February 7, 2013

Cobra Clone Rebuildable Tank Atomizer – $13.49

…its Goodejuice

Here is a fantastic deal on the Cobra Clone RBA.  These are 20.00+ everywhere I look so its close to 40% off.


Cobra Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

Now you can build your own atomizers to your own specs! The Cobra Rebuildable Atomizer utilizes a bottom tank system that feeds eliquid through SS mesh with a coil wrapped around it. The cleanest and greatest way to vape! Comes already setup for immediate vaping action!
1 x Cobra Rebuildable Atomizer
1 x Allen Key
1 x Extra SS Mesh (Pre-rolled and burned)


WHERE: http://www.goodejuice.com/


Use coupon code ECF10 to bring the total down to $13.49


February 6, 2013

Itaste MVP – $52.99 Free shipping

..its FreeCigs

Here is a great deal on the Innokin Itaste MVP.   Usually these are running around 59.99 + shipping – so this about $10-$15.00 off depending on where your going.   Most of the mod whores like myself have one – there are little to no issues.  Great as your main mod or a first mod.  Its built rock solid.


DC Voltage
Myriad compatible (eGo and 510 compatible)
Voltage Range: Adjustable ( 3.3-5.0 Volts in .1 volt increments )
Portable power source for electronic products
3.0 Amp limit
Metal housing (case)
built-in puff counter
2600 mAh internal battery
Battery capacity display
ON/OFF safety switch
Standard Micro & 2.0 USB Socket
Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection
Over-Discharge Protectio

WHERE: http://www.free-cigs.com

$52.99 free shipping

Boge 801 Fushion Cartomizers – $4.00 a box (5)

…its Hoosiervapes

Here is a great deal on the Boge 801 Fusion Cartomizer.    In my opinion these are some of the best cartomizers you can buy.  They have a 801 connection with a 510 body.  This gives the cartomizer a unique airflow that makes a world of difference.

If you don’t already have a 510 to 801 adapter, you will need one for these.  There only a few dollars.

These work great in tanks because the 801 connection makes a natural flange.

WHERE:  http://www.hoosiervapes.com/


Coupons auto apply in your shopping cart bringing the total cost down to $4.00 a box.

$4.00 per box of 5 


2 x Trustfire18650 “Enhanced” Batteries $7.23

…its fasttech

This deal is for 2 batteries.

Here is a great deal on trustfire “enhanced” 18650 batteries.   This is the same company that had that crazy Panasonic sale.  From my research this is a new line of trustfire with an under and over voltage protection cap.   From what I understand 300mAh of the 2000mAh is put in reserve so you cant under or overcharge the battery. 

Other then those new protections, and the standard short circuit protection – these are just good ICR batteries.  Over the next few weeks batteries are going to get harder and harder to find because China is on a holiday.

I added a .99 cents to the price because they offer a faster shipping rate for 99 cents. This gets you the product in 5-8 days rather then 30 days.  I figured most of you are going to pick that option.  If you dont mind waiting 30 days, its a buck cheaper.

I bought a few sets .. you can never have too many 18650’s. 

WHERE: http://www.fasttech.com/

$6.23 + 99 cents fast shipping.


February 5, 2013

DID clone RBA (AKA Vulcan, Griffin) $12.00

…its Clouds of Vapor

Here is a great deal on an Did clone RBA.   This comes with everything you need in the tin. If your into RBA’s or looking to try them – here is a great opportunity. 

The unit comes with:

1 Did Clone
Extra Mesh
Extra Wire
1 alan wrench
1 drip tip

All inside a Tin.

WHERE: http://www.cloudsofvapor.com/



ROLLOUT: The Kanger Glass BC Pro Tank

…its Vaporjoes

It looks like Kanger is coming out with a bottom coil tank.  Kanger has really gone the extra mile to make a high quality tank. The construction is either aluminum or stainless steel with glass. The coil looks like a modified T3 head.

You will be seeing these at the end of the month.   I will certainly be picking up a few.

February 4, 2013


….its Vaporjoes.com

My frugal minions,

Vaporjoes has grown so large over the last few months I had to spread out across different websites, social networks, email lists, and now a vaping show.  This network reaches tens of thousands of eyes everyday.  The problem is – it can get complicated for the reader.  You may get one good deal and miss three from one of my groups.

Today I have made it a bit easier for you to directly hit each social network — quickly.  Each site will have unique deals from the vendors and users that populate that network.
Feel free to join the groups and post any deals or vaping news you may have – help enrich the groups even further.

Vaporjoes Deals and Steals on Facebook Groups:

Vaporjoes Deals and Steals on Google Communities:

Vaprjoes Deals and Steals on Twitter:

Of course the classic Vaporjoes.com will be here to dish out the best of the best.
I hope this helps you find what your looking for more quickly – and save you $$$.

Smoktech Groove 3800mAh VW – $66.49

…its Hoosierecig

Here is a deal on a Smoktech Groove.   The groove is a 3800mAh (45% bigger then the MVP) Variable Wattage box mod.  It has 5 amp limit so it will push anything you put on it. These are just starting to hit the vendorsphere and this is the lowest price I can currently find.  This is not a pre-order sale, these are in stock.


This is a variable voltage, variable wattage  box mod. the Groove adjusts from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in 0.1 volt increments or 3.0 to 15 Watts in .5 Watt increments and has a small back lit OLED display.  The Groove has a maximum output of 5 Amps.
 The Groove can read your output voltage, battery voltage and cartomizer atomizer resistance. 
The 510 connector will accept any 510 tank, atomizer or cartomizer and has a channel around the 510 connector so you can use 510 eGo style cartomizers or tanks.  With the power of variable voltage you can use almost any 510 tank or carto you have.  
There are ample vent holes in the backside of this APV for added safety.
The groove has an internal 3.7V, 3800mAh Li-polymer battery that will last for days as opposed to hours. The Groove cannot be used while it is being recharged. 


