April 18, 2024

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Review: Ecto Cooler – Mtbakervapor

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I buy a lot of juice from Mtbakervapor because its so cheap.  This was one I had to try.   I have tried many orange and tangerine style juices but they have always been a bit diminutive, everything tasted like generic orange candy. 

I have to say I was really shocked by this juice.  If you remember what Ecto cooler tasted like as a kid, you will love this.   Many vendors sell this flavor and many of them have gotten it wrong. This vendor has it DIALED IN.  It really tastes like someone dumped nicotine fortified Hi-C in my  bottle.  Its the juiciest orange / tangerine vape I have ever had.   
There is defiantly an acidity to this juice that gives a bigger throat hit then normal.  I bet I could have down to 12mg without a problem.  Im going to have to try that.

50/50 Juice: Tons of Vapor
Throat Hit: Excellent
Flavor: Fantastic
Safe for Tanks? Yes – I have had it in a Smoktech DCT for a week now.
Juice configuration:
15ml bottle
50/50 PG/VG
Extra flavor shot: 1
I paid $4.99 + .25 for the flavor shot.

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