November 28, 2021

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It’s a strange thing.

When CBD was all the rage – some people felt its effects, others did not. Some thought it was a miracle, others, snake oil.  Since Delta8 comes from CBD – I’m starting to believe the same holds true.

Delta8 is very psychoactive.  Some people will say it can completely replace the need for cannabis.  It gets them just as elevated if not more. It works EXACTLY the same for pain, sleep, and anxiety.   I am one of those people.

A minority can take massive amounts (10 – 20 x the average dose) and feel nothing what so ever.

So what gives?

The obvious first explanation is your buying junk Delta8.  I’d go with that first.

If you have bought both styles of delta 8 (inhaled and ingested) from different companies and you still feel nothing – I’m talking to about you.


One case hits close to home.

My mother is 72 years old.  She takes standard medications and drinks very little alcohol.  She like many senior citizens suffer from a range of issues.  She has a hard time sleeping. Knowing how delta8 effects for me, I gave some to her.

No matter what I gave her, she felt nothing.  At one point she thought I was just joking with her. I gave her different types, brands, you name it.  She is just immune to it’s effects.

She isn’t the only one I know with this issue.


So what can it be?

There was a study done on CBN (aka the Sleep cannabinoid) roughly 20% of people do not feel its effects.  The only problem I found in this study was no one tried to figure out why.

I think it has to do with the size or perhaps even a malformation of the cannabinoid receptors themselves.  This could be from genetics, medication, disease, a range of reasons. This also answers why CBD and Delta8 has no effect on some people.  They all bind to these receptors.

Could I be completely wrong? Yes. However, no one else is trying to figure out why this is happening.  I’m just using educated guesses and common sense.

No one else seems to want to talk about this or study this phenomena in detail.  I think it’s pretty important.  People don’t want to spend money on something that isn’t going to work for them.  Luckily most people can find Delta8 pretty cheap.  You can just buy it and see for yourself.

Would I say the number is one in five? No, perhaps one in twenty? one in fifty?

I am a huge fan of Delta8.  It changed my life.  The last thing I want to do is push people away from it.  However, this issue has always been there and needs real answers.

My advice when trying Delta8 for the first time.  If you took CBD in the past and noticed its effects – I bet you Delta8 is going to rock your world.  If you took CBD in the past and it didn’t work (AT ALL) – you might be in this minority.

What say you?


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