WHERE:  http://www.hoosierecig.com/

Use coupon code
5off to bring the total down to $66.49

Phoenix Rebuildable Atomizer V3 – $6.84

..its Smartvapes

Here is a great deal on a rebuildable atomizer.   For $6.84 each you should jump them as soon as possible.  A rebuildable atomizer at the cost of a disposable.


Inspired by the best! This is a new version of the Phoenix Style rebuildable atomizer. The V3 Phoenix is different in a few ways. Most notably is that it can be taken apart in 3 pieces for ease of access. The posts and how the coil connects to the posts have also been re-designed. Aesthetically this atomizer is a beauty, and the performance won’t let you down either! Made with Stainless Steel & Chrome Plated Copper. This is only for the most experienced user as it requires a fair bit of technical aptitude and patience making the coils or fitting them.

 Please use care when attempting to adjust the position of the posts, too much pressure can squeeze the post close so that it will not accept the screw, too much leverage and you can snap the posts. Please keep in mind this product is not covered under any warranty.

Please note the screws are very small (eye glass screws) and we do not have any replacement parts for this unit. Some users have been able to find screws small enough to serve as a replacement for a lost screw, but we recommend using care when re-building. Also, keep in mind the unit can be used without a screw by wrapping the coil around the post.

Package Includes the following:

1 Rebuildable Atomizer Unit that is ready to vape with pre-assembled wick and coil. Only the atomizer included with this purchase.

WHERE:  http://www.smartvapes.com


Use coupon code vaporjoe to bring the total cost down to $6.84

February 3, 2013

BOMBVAPOR – 120ML – $21.99 – 47% OFF

…its Bombvapor

For Superbowl 47 – Bombvapor is having a 47% off ejuice sale.   This brings a 30ml bottle down to just $7.28!  Its a great deal, and it only lasts today – so stock up! 

This coupon also works on their 120ml bulk which comes down to $21.99!

Flavors like cherry bomb and cherry peach chill are some of my favorites.

WHERE:  http://bombvapor.com


Use coupon code  XLVII (case sensative) for 47% off all eliquid


Genesis v2 Clear RBA Tank Kit – $15.95

….its Litecigusa

Here is a great deal on a Genesis Style v2 Clear RBA.   This RBA comes with extra mesh wicking, wire, and a screwdriver.  With this inexpensive kit you have a complete genesis tank style RBA with nothing extra to buy.  If your looking to get into this style of RBA – Look no further. 

WHERE: http://www.litecigusa.net/


VIVI NOVA Aluminum Tank Kit 3.5ml – $8.99

…. its vaporphoenix

Here is a great deal on the Aluminum Tank version of the ViVi Nova.  Your getting the complete kit with the Aluminum tank, 3 replaceable heads and Drip tip.  This is for Sunday only.


VIVI NOVA Aluminum Tank Kit V2.5/3.5ml
VIVI NOVA Aluminum Tank (Long Wick) with a changeable screw-on coil head, which is easily removed and replaced. If you want monster vape in a stylish, heavy duty aluminum tank, this is for you!  It has an improved head coil with a long wick, which produces strong flavor, throat hit and vapor with no leakage.  

ViVi Nova set contains:
1x 3.5ml Aluminum Tank Tube
1x Vivi Nova Tank Base
1x 1.8ohm Coil Head (Long Wick)
1x 2.4ohm Coil Head (Long Wick)
1x 2.8ohm Coil head (Long Wick)
1x Black Drip Tip

Unit: 1 set
Length 2.4″, Dia 1.5″
Threading:510/eGo Style
Package: Mini Gift Box


ROLLOUT & SALE: Vapeonly 3.5ml BC Clearomizer

….its Litecigusa

A new Clearomizer tank has made its way on to the scene.   Its a bottom coil replaceable clearomizer tank called “Vapeonly”.   The unit has replacement heads much like the Kanger Evod / Kanger T3 – but has a 3.5ml capacity.   Its like a ViVi Nova and a Kanger T3 had a baby.  These are super new – so I haven’t found much in the way of reviews.  I did speak with someone who used them, so far they said it reminds them of a Kanger with a larger capacity.  If that holds true – this is going to be a great tank.

3 replacement heads are included much like the ViVi Nova.

$12.95 / $1.95

February 2, 2013

Smoktech Dual Coil 5ml Tank Kit – $5.00


…its littleshopofvapor

Little shop of vapor is running a great sale on a clear Smoktech 5ml DCT tank kit.  The deal includes the tank, a flanged 1.5ohm DC cartomizer, and a drip tip.  For $5.00 you cant go wrong.  If your like me and love tanks – pick some up.

When your at the page you will get a drop down menu – pick clear and you will see “subtract $3.00”, that will bring the total down to $5.00. 

WHERE: http://www.littleshopofvapors.com/



EFEST 18650 batteries – $6.25 / $11.61 for 2

…its aquavaporcig

If Im not using Panasonic Batteries, im using Efest.  There have a been a ton of Panasonic Battery sales over the last few weeks but sadly Panasonic is discontinuing the grey batteries we all love.  The next best battery for the price is the Efest 18650 IMR.    

I always buy my batteries in pairs so for $11.61 ($5.80 ea) – its a great deal.

WHERE: http://www.aquavaporcig.com/


use coupon code switch to bring the total cost down to $6.25 / $11.61 for two.