November 18, 2012

100ml juice pack – $26.95

…its aquavaporcig

Aquavaporcig is running a 100ml sample pack sale.  You pick 10 bottles @ 10ml each.  This is a great way to try their juice and a good price.  This comes to roughly 2.69 per 10ml of juice.   This would also be a great way for a new vapor to get a quick assortment of juices at a great price.



Use coupon code:  Switch to get 10% off your total order, which brings the price of this deal down to $26.95

(Update) NEW: ViVi Nova Neptune!

ViVi Nova Aluminum Tank with a window

Back in Stock 11/18

11/18:  I have had one now for a about 2 weeks.  So far its brilliant..

These are the new ViVi Nova tanks that fix the issue with the aluminum tanks.  The previous aluminum tanks didn’t have a window to see your juice level.    All parts are interchangeable with previous ViVi Novas.  These are running about 14.99 w/ 3 heads.  This includes the upgraded aluminum tank.  Great deal if you ask me.



November 17, 2012

Full Smoktech 510 Kit – $12.00

..its littlehouseofvapor


This is an incredible deal for a full kit.  Great deal for a new vapor or a gift for someone you want to quit analogs.


Another Smoktech introduction into vaping – the Smoktech Basic 510 Kit in attractive solid gift box ! 

Simple basic design, 180 mah batteries and 2.5 ohm atomizer assures great vaper volume. 

This kit includes: 

2  Manual 180 mAh Batteries in matte black with blue glow tip 
1  Atomizers – 2.5 ohm – color to match battery 
1  AC Wall Adapter 
1  USB  charger 5 Blank Cartridges 

Reminder – liquid nicotine is NOT included in this kit/the cartridges are empty.
Best to pick up a few bottles if you do not have any juice on hand.

The included charger is only to be used to charge the included batteries.
Using the charger to charge other batteries may result in damage to the batteries and the charger.

Color of box may vary but e cigarettes colors are black.



Use coupon code: SUNNY to bring the total cost down to 12.00

Chrome Artemas Locking 510 DCT – 11.98

…its Naturevaper

I have say these are really nice tanks.  The build quality on them are far superior then the standard smoktech tanks.   The caps are metal, rather then chromed plastic.  The overall weight is 3-4x heavier too.  I have used one of these for a few days and they are by far the best China made tank I have used.

This price is the best I have seen so far.


This is a new version of the DCT that holds your DCT cartomizer in place.  There is a grooved channel on the bottom to hold your cartomizer and keep it from spinning.  Then to ensure that your tank does not slide out inadvertently a cap screws on the bottom locking the cartomizer in place.  You never have to worry about the cartomizer unseating itself.  
This tank is made with a combination of chrome top and bottom with a plastic window in the middle to view your e-liquid level.
This tank features:
1.5 ohm single hole pre-punched Smok Tech dual coil 510 cartomizer
Tank that holds about 5ml of e-liquid Drip Tip Included (color may vary)
Grooved bottom to keep your cartomizer from spinning
Locking Bottom cap to keep your carto from sliding out.

ViVi Nova – Full Kit – Copy – $7.95


Ok here is a good deal on a ViVi Nova.  These are not made by vision but can use the replacement vision heads.  This is the full kit with the 3 replacement heads, drip tip, and the tank.  

November 16, 2012

Kanger T2 – Aluminum Edition – $4.89

..its constantvapor

Actually im calling it the “aluminum edition”.   Its a kanger T2 with an aluminum mouth piece.  Considering a Kanger T2 is $4.00 and the mouth pieces alone are $2.50 – this is a deal.  Plus I think it just looks great!

Most of you already know how I feel about the Kanger T2’s.  They are great and the replacement heads are dirt cheap.


THE DEAL:  Use coupon code : Turkey15 to get 15% off your total purchase, which brings the cost of this down to $4.89

The Vulcan – Did Clone – $18.99 FS!

… its Surevapes!

(back in stock 11/16)


The Vulcan  – Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (DID mini clone):
This is a Genesis rebuildable tank atomizer made of stainless steel and plated chrome. It has a 510 connection at the base and uses both wire and wire mesh for coil/wick combo. The bottom tank holds approx 4ml of liquid. This a great reproduction of the original DID mini tank atomizer but for a lot less money. Easily disassembled and easy to clean.
Note: We do not recommend this to those inexperienced with rebuildable atomizers, as this requires the user to assemble their own coil/wick (wire/mesh). That said this a great way to dive in to rebuildable atomizers. User may wish to invest in additional finer quality wire & mesh for even better results. Remember to “season” your wire mesh.

