January 30, 2013


….Its Ivape

For $14.05 a new vapor is off and running with all the hardware they will need to start vaping.  All you need to do is add a bottle of juice.  Ivape has a great selection of juice to add to this kit.

For the price of 2 disposable e-cigs from a gas station you get:

1 Charger
1 650 mAh Ego Battery
2 CE4 Clearomizers 

It’s a no brainier.

WHERE: http://ivape.netl


Use coupon code vaporjoe to bring the total cost down to $14.05


…its China! Again…

Its called the K100.    This will have a 510 connection along with I believe an ego connection.  From what I can see it looks really nice.    I think these are selling for around $70.00 in the CoOps and there are CoOps running now.


….its Ivape.net

Here they are!  The replacement heads for he very very popular new clearomizer  – the eVod.  As promised the redesign made the replacement heads much much cheaper then the original Kanger T3.

WHERE:  https://ivape.net

Use coupon code vaporjoe to bring the total cost down to $7.00 per pack of 5

Ivape also sells the eVod clearomizers HERE 
The coupon code works site wide.

January 29, 2013

Smoktech XL Cartomzier LR – 90 cents ea

 aka The Ressurector

its littleshopofvapors

Here is a great deal on XL LR Cartomizers.  These are 1.7ohm single coils.  Even on a simple ego battery –  these sizzle really really nice.  At 90 cents (4.50 a box) each these are a steal!  

They usually sell for $7.00+ a box of 5.  If your a big cartomizer user like me – time to stock up!


WHERE: http://www.littleshopofvapors.com/


90 cents ea.


Kanger eVod Bottom Coil Clearomizers are live!

….its Sun-Vapers

Here they are.. The Kanger eVod.  These are the brand new bottom coils from the makers of the very popular T2 and T3 Clearomizer.  This works on the same system as the T3 but now has smaller replaceable heads that will bring down the costs.  They come in a stainless housing with a juice window – and just look fantastic.  I currently dont know where they sell the replacement heads, but they are coming.   These are ego threaded so if you want it work on a mod make sure it has an ego connector or pick up a $2.00 adapter.

I just picked up 4 of the stainless.

WHERE: http://www.sun-vapers.com 


January 28, 2013

Panasonic 18650- CGR18650CH – $6.56

….Its Vapology

These are going to get harder and harder to find since Panasonic announced they are no longer producing them.  Buy them up while you can.  I keep putting up sales in different locations and they keep selling out – so demand is very very high. 

WHERE: http://www.vapoligy.com/


Use coupon code Outcast Vaping to bring the cost down to $6.56

DROP: Full Joye eCab Kit – $32.49

….Its GoodProphets

Here is a great deal on the Joyetech eCab Kit.  This is for the full kit which normally goes for about $60-$70.00.  This kit was intended to bridge the gap between the 510 and Ego.  This is a tank style e-cig and uses separate rechargeable batteries which are provided.  This is a great kit to get someone into vaping or if your looking for a portable set up.  They also look great.  A sleek and elegant design.  Comes in a number of different colors.


1 pc Atomizer Cone/cover
2 pc Atomizer Head (Reg 2.2ohm)
1 pc Battery Tube (10 sec cut-off)
2 pc 10440 Battery (1 Black, 1 Grey)
1 pc USB to Wall Joye Flat AC Adapter (Matches Charger)
1 pc USB Charger Case
(Black for Black, Red kits and White for Stainless, Pink, White kits)
3 pc Empty Carts (Black for Black, Red Kits and White for Stainless, Pink, White kits
2 pc Silicone cart caps

WHERE: http://www.shop.goodprophets.com/



Myvapecreations 40% OFF Ejuice

….Its Myvapecreations

Myvapecreations is running a 40% off juice sale.   You must bring your total to $18.00 before it will take off 40% but that coupon takes off a huge chuck of change.


We have a large and growing selection of already-perfected mixes and semi-customizable e-juice flavors. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products, lowest prices and best customer service we possibly can. We use high quality ingredients which contain no diacetyl or related diketones and we avoid the use of artificial colors and unnecessary additives.

WHERE: http://www.myvapecreation.com/

Follow the link and the coupon should auto apply at checkout @ the final checkout page.


Stainless Sigelei Zmax Rev 3 – $71.95

…its Vapingzone

After trying these last night at the vape meet. This version of the Sigelei was build very very well. I was pretty shocked.

This Mod/APV has 510 threading with a deep well that will allow for use with MOST eGo threaded accessories.

Zmax is a new intelligent e cig Mod, not only can you adjust the voltage, but you can also adjust the wattage.  It will work with 1 18650 IMR High Drain Battery or 2 18350 IMR High Drain batteries with extender cap.  This mod produces consistent voltage and consistent wattage.

