November 13, 2012

Gripper Mod – $15.29

Stealth lives here!

…its madvapes

These are normally $20-$25.00 each, so this is the cheapest price I have seen.  This is a simple 3.7v mod purpose built for stealth vaping.  The 510 connection is on the bottom so the entire cartomizer sits inside.  There are extender adapters so you can use an atomizer or tank.


1100mah Ego Twist Batteries – $16.99

..its gloryvapes

Here is a great deal on a 1100mah ego style (not joytech) battery.  Everyone should have a few of these as a backup or for your main PV. 


1100mAh eGo Twist Batteries!

Huge long lasting power!
It is also great because sometimes you cannot tell how great a juice really is until you hit some higher volts!
Voltage goes from 3.2V — 4.8V by simply twisting the end cap.
3 Preset volts are marked for convenience: 3.2V, 4.0V, and 4.8V.
Use the presets for quick vaping or set anywhere in between in increments of 0.1V to customize it for your specific juice or atomizer!




510 Nano Clearomizers – 10 for $17.51

…its altsmoke

These are the new nano clearomizers.  From what I have been hearing, these work very well.  The juice is fed from two holes on the bottom of the clearomizer.  These hold 1ml of juice.  To get this deal you need to buy 10.  If you want to buy in smaller batches it will cost you $2.99 each.


A pack of 10 for $17.51 with coupon code: vet12day

The Saber Touch – 15% OFF

….its Vapormoon

Vapormoon is running a 15% off sale on all their saber touch mods.  These are built to last a lifetime. Completely made in the USA by hand.   There are 3 different sizes, fixed, and variable voltage. There are 100’s of different options for customizing the look of your mod!
– Locally Machined In Our Own Shop, In Maryland, USA
– All Handcrafted Per Order
– Fully Tested For 24hrs Prior To Shipping!
– 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
– Solid Brass Detailed Caps or
– New Turned Polished Brass Smooth Caps
– End Caps Also Come In Nickel Plated (for a Silver Look)
– Durable Solid State Electronics
– Uses A 510 Battery Connector (use adapters for different atomizers)
– Sealed Top For Safety & To Prevent Damage From Atomizer Leaks
Comes In Different Finishes:
– Shiny Aluminum
– Satin Black Powder Coat
– We Also Carry Some Other Powder Coating Color In Stock
– You Can Also Design Your Own Color (see Custom Page)

Comes In Different End Cap Options:

– Original Saber Touch Brass Detailed Cap (Also Nickel Plated)
– New Turned Polished Brass Smooth Cap (Also Nickel Plated)

Comes in Different Voltage Options:
– 3.7v / 6v   (uses 1- 18650 3.7v battery or 2- rcr123a 3v batteries)
– 5v Regulated  (uses 2- 16340 3.6v or 3.7v batteries)  The regulator    gives a steady 5v of vaping power.

Variable Voltage:
– Same Look & Feel of the Original Saber Touch
– More Sensitive Touch Activated Switch
– Same Reliability & Durability of the Original
– Incredible Safety Features of the Original
– Uses (2) 16340 3.7v 880mAh or higher Protected Batteries
Use coupon code: holiday15 to get 15% off any saber touch

November 12, 2012

IMR 18350 800MAH – $3.32

…its madvapes

I use these batteries everyday.   I stack them in my Vmax and use them in a few mini lavatubes I have.  They are as good as my AW IMR batteries and cost about 40% of the price.  I have been using these now for a few months and have not had a single issue with them.  If you have a mod the uses these batteries – pick some up. 


ALERT: ZMAX – $78.19



The lowest price to date on the zmax.
Electronicstix is currently running a sale on the variable wattage mod – The Zmax.    This price is currently the lowest I have seen anywhere.  If you were looking to get set up with a variable wattage device, now would be a good time.

$78.19 with coupon code ENSROCKS (8% off)

November 11, 2012

BETA: Chamber Tank – $4.99 – Free Shipping!

Looks great! Will it perform? Im in for 2!

