December 7, 2023

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Thunderheads – $7.99 a box

One of the best cartomizers to date.

Box of 5 – $7.99

…its vaporbeast

I am a cartomizer guy.  I always have 10-15 of them just laying around with juice in them.   I like my Boge LR don’t get me wrong, but i find these to be superior.

I bought these 4-5 months ago from Vaporbeast and they are the only cartomizer I will vape with without a tank.  I use Boge LR in tanks because he hasn’t stocked thunderheads in stainless yet.  

These are very low resistance single coil cartomizers that are 1.7-1.9ohms. These are made by Smoktech.
I don’t know if they get them specially made, but I have tried other LR Smoktech cartomizers and they aren’t the same. 

They are called thunderheads because of the sound they make when you use them.  Even on something as simple as a 650mah ego battery these cartomizers are loud!  You know immediately what cartomizer your using.

If you like the sizzle, crackle, and pop of a good cartomizer – you will love these.



$7.99  for a box of 5. Shipping is free.

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