May 23, 2024

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Who wants a DCT J-tank for $17.00

I DO  – I DO!


 I bought my first J-Tank about 6 months ago.  They were pretty expensive, and still can be pricey.  I found a spot that are selling J-Tanks for a reasonable price.  J-Tanks in my opinion are some of the best. They don’t slide and last forever.  They are far far better then anything Smoktech makes.   This model holds about 5ml and is for the DCT crowd.



5 ml Tank modification to let you vape all day without having to stop and refill or drip!  Made from a strong polycarbonate, this tank holds 5.5ml of E-liquid, designed to work with any slot-cut cartomizer for peak performance and flavor.


What does PB have to say about the J-tank

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