..its vaporbeast


Something new.. and very inexpensive.  A Cool looking replaceable head tank for just 4.99 w/ 3 heads included AND free shipping!  How can you beat that deal??  

For that price.. I bought 2 sets..

This will go out of stock quickly…


The Chamber Tank is one of the coolest looking tanks on the market. It offers a “BEASTLY” chamber like design and kicks out surprisingly good flavor. However. this is a new product and – as such – has a few quirks such as a whistle like draw, etc. As a result, we are selling this below our cost. In exchange, we hope to receive feedback from our customers. For $5.00 (suggested retail is $13.99) you will receive the entire kit with 3 replaceable heads. For that price it’s a great deal!

* 1 OCT Chamber Tank
* 2.6 ml capacity
* Entire kit comes with three replaceable heads (1.8 ohm, 2.4 ohm, and 2.8 ohm)
* 510 connection
* Material: PC/Aluminum

1. Unscrew the top portion of the tank.
2. Fill the bottom portion of your tank (the clear tube) by dripping e-liquid down the sides until the tank is filled. We suggest using a blunt needled tip. Do not overfill.
3. Screw the top portion of the tank back on and vape.

Replace atomizer heads
1. Unscrew the bottom portion of the tank and remove from the clear tube.
2. Unscrew the atomizer head from the base.
3. Screw the new atomizer head on to the atomizer base.
4. Screw remaining tank parts together.



KANGER T3’s 5 FOR 24.95 – Free Shipping

…its Holismokes

Here is another Kanger T3 deal.  This is officially the lowest priced T3’s I can find @ 4.99 each.  These are fast becoming the most popular clearomizer, and with good reason.  Did I mention they ship for free?



5 Kanger T3’s for 24.95 free shipping.

Naturevaper – 10ml – $4.00


…is naturevaper

Naturevaper is currently running a sale on all their handmade American liquids.  Its $4.00 per 10ml –  which is a great deal.  I have tried a few of their juices and the “spot-on real cig” is great!   This deal will not be around much longer, so stock up while you can.


$4.00 per 10ml

November 10, 2012

(Update) Kanger T3’s Found and CHEAP!

…its Ivape!

 BACK IN STOCK AS OF 11/10Still the lowest price.


Kanger T3’s are sold out almost everywhere.   You can blame this site for that.

Ivape is selling these for $5.45 and the replacement heads for just $2.95
Get them while you can


Get A VV Gripper – $39.95

…its cig-techs


Here is a great deal on a VV Gripper. 

New and Awesome VV Gripper. The Variable Volt Gripper uses one 1 IMR 18650 Battery and can produce between 3 volts and 6 volts output with easy to use controls. With an Injection molded body with a rubberized finish, the VV Gripper is comfortable to hold, easy to use and lightweight. Adjustable output from 3 volts to 6 volts Comfortable, durable injection molded body. Shows Volts and atomizer/cartomizer ohms. 5 Click on/off feature. 4 Amps maximum output. Attractive packaging with instruction sheet. 510 Sealed connector. Great for use with tanks. Approximately 80mm tall x 54mm wide x 25mm thick. 60 Day manufacturing defects warranty only.

  • Adjustable output from 3 volts to 6 volts
  • Comfortable, durable injection molded body.
  • Shows Volts and atomizer/cartomizer ohms.
  • 5 Click on/off feature.
  • Very nice packaging, with included instruction pamphlet
  • 4 Amps maximum output.
  • 510 Sealed connector.

  • WHERE:


    (UPDATE) Zmax Clone by Madvapes – $71.99

    Madvapes version of the Zmax – only a lot cheaper.
    (Update 11/10) – $71.99 w/ 10% off

    Madvapes is running a 10% off deal that doesn’t require a coupon.  All items will show up in your shopping cart with the discount applied.

    Madvapes has created their own version of the Zmax.  This mod has the same exact internals but they use an Acrylic tube rather then metal.  This drops the price considerably.


    This is a MadVapes exclusive.  Introducing a new variable volt APV manufactured by MadVapes right here in the USA!!!