16mm Diameter
76mm Length w/ drip tip
53mm Length w/ out drip tip

  • 1 – Vulcan 
  • 1 – 1 meter of coil (approx)
  • 1 – machined metal drip tip
  • 2 – sections of Mesh (1.25″x2″)
  • 1 – allen key
  • 1 – gift tin w/ window


$18.99 Free Shipping..

Kanger T3 Replacement Heads – $2.12

…another from Constant Vapor

Here is a deal on Kanger T3 heads.   These come in both 1.5 ohm and 2.5 ohm resistances.  With the 15% off coupon these are the lowest price going.

They also have Kanger T3’s in stock for $5.52 with the coupon.



Use coupon turkey15 for 15% off your total order.  This brings the price down to $2.12

November 15, 2012

Cobalt Glass Drip Tip – $9.99

…its theecig

Here is a chance to grab a cobalt glass drip tip for a good price. Currently they only have the blue with white dots available.  For 9.99 – its not going to last 

They also have a black pyrex glass tip for $10.00



(Update) Halo Juice – Sale


… hello

This vendor contacted me and said he is running a 15% off sale on his entire site.  This means, Halo is back on sale.



15% off everything with coupon code:  fresh start

Remember this coupon works on everything they sell.

* this coupon was given to me by the vendor, we make no commission

Kanger T0 Clearomizer – $2.95

…its litecigusa

These were the first in the kanger “T” series.  These are bottom coil disposable clearomizers.  These vape great but were replaced by the T2, and now the T3 because everyone moved to the replaceable head clearomizers.

For the price, these are a good buy. 

These run around 2ohms.




November 14, 2012

Vision VV 350 – $14.95 – VV on a Budget!

aka The VariStack

..its Ivape has now lowered the price on their VariStack.  Certainly not a beauty queen, but it does the job.  For $14.95 – can we really complain??



This may not be your top of the line ferrarri of VV’s – it’s more like a prius – but it’ll get you where you need to go.  Intended as a budget model adjustable voltage vaporizer for entry level VV function.

Adjustable Voltage e-cigarette mod.  You can adjust the voltage from 3V – 6V with the push of a button.   Uses two ICR or IMR High Drain 18350 replaceable/rechargable batteries (sold separately) for a lasting performance.

3.0-6V in .1 voltage increments
PCB component in the switch/led housing
hard plastic lightweight body.



750Mah Ego Style Batteries… $5.99

Back in Stock!

Ok.. im going to start by saying im sure these aren’t Joyetech Brand.  Im also going to say.. who cares.  For that price – I don’t care who makes it, its an amazing deal.  These are 1/2 the price of a gas station disposable.



5.99 for an ego 750 mah battery.  Black or Silver.

Its the VariBox – $12.99

3.7v – 5v – 6v handheld for $12.99


The Varibox is a switchable voltage box mod.  It can switch from 3.7v, 5v and 6v.  This means its not a “true” variable voltage mod but honestly, for 19.99 who cares?

The Varibox has a blue led ring around the button when pushed, and 3 light indicators on the back showing which voltage mode its in.


This changeable voltage box mod is designed to offer an affordable option into higher voltage experiences.

The box is switchable between 3.7, 5, and 6V by simply clicking the button 5 times within two seconds (clicking the button 5 times after the 6V setting will turn the box off for storage)

It runs on two 18350 batteries for a long life even at the demand of 6V.



The mod is 12.99 with a reasonable shipping cost of $3.00ish.   Considering a little 3.7v battery box mod is the same price, it makes this a very good deal.


The Black Bolt PV – $14.95

Fire Sale! $14.95


I love the Bolt.  Its a solid PV and works every time its used.  This vendor is selling the black powder coated version (rough textured) for 14.95. This is truly the lowest price for this style of bolt I have ever seen.  Everyone can always use an extra PV.  If your looking for a mod but dont want to spend the $$ – here ya go!

A super simple 3.7v tube mod.


SOLD OUT in 5 mins!