1. Zmax can be adjusted from 3.0-6.0V volts in 0.1 volt increments.
2. Built-in three digit display allows you to visually adjust your voltage and wattage.
3. Zmax could fit one battery 18650 or with an extension cap and can hold 2 18350 High Power Batteries with reverse connect protection.
4. ZMax is made of brass and stainless steel.
5. Zmax is with 510 and EGO thread.
6. With a maximum output of 15 watts.
7. ZMax can be adjusted power from 3.0 –15 W in 0.5 watts increments.
8. ZMax PCB allows 4 Amp output limit.
9. ZMax button never gets stuck, the button allows for 360° turning 

When a new battery is placed in the unit, you must click the power button 5 times rapidly to turn the device on.

  1. 3 Clicks option 1 turn on off
  2. 4 Clicks option 2 – Voltage UP
  3. 5 Clicks option 3 – Voltage Down  
  4. 6 Clicks option 4 – Battery Voltage is displayed
  5. 7 Clicks option 5 – OLED Display to change voltage, power or resistence.
  6. 8 Clicks option 6 – OLED on/off
  7. 9 Clicks option 7 – Change setting between voltage and wattage 
  8. 10 Clicks option 8 – Change between RMS/Mean.  RMS is the recommended setting

WHERE: http://www.vapingzone.com/


Use coupon code 10off to bring the total cost of this item down to $71.96 


January 27, 2013

Vivi Nova Style Tank Kit – $5.95

….its Ivape.net

Ivape has a great deal on ViVi Nova style tank.   This kit comes with the tank and 3 replacement heads for $5.95.   I haven’t seen ViVi Nova’s this cheap ever!  Instead of the ViVi Nova branding it has Ivape.net


3ml changeable coil tank for use with e-cigarettes that have 510 and ego connections.

includes 1.8, 2.4 and 2.8 ohm coils.

WHERE:  https://ivape.net/


January 26, 2013

Tonight from the Vapemeet @ Elixir TV!

…its Mod Envy & NJ Vape Meet

Tonight I will be at the NJ vape Meet.  Hopefully the Wifi will hold up and we will be able to broadcast live for our Saturday Night show on Elixir TV @ 10pm EST

 I will be gone for about 24 hours so there will be no updates in that time period.

January 25, 2013

ROLLOUT: Brew City Asylum Mods

….its Brew City Asylum 

Blake a host over at ElixirTV just picked up this custom mod.  Its one of the most unique mods I have ever seen (Hey i love Yoda).  Once I saw this I had to know more and Pimp this to the vaping community. 

The guy over at Asylum makes hand made mods to order.  He currently does not have a website but a facebook group and contact page if your are interested.

I spoke with Carl (the owner) explaining to him that he is about to get a shit ton of interest – he said he was ready… Lets put that to the test 🙂
The Yoda e-hooka was $175.00


Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com
Facebook Contact: https://www.facebook.com/

2x Panasonic CGR18650CH 18650’s – $10.03

…its FastTech

Normally I do not pimp things from Hong Kong.  However, this deal is too good to pass up.  This deal is for TWO Panasonic Hybrid batteries with Free shipping.  That comes to just over $5.00 each.  If your like me and buy a lot, it comes down to $9.20 per set.

I bought 100 sets of 2 so I’m in balls deep on this deal.

They only accept PayPal.  That is a good thing because if the shipper does not ship authentic batteries you can file a case and get your $$ back.

The site says the warranty these for 6 months, with a 30 day return policy.

In my opinion the Panasonic CGR18650CH is the best battery on the market for mods.

WHERE: https://www.fasttech.com/

$10.02 for 2!

24 HOURS: TimelessVapor 35% OFF (10ml / $3.25)

….its Timelessvapor

For 24 hours Timeless vapor is running a 35% off sale. 
10ml = $3.25
30ml = $8.54
This juice is a steal at this price.  Alien DNA and Blue Moon are still my fav!
Use coupon code
VAPORJOEROCKS to get 35% off your order

January 24, 2013

The Dream Tank RBA + 5 Coils – $17.99

…its discountvapers

This deal was given to me by Lord Davon.  Apparently he is highly addicted to RBA’s and must buy every type known to exist!

Here is a new RBA to hit the market – The Dream Tank. 

So far I have heard good things.
– Changeable coils and wicks
– Hidden coils and wicks in the central cabinet
– Air flow hole at the side
– Sealed bottom part to avoid the e-liquid leaking into the treading of battery
– Resistance:2.3-2.6ohm

WHERE: http://www.discountvapers.com/