    This is a variable volt APV made by madvapes that uses the same circuit board as the Zmax in a colored acrylic tube.  This is really a variable power mod because you have the option of adjusting either your voltage or your power (watts).  The AcryliMax adjusts from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in .1 volt increments or 3.0 to 15 Watts in .5 Watt increments.  The AcryliMax is made of a clear durable acrylic and has a maximum output of 4 Amps

    With a side mounted button, the 510 connector is free to accept any 510 tank.  And with the power of varaible volt you can use almost any tank or carto you have.  In addition there are ample vent holes in the side of this APV for added safety.


    November 9, 2012

    ZMAX – VERSION 2 – $89.00 – Free Shipping

    …its Madvapes

    Madvapes is selling the Zmax version 2 – for $89.00 – outside of a co-op – this is the cheapest price going.  It also ships free.  On the website it says $98.99 but they are running a 10% off sale.  The price will be updated to 89.00 when you look at your shopping cart.  No coupon needed.


    ZMax Variable Volt APV Rev. 2, Stainless

    This special version of the ZMax is exclusive to Madvapes and includes side ventilation slots for additional safety.

    This is a variable volt APV made by Smok Tech that takes vaping to the next level.  This is really a variable power mod because you have the option of adjusting either your voltage or your power (watts).  The Zmax adjusts from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in .1 volt increments or 3.0 to 15 Watts in .5 Watt increments.  The ZMax has a stainless steel finish and a maximum output of 4 Amps. The Rev. 2 the Zmax has one extra menu item (8) which enables you to switch between RMS and mean value voltage monitoring.  The RMS mode is more accurate because it samples the output Voltage repeatedly while it is powering an atomizer or cartomizer.  It is with these measurements that it is able to adjust for heat related Voltage drift.

     The ZMax can read your output voltage, battery voltage and cartomizer / atomizer resistance.  This APV does it all. 

    In addition, the ZMax has a native eGo style connector that allows you to use both 510 and eGo style cartomizers, atomizers and tanks without adapters.  The eGo style connector does not have outside threads but typical eGo style parts fit flush down into the recess that is around the ZMax connector. 510 Tanks and other similar 510 items will screw in and be almost flush with the top.

    The ZMax will accept Flat Top or Button Top IMR 18650 batteries with the standard end cap. An optional extended cap is available to be able to use 2 18350 IMR Flat Top or 2 18350 IMR Button Top batteries. (2 18350 batteries will not fit with the standard cap)

    Never use non-rechargeable batteries in any device. Only use the recommended batteries for this device.

    All adjustments and settings are made with the push button switch.  This includes a setting to turn your ZMax off for safe travel in your pocket, bag or purse.
    The ZMax includes an instruction manual in English

    There is a 90 Day warranty for device failures under normal use.


    5 Boxes of Boge LR Cartomizers – $19.16

    ..its constantvapor




    his is the Bulk Special of 5 packs of Boge Cartomizers. That’s a total of 25 cartomizers! These Boge Cartomizers work fantastic on the eGo and other 510 type batteries.

    These are 510 e-Cigarette cartomizers that are threaded for almost any device that utilizes Joye 510 threads.  A cartomizer is a one piece cartridge and atomizer contained in a single unit.  You fill it with your favorite e-Liquid, use it and dispose of it.  They produce unbelievable vapor and flavor even from a stock 510 battery.  They measure 1.8-2.2 Ohms resistance.  This means they provide a better vaping experience at 3.7v than most normal cartomizers or e-Cigarette atomizers.


    With coupon code: Veterans20 – take 20% off your total order which brings these down to $19.16


    Pre Made Quad Wicks and Coil – 25 cents.

    Are you lazy like me?

    …its THOV



    Quad coils

    Save time and effort with out premade Quad Wick and coil.

    Made of nichrome wire and 4 strands of silica wick.

    Rebuild your atomizer or carto in no time.

    Available in 1.8-2.0  — 2.4-2.6 — 2.6-2.8


    25 CENTS