May 22, 2024

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REVIEW: Purple Pieman

  its… fuzionvapor

This vendor was kind enough to contact me and send me some of their juice.   I got them today, vaped this flavor most of the day – so lets talk about it.
All the samples were 12mg.  The PG/VG ratio is not listed.  I think its a proprietary blend.

This was vaped in a LR Vision “Drippers” Atomizer on my Bombshell @ 3.7v.

I went in blind not knowing what this juice is supposed to taste like. The juice is crystal clear and after smelling it you know right away its blueberry. I have had problems with blueberry liquids in the past.  I have vaped many and they can be very perfumy and overpowering.
I’m happy to say – this is not among them. 
blueberry / banana blend. The banana is the more prominent component to this vape.  That would explain why its not perfumy.  They did the right thing and didn’t kill it with the blueberry.  This gives it a creamer vape – rather then a sharp mashed together flavor.
Even though its a fruit liquid, I wouldn’t call it “fruity”.  Most “fruity” vapes tend it be very sweet and candy like.  This is a creamy smooth vape that really dials in the banana / blueberry combo nicely.
Most fruit based vapes are hard for me to deal with all day. They will get to me after a while.  I have been hitting this straight for 12 hours now without any problems.

The throat it was on par with a 12mg juice.  I normally vape 18-24mg –  so for me its naturally going to be lighter. 

The vapor on this is great.  I have no idea what the ratio is but it looks like there is a fair amount of VG in it. 
Im not going to give a number from 1 to 10, because my highest number could be your lowest number.  I’m going to say its solid, clean, creamy, and smooth.  I give this juice high marks.
On a side note –  think they should offer a menthol option on this juice.  After putting a few menthol drops in my atty as a test, it was a whole other monster.


This isnt the most expensive or cheapest juice.  
Its respectably priced @ 12.50 per 30ml.
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