May 23, 2024

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Get a Lavatube for $28.00!

NatureVaper hits me again!

Vendors are still selling these for 50.00!

….Lets save some $$$ 

I own two of these and they have never let me down. Why? because I know what they can and cannot do.  For $28.00 I can over look every flaw this mod may have.   This is a great mod to introduce people in to variable voltage without the fear of popping your coils.



Our VV tube has the following features that are sure to enhance your vaping experience no matter what volt you like to vape at. The LCD screen is simple and easy to read and also is back lit with a red LED. It simply displays the voltage as you set/change it using the voltage set buttons. The “Lock” feature, simply push and hold the 2 black voltage adjustment buttons at the same time for 5 seconds and it will lock the voltage. This is great as it means you can’t accidentally change the voltage. Comes with built in circuit/switch protection. Which means a 10 second cut off and reverse battery protection. 
 To turn it on you need to push the RED power button for 5 seconds, 
this is also the way you shut the device off. To adjust the voltage you 
need to push the black + or – buttons, and lastly to fire your VV tube
there is a large black button.

$28.00 for the full sized or mini model – This is for the mod only.

Add $10.00 for 2 batteries and case. 


PB’s review of the Lavatube!

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