September 21, 2021

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Over the next  week I will begin to promote Delta8 on THIS blog and vaporjoescbd.  It works for me, it works every time its tried. I’m also sick and tired of people getting ripped off for this stuff.  The REAL reason why it’s anywhere from $35-$70 a cart is because only about 3-4 companies actually make it.  Vendors just buy it wholesale and get their logo slapped on it –  in that same shitty plastic clam-shell basic bitch packaging.  There are exceptions.

Over the last few months I have been cultivating relationships with vendors. How can we push the price down on Delta8 as much as possible?  Just like what I did for vaping – I’m going to do to Delta8 and any new variants.

I will force a new online retail price structure.  Delta8 users are welcome to pay more, but when I start pushing deals from this blog… well you know the drill.

This will not take away from our normal vaping deals, but offers people some choice.  I will be promoting delta8 carts, disposables, 510 devices.  I WILL NOT be promoting products that you can find in head shops (glassware, grinders, etc).  This is really meant for those looking for some of the best pain relief, stress relief,  and sleep aids ever!!

If you stopped smoking because of vaping. Perhaps you can stop taking those big pharma drugs. 

I was on 2 dilaudid – 3 times a day – when I had my fasciotomy  on my left leg (which is no f***ing joke).  The nerve pain to this day is crazy.  Rather than become a card carrying member of the pill popper society, I tried cannabis.  It worked, it worked better than I expected.

Delta8 is federally legal because it comes from hemp and is covered under the Hemp Farming Act of 2018. So yes you can buy it, sell it, make it, use it, and mail it.  Check your local state laws, some states frown on hemp products.

Delta8 IS psychoactive even for the most seasoned cannabis user.  It has a very similar effect but it’s also different, for me it tends to linger longer than regular Delta9 (what makes cannabis fun).  A good Delta8 indica (made right with the entourage effects) is true bliss for sleeping and those that love couch lock effects.

I’m coming for this market.

Own them all…


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