Joye eVic Kit – $89.94

…its ivape.net

This is the lowest price for an eVic kit outside of a Co-Op. 
Joyetech eVic, full name “Vapor Intelligent Cigarette”, it’s a voltage and watt variable e-cigarette battery MOD, which is the latest Joyetech product. The eVic is a milestone, a turning point, and a new development direction of vapor intelligent electronic cigarette battery. 

Why we recomend Joyetech eVic?

a. You can operate eVic through rotating direction key and clicking enter button.
b. You can adjust the output power from 2.0W to 15W and the output voltage from 3.0V to 5.0V by yourself.
c. eVic can be easily charged with the dedicated USB cable, and the USB cable can connect with wall adaptor or computer.
d. eVic adopts a visual operating system which is able to record and manage your vapor history.
e: It can be assembled directly with Joyetech 510 and eGo series atomizers, including 510/510-T, eGo/eGo-T/eGo-C atomizers! This kit comes without any atomizer, you still need purchase atomizer & e-liquid!
f: Sepcial software to record all the information starting from the day you use it.
Use coupon code MerrEvicMass to bring the total cost of the eVic down to $89.94

ViVi Nova Kits – $8.41

…its Gloryvapes

Gloryvapes is running a deal on Vivi Nova style Tanks kits.


Holds 3ml of Ejuice Perfect size for all day vaping Comes with 3 replaceable heads 1.8 ohm 2.4 ohm 2.8 ohm each head is clearly marked for convience Easliy disasembled for cleaning Comes with one black drip tip but all of our drip tips fit Monster throat hit and Vapor! Individually wrapped and boxed.

WHERE:  https://shop.gloryvapes.com


Use coupon vaporjoe to bring the total cost down to $8.41

ALL RBA’s 20% OFF – AGA-T $19.99

..its vaporbank

Vaporbank is running a 20% off sale on RBA’s.  
Many different styles to choose from.

Use coupon code: Holiday2012

The Smoktech Groove – Variable Wattage Box?

Looks like smoktech is putting out another box mod.  Seems to be an upgrade to the VV Gripper.  Its both variable voltage and wattage. It is unknown if it will come as a kit or just the unit.   By looking at it, its safe to say it has its own battery built in and is charged via the usb interface.    The screen looks like the OLED screens used on the Segieli Zmax

At this point we can assume this is out of the rendering stage and this picture is an actual unit.  It looks like Smoktech wants to one up the MVP by putting out its own box mod with variable wattage.  

Since the USB port is so close to the chipset, it is conceivable this may also have a PC interface like the eVic.  This is only a observation and I have no true knowledge of that.  Also the word “interface” means more then just a charging port.  Doing any kind of speculation with engrish is never an easy task.

As I get more information I will update this page.

Vamo Variable Wattage Mod – $39.99

…its Vaporbank

Low prices scare vapers, and its understandable.  So what do merchants do? They raise the price so you think its built better.  Well in this rare case you have a cheap mod that’s built well.  Aside from some minor issues like button rattling – this mod is great.

I have had this mod now for over 2 weeks.  Works great and is a complete steal at 39.99.  If you want variable wattage that works well @ a great price – get the Vamo. 


The ego APV is a vast improvement in cost and design over its predecessors. It offers both variable voltage and variable wattage modes, and can increase power by .1 volts or .5 watts. This device can stably operate between 3.0-6.0 volts or 3.0-15.0 watts.
Device Instructions
1.To turn the device on or off press the big button 5 times in 2 seconds.
2.To switch between the VV and VW mode press and hold both mini buttons at the same time.
3.Use the left and right mini buttons to increase and decrease the voltage or wattage.
4.To check the remaining battery voltage press and hold the left mini button for 5 seconds.
5.To check the your devices resistance (ohms) press and hold the right mini button for 5 seconds.
6.This device will work with one 18350, two 18350, or one 18650 lithium ion battery. Both the AW and Unprotected batteries on our site work well in this device. We have not done extensive testing with the 18650 batteries. The Panasonic CGR18650CH will work, and we will add more brands as we confirm they work. We suggest using 18350 batteries off of our site.
7. To switch between AVG and RMS mode press and hold the left or right mini button for ten seconds. It will display NO1 when it is in AVG mode and NO2 when it is in RMS mode.

This device has the following protective features.

1.When you press the big button for 10 seconds or more the device will shut off.
When using a single battery and the voltage drops below 3.2 volts the screen will display “LO”. Please recharge your battery before continuing to use it.
2.When using two batteries and the voltage drops below 6.4 volts the screen will display “LO”. Please recharge your batteries before continuing to use them.
3.When you use an atomizer at 1.2ohm or less the screen will display a “LO” ohms warning. Please use a higher resistance atomizer to prevent damaging your device.
4.When you are using an atomizer with a short the screen will display “LO v”. Please change your atomizer to prevent damaging your device.
5.The device will not work if you put the batteries in incorrectly. Please remove and replace the batteries with the positive end towards the top of the device.

Here are some demos and reviews you can look at before buying it.

WHERE:  https://vaporbank.com/

$39.99 w/ coupon  holiday2012


650mAh Ego Battery – $6.54

…its Gloryvapes

Here is a great deal on ego 650mAh batteries.   I used these from this vendor  and they are great.  Solid and last as advertised.  I always have a few egos on standby in-case my mod goes down. Great for portability or putting a kit together for a new vaper.

The days of paying $60.00 for an ego kit are over.

WHERE:  https://shop.gloryvapes.com


Use coupon code vaporjoe to bring the total cost down to $6.54
*all coupons given to me by vendor


Smoktech 6ml Tank Kits – $4.00

…its Naturevaper

Here is a great deal on some DCT tanks.  Your getting the full set up – Cartomizer, Tank, and drip tip for $4.00 – You cant beat that  price!


BLUE: http://naturevaper.com/ – SOLD OUT MESSAGE IN CART
SMOKE:  http://naturevaper.com/  – SOLD OUT MESSAGE IN CART
CLEAR: http://naturevaper.com/ – SOLD OUT MESSAGE IN CART


VJ DEAL: Vapor Joe Exclusive V3

…its littleshopofvapor

Littleshopofvapors has once again come up with a great deal for our readers.  This deal is great for newbies, people looking for extra accessories, or as a gift for an analog smoker.  The price for the juice alone is $10.00 on Pink Spots website.

Vapor Joe EXCLUSIVE!! version 3

Exclusive sale at little shop of vapors provided by Vapor Joe

(1) Smoktech 900 mah Pass Through Battery
(1) Box of (5) BOGE Cartomizers – BLACK
(1) Decorative Cartomizer Cover/Cone
(1) Acrylic Drip Tip – Ribbon Striped 
(1) 12ml bottle of Pink Spot E-Liquid of either Honey Cured Tobacco or Pink Spot

use coupon code MANDY at checkout to bring the price down to $25.00

ROLLOUT: Vapros V1 – 2800mAh Box Mod

This is the newest box mod to hit the scene.  Jason from Electronicstix.com was demoing it for us in a google hangout.  He said they are shipping tomorrow and he should have them by the 1st.  These will retail for around $52.00.   It is unknown if they come in a kit or if its for the unit itself.  Jason says they are built well, but are hard plastic rather then metal like the MVP.  They have a 2800mAh battery and a very large display screen. This box mod goes to 6 volts rather then MVP’s 5 volts.

There were no issues with the PV so far.

Variable Voltage up to 6 volts – NOT wattage as some have said.

next to an iphone 5
velvet case it came in

Kanger T2 Low Res Heads – 5 for $4.45

…its Ivape.net

Here is a pretty sweet deal on Kanger T2 LR Replacement heads.  Ivape usually has great deals on Clearos but they have pushed it even further with their holiday sale.  With most vendors breaking up the packs and selling them for $1.50 each –  this is lowest price to date @ just 89 cents each.

WHERE: http://ivape.net/


Use coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS to bring the total cost down to $4.45 per pack of 5.

You can also pick up the Kanger T2’s (called sunfires on Ivape) HERE

DROP: 5 Kanger T3 Headers – $10.99

…its VaporCrave

VaporCrave is running a crazy deal on Kanger T3 replaceable heads.   This is the lowest price Ive seen – by almost 40%.   If your a kanger T3 user – time to load up.  

WHERE: http://vaporcrave.com/

5 for